Storm on the horizon...

I am so happy to be home right now, it's insane. I've only had a day off in between 3 or 4 work days, so I greatly appreciate my days off!

Unfortunately, after my glorious day off tomorrow, I have to work through the entire weekend! AND Monday! So not cool and so not what I signed up for. At least there's a little light at the end of the tunnel. I get Tuesday and Wednesday off!! Woop!

I left Cassie (the shift manager) a note saying that I needed to talk about my schedule and needing fewer days. But who knows if she'll even get it.

Omg, you remember the guy I was talking about a couple days ago, the one that got sent home!? Well he got fired!! And a co-worker of mine told me why. He made a racial slur towards one of the guys that works there. It went something like, "Black people aren't good for anything but standing in the way." or something like that. Well, that little remark got his ass fired! Apparently he has a few sexual discrepancies on his file as well, so he was just asking to get fired.

It stormed like crazy at work today! The lights flickered, trees were nearly blown over, and the place started to flood! It was insane and made me want to head for the hills. I got a short video of it, but haven't managed to get that off of the phone yet. I did get a pretty awesome picture of what the sky looked like though.

Okay, time for some glider talk!! If all goes well, we're going to head down to Arkansas on or around the 17th of next month. I should get a pretty decent size check then, so that will help with expenses. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

Unfortunately, Hadley's home feel through. The chick said that her fiance didn't want the smell in the house or something. And she was pregnant. I think she just changed her mind, but whatever. Hopefully we can find her a home soon. If not, Taylor's getting her, lol.

Simba and Nala are still here, even though they're ready to leave now. Their new owner doesn't have all the money just yet, so it's going to be a few more weeks. Hopefully she picks them up before we go to AR.

Okay, I believe that's all for now. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Check out those black storm clouds!!

This was some chicks awesome arm tattoo of Captain Spaulding. I freaking loved it and asked if I could take a picture of it. She happily obliged. :)

Here are some recent pictures of Simba and Nala:

Aren't they the cutest joey siblings ever!?

And here are some adorable pictures of Hadley:

And lastly, sleepy Una:

What rhymes with moose?

That would be goose! Well in this case, geese! Now I'll explain why... my awesome aunt got us two geese!!! She's seriously so awesome! They're not the friendliest geese in the world, but they're awesome and beautiful. They're still trying to settle in, so hopefully they're not as aggressive as they seem. Did I mention that they're a mated pair? You know what that means... baby geese in the future!!

LaVaughn had to go to the doctor today, never fun for her. I hate going to the doctor, so I know how that sickly feeling of having to go is.

I sat outside the entire time, well, I walked around a bit, but not much. I stopped by the library and asked about getting a library card. Unfortunately, you have to have proof of address, which I didn't have, so I couldn't get a card. Maybe next time.

Omg, while we were in the waiting room waiting on her to get called back, 2 kids, 1 younger girl, and an older lady all came in and sat down. As soon as they did, they ALL pulled out cell phones!! The kids couldn't have been more than 7 and they had cell phones!! None of them looked up once the entire time they were sitting there. While I was sitting outside, the little girl walked out side with her nose still in her phone. She even walked down stairs without looking up!! What is the world coming to!?

Well, it's back to the farm tomorrow. I've really enjoyed my day off. Too bad it wasn't two days in a row!! Until next time...

Love & Peace


Here are our new Toulouse Geese!!

Aren't they such beautiful toulouse geese?

Pictures from around Annapolis, Missouri:


Beautiful red rose.

Leafy vine...

Brick wall.


I love stop signs.

Probably a little too much, lol.

A hole in the wall.

Such a beautiful sidewalk.

The sky is stunning here!

E.X.I.T. Exit!!

Now for some pictures of Zoe playing with a feather:

Cat tongue!

And now she's offended, lol.

Squinty cat eyes!