Nothing says fun like Wii Tennis and Whitney Houston...

It's been brought to my attention that Jake Gyllenhaal (star of the upcoming thriller, Source Code) doesn't waste his time on games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, oh no, he would rather spend his free time playing Wii Tennis while listening to Whitney Houston. Yes... Whitney Houston! Nothing against her or Wii Tennis, but what the hell man! I play Left 4 Dead while listening to rob Zombie. Anyone else confused here? Whatever the case may be, I think Mr. Gyllenhaal can't keep a girlfriend for reasons stated above. To each their own I guess.

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Until the next celebrity comes out of the closet news, you know where to find me...

Love & Peace


Song of the day: Shake a Leg by AC/DC

Light up the darkness!

If you're a beyond massive fan of Year One, then you know exactly what the title means. If not, then it pretty much means that Jack Black is a comedic genius! Anyway, I thought I would go ahead and blog today, while I had time. I think it's been 3, possibly 4, days since my last blog.

I always pick weird times to blog, like right now for example. I'm sure 97% of you know that the new episode of Law & Order: SVU is on as we speak. And that makes for awkward blogging. They've been raving about this episode all week because Jeremy Irons is guest staring again. But if you ask me, I think Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet from Lost) is putting on a far better performance.

Anyway, I do have a but of news today, some lady from Kansas wants Fiona! I know, awesome right? She's really eager to learn about sugar gliders and is planing on getting another in a month or so. She's been asking LOADS of questions, which I love. I hate it when people come to me and act like they know everything about gliders and don't want any help. That's not the case with her. If everything works out, we'll meet her the same day we meet the lady that's getting Hannibal.

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Don't forget to check out the picture below. Until next time, you know where to find me...

Love & Peace


Song of the day: Champagne Supernova by Oasis

Here are the pics:

 Love this tree pic!

 Una the lion.


The girls:

Sadie & Kira:

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath...

I know Sunday Bloody Sunday would've been a better title for today, considering it is Sunday, but I've just never been a big U2 fan. As I'm sure you know by now, I'm Ozzy all the way. Anyway, I was on a roll during the past week, I blogged like every day! It was inevitable that I wouldn't blog for days after that. Anyway, I don't really have anything of importance to say, I mainly wanted to share some pictures and some videos. Yes... videos! Sounds like fun, eh?

Oh yeah, I think we might actually be taking Hannibal to his new home this coming weekend! It's seems like it's taking forever to get him there. Well actually, it has. We were supposed to meet the girl at the beginning of January... it's almost April! A quick calculation tells me that was 3 months ago! I guess I should just be happy that he has a home to go to. But yeah, that's what's going on with that.

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Until next time, you know where to find me...

Love & Peace


Song of the day: Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2 (not by choice)

Here are the pics:

 Zoe with Robbie's shirt on. It looks more like a cape on her, lol.

 Una's little cunty expression.

 Sadie enjoying a yoggie.

 Look at that tongue!

 Robbie was having a nap in the corner. And just look at that chubby belly!

 SO cute!

 Hannibal getting a little one-on-one attention.

 Look at those big, crazy eyes!

 And now he's enjoying a papaya snack.

 Una on top of the fridge, where she shouldn't be.

 Sadie & Kira

And lastly, the ever so adorable, Fiona.

And now, time for some videos:

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's... Bigfoot?

Oh how I long for days like this. Days when I wake up to "Bigfoot video" being the top search of the day. These days don't come very often, but when they do, it kind of warms me inside. Just like the other day when the speculation of the chupacabra arose.

Anyway, apparently Thomas Byers of North Carolina was driving along on Golden Valley Church Road in Rutherford County yesterday when he just so happened across Bigfoot. Yes... Bigfoot. With SO many sightings and tall tales of Bigfoot, who can you believe? Well, check out the video and live through Thomas Byers for a few seconds:

Are you a believer yet? Yeah, didn't think so. I mean, not only does this look like someone in a Bigfoot costume, it's walking like it either has a bum leg or someone who has to take a massive shit. There may be a select few out there that actually believe this. And I say to them, "More power to you. It's people like you that keep the Bigfoot dream alive."

And on that note, I'm out! Until the next sighting, you know where to find me...

Love & Peace


Song of the day: Identity Crisis by Alice Cooper (I know I already covered this song, but it seems kind of fitting, doesn't it?)

Anyone need a glider fix?

It's seriously amazing how fast picture can add up. I mean, in the past 2 days we've got 50+ pictures of the gliders. And that's not including the ones on the camera from today. I'm talking about yesterday and the day before. Anyway, I don't really have anything else to say, just wanted to share the pics.

Until next time, you know where to find me...

Love & Peace


Song of the day: Carry On by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young