The wind of winter...

For you Game of Thrones connoisseurs out there, I'm sure you'll get that title in a heartbeat! Unfortunately, I can't, myself, relate to the novels as much. I can, however, tell you anything you need to know about the first two seasons of the show, both of which LaVaughn and I watched in a little under a week. Actually, we're a few episodes into the 3rd season as well.

After we finished American Horror Story (minus half of season 3), we decided it was time for something new. We both love GOT type shows and movies, so I thought it would be a hit, which it was.

It's a very touchy show to say the least. I get pissed off easily and really honestly don't understand some of it. Some of the actions of certain characters just rub me the wrong way... a couple in particular. Those people don't alter the fact that the show is spectacular, though. I'm not looking forward to the end of season 3, so I'm having to dig deep to muster up the courage to get myself through it.

TV series aside, I actually did feel the wind of winter today. LaVaughn and I went to town a little while ago to do some shopping. Since we have literally nothing good to eat at home, we decided to stop in for some Chinese. Had I know we would be eating in town, I would have preferred to just eat in the actual restaurant.

Of course we wouldn't lower ourselves to something so simple and belittling, we wanted to nearly freeze to death and eat our takeout at the park! At least no one was around to see the spectacle. By the time we were finishing up, actually I believe LaVaughn was already done and on her way to the car, my food felt as though it had been refrigerated and was being taken out to be warmed up!

A small price to pay for such a memorable day. And it wasn't all bad, I suppose.

It helped that we had good music playing whilst we ate. We're really into End of the Line by The Traveling Wilburys at the moment, so we just played that on a loop on the phone. How can someone not love a song/band with the likes of Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, and Bob Dylan!? Not to mention the other two fantastic members.

All our ducklings are thriving, luckily. We're giving them temporary names at the moment, at least until they come into their own. Of course, we're naming them after some of the characters on Game of Thrones, but that's to be expected. All except one little guy, he's being called Kenneth for some reason. Oh well, it's fitting I suppose. We had named one Morquita, but decided against it once we came to our senses. I'll admit, part of me still wants to call him/her that.

As of now, we're able to tell all the ducklings apart. Either by size or bill markings, but that will all change soon enough. I'm hoping they all develop different characteristics. Until then, we'll just use what's easiest.

While we're on the subject of baby things, I may as well go ahead and talk about the joeys Chloe is expecting soon. One of the little ones is for sure a Platinum, but doesn't appear to be a TPM. It's a boy, by the way. I'm 96.3% sure the other joey is a Leucistic, but I could be wrong. Only time will tell.

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Time for the ducklings to have some yard time. I'll be sure to update this blog with pictures of playtime. Until then...

Love & Peace


Prepare yourselves for an obscene amount of duckling pictures:

Look at all the duckling cuteness!

I love Khaki Campbell ducklings!

He's so cute.

With a quack quack here, and a quack quack there...

As if you can't tell by all the quackery in my blog title, this post is about ducks. Not just any ducks, BABY ducks. Or ducklings, whatever you want to call them.

For some reason, I decided to check Craigslist today for baby ducks. something I tend to do from time to time. I stumbled upon an add for Khaki Campbell ducklings in Grassy -- yes, that's an actual town -- and decided to give them a call. I kind of texted them, emailed them, and then called them. I hope I didn't come off as persistent.

I finally got in touch with a girl by calling. I told her why I was calling and asked if today would be an okay to stop by. Unfortunately, she said she was at work, but her husband was home. Of course, I asked if they still had them, which she replied that they still had them all. She then told me that he also had 4 baby geese!

After I got off the phone with her, I gave him a call, but was unsuccessful in reaching him. I left him a message with my name and number and asked him to return my call as soon as he could. By the time I hung the phone up and sat down on the couch, he called! I'm guessing he's like me and tried to avoid answering the phone in fear it's someone you don't want to talk to.

Anyways, we talked about the ducks and agreed that today was a good day to come by, despite the fact it was well after 5. Then I asked him about the geese, which he was very reluctant to talk about. He then told me that he wasn't sure he even wanted to sell them. Apparently only 4 out of 20 hatched, so I can't blame him.

After I took some semi-horrible directions down -- completely my fault they were so horrible -- we went on our way.

We actually found Grassy and his county road without a catch, but it was finding his house that was tricky. It's all very odd. There's a little road off of the county road we were on with 3 houses along it. Of course, his was at the very end. As we pulled up, I could see someone standing on the porch. I rolled the window down and asked if he was the guy with the ducks. Thankfully, he was!

He had them all in what looked to be a huge rubber feeding trough. There were SO many ducklings, I was in heaven!! There were also 4 gorgeous little geese. I nearly squealed when I first noticed them. Of course, all the ducks were wild beasts and all rushed to the corner of the cage. Not the geese, though. A couple were standing in the center just staring at me. I wanted to die!

We had originally planned on getting 3, then said we would go ahead and get 4 so that we could have an even amount. We wanted 2 pure Khakis and 2 mixes. It would have been $16 for all 4 and I only had a $20s on me, so we both agreed that it would be a logical decision to just go ahead and get 5. I mean, what's one more, right?

On the way home, LaVaughn's BS dropped incredibly low -- which isn't unusual for her anymore -- so we decided to stop and have gas station food for dinner. They only had two hunks of pepperoni pizza, so it was fate.

I couldn't wait to get home and play with them. That's all I thought about. As soon as we walked in the door, I feel down on the floor with them and started playing with them. Of course, they're all scared and very skittish because they've never been handled, but I'm sure we'll change that in a few days. Unfortunately it wont be tomorrow, I have to work... sad face!

The ducklings are all settled and resting from their long journey. I'll be happy when tomorrow night rolls around. I can't wait to play with them after work!

I'm sure everyone experienced a little bit of the horrid weather yesterday and the day before. Apparently we didn't get hit as bad at work as we did at home. It rained like crazy, thundered a little, but that was the extent of it. LaVaughn gave me a different story as to how things went down at home.

I could tell it was pretty bad from the drive home. The road was nearly washed away and the bridge was semi-flooded -- I even had to clear a bit of rubble before I could cross last night! The lake is overflowing like crazy today, which you will see pictures of below. Luckily the weather didn't impact our driving to Grassy today.

Love & Peace

Pictures of the overflowing lake:

Toby being his crazy self:

Chloe's joeys:

The drive to Grassy:

And lastly, the ducklings:

The light brown ones are the pure Khaki Campbells and the darker ones are the Khaki x Mallard mix.