Mount Pleasant welcomes you...

I'm sure it's easy to tell by the title that we made it, safe and sound to Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Wow, what a day! Considering we didn't leave the house until almost 3, I think we made pretty decent time up here. AND we even ran into rush hour traffic in Saint Louis. Surprisingly enough we didn't encounter any bumps in the road, just the terrible traffic and one car that had blown up -- on the road!

Unfortunately, our hotel room is a little sketchy. It's super small, everything is like right on top of everything! The floors are a tad on the sticky side, the parking lot is super sketchy, and there are crumbs behind my side of the table. By crumbs I mean literal crumbs and a dried french fry.

The beds are fairly comfortable, not too soft, which I love. They were generous with their small pillows -- we each got 4, but their blanket sucks. It's like a cross between a jean blanket and a hospital blanket. I'm now wishing we hadn't been so cheap and sprung another $20 on a better room. Oh well, you live and you learn. It's not like we'll be coming back to Iowa anytime soon, if ever.

Right now we're waiting on our Pizza Hut order to be completed. Did I mention that they're literally next door? Like next parking lot over close! Aside from that I'm just anticipating tomorrow. It's going to be a BIG day for everyone involved. Not only are my two best friends getting married, but I'm going to be photographing my first wedding! This is exciting stuff. Until then...

Love & Peace


Preping glider food for the next couple days:

The drive there:

Our odd Best Western hotel room:

It's here, it's here!!

I am on CLOUD NINE!!! Words cannot even begin to describe how over-the-moon I am about the arrival of my new lens!! I never in a million years thought that I would actually be able to get one -- and at such perfect timing!

Clearly, I've had it out ALL day and have been taking pictures non-stop. I think I've taken over 200 today. but I deleted a lot and cut it down to just 150.

I even got some joey pictures while I was on my photo spree! I have to say, it's honestly not the best lens for joey pictures -- it's like the opposite of a macro -- so I'll probably stick to the kit lens for those. Unless I can talk LaVaughn into helping me, but she's always doing something else that she considers more important, so that's probably not going to happen.

Aside from taking pictures with my GORGEOUS and AWESOME new lens, I've been obsessing about our trek to Iowa tomorrow. Can you believe we're actually going to Iowa? Not only that, but to a WEDDING in Iowa where I'm going to be the wedding PHOTOGRAPHER!! I can't even, it's too much. The anticipation is killing me, as is my anxiety, nerves, and everything else. I'll just be glad when we get there!

Speaking of, there's a lot I still need to do before the night's end, so I'm going to leave it at that. See you in Iowa!

Love & Peace


Some of the last pictures I took with the kit lens:

Unpackag my new lens:

And I now present to you, pictures taken with my new Nikon Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens:

Cersei being exceptionally flirty:

The flock:

Mr. Bart:

Sugar glider joeys:



Some of our 4th of July supplies.



And blue cupcakes!