I think this is becoming a passion, whether I like it or not...

It's becoming easier and easier for me to pick something up and sew it. Like today for example, I roughly cut out two rectangles of fleece, made four tabs and sewed up a hammock for the rats in no more than 5 minutes. I'm not bragging at all. Believe me, it didn't look perfect, but the fact that I did it so fast without even thinking is leading me to believe that I have a new skill that I can actually call my own.

Sewing isn't something that I ever thought I would do. Watching my aunt sew years ago used to confuse the shit out of me, but it's something I look forward to nowadays. Call me crazy, but I would rather sew than go to the bar and get shitfaced. Is that normal for someone my age? Didn't think so. It's official, I need to go stab and/or shoot someone. Maybe I'll just punch a wall?

Okay, I believe I'm done with my rant/speech. Time for the pictures and time for me to go destroy something...

Love & Peace


Song of the day: I Can't Control Myself by Joan Jett

Evan & Jonah's new hammock:

You may be asking yourself why I made our two male rats a pink and red hammock with hearts. And to answer that... they'll have it destroyed in a week, if not sooner. LaVaughn and I both just use whatever fleece we have on hand for the rats because they go through hammocks SO fast. :O)

Time for a change in season...

The weather has been so nice the past couple days, you can definitely tell Spring is on the horizon. And with warmer spring days, it allows for extended outdoor experiences - like playing with the chickens, lol.

I know it's extremely simple of me, but I find it so rewarding to find eggs lying in nests in the chicken house. Does that qualify as simple? Either way, it's rewarding and exciting. While I'm on the subject of eggs, it's been confirmed by my aunt that our duck, Serafina, is in fact, laying! Look out kids, I see baby ducks in our very near future.

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Don't forget to check out the pictures of our precious sugar glider joey, Violet, after the bump...

Love & Peace


Song of the day: If You Could Read My Mind by Gordon Lightfoot

One of the joys of having different chicken breeds in the same chicken house. You always get eggs of different shapes and colors!

One of these are a Bantam egg, a regular chicken egg and I believe a duck egg!

Now time for some sugar glider pictures! These are from a couple days ago and last night:

Pip seeing what all the ruckus is about. 

Daddy/Daughter bonding time, lol.

I love how her face is smashed under him. :)

Pip is such a pretty boy.

You can tell Violet is Pip's daughter. <3

Sleepy little sugar glider joey.

Look at that gorgeous WF!

Okay, it's official, she's staying with us.

How can she not? She's too cute!

Guess what we did today?

If you guessed sewed, then you're right and you get a gold star! We had to finish up a pretty big custom order today and I think they turned out pretty nice. I must warn you, I didn't get the best pictures ever, just one of everything together. I know that's not normally my style, but at least I got one, hehe. I'll try to take individual  photos tomorrow before they're shipped.

Aside from that, I believe we may have a sick duck on our hands. Our new Magpie boy - who is yet to be named - has been making a sound similar to the sound a cat makes when they hock up a hairball. No clue why he's doing this, but I hope it's nothing serious. And while we're on the subject of our new ducky, I'll go ahead and tell you his new name... Phillippe. Not too bad, eh?

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Until next time, you know where to find me...

Love & Peace


Song of the day: Roadrunner by The Who

Here are the pics:

Phillippe, Serafina & Leo

The flock, lol.

Milla looking a tad frightened...  :O)

Here are the 3 awesome cage sets we made today. <3

Who doesn't love a chili dinner under a funeral home?

I guess I'll start by addressing the title of this blog so that no one is confused. LaVaughn and I had to go to Fredericktown earlier today to do a little grocery shopping. As we were driving through the shady little town, I couldn't help but notice there were signs all along the road that read, "Chili Dinner Under Wilson's!" I figured it was just some type of fundraiser, but oh how wrong I was...

Just as we left town square and approached the stoplight, I glanced forward at Wilson Family Funeral Home only to see 3 people with signs waving their arms like crazy at all the passing cars. As we drove closer, I was able to read the sings... "Come join us at the chili dinner under Wilson's!" What!?!? They're having a chili dinner under the funeral home!?!?! I seriously couldn't believe my eye. I tried like hell to get a picture, but was unable to pull the camera out fast enough. Hmm, I wonder if they were serving beef chili or chicken chili...  :O)

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Just wanted to share with you yet another jaw dropping experience from the one and only... Fredericktown, Missouri. Until next time, you know where to find me...

Love & Peace


Song of the day: Doctor My Eyes by Jackson Browne

Here are the kind of pretty, kind of boring pictures from today:

 The lovely view of HWY 67.

 Sunset through the trees.

 More sunset through the trees.

 Washed out sunset.

 This totally reminds me of a washed out picture from the 70s.

 This one too.

 This would be Fredericktown.

And lastly, the moon.

Bonus Gallery!

I managed to get some really cute pictures of the gliders Thursday night, but didn't want to upload them to yesterdays blog because that was mainly focused on our new cage. So... I decided to add them at the end of this blog. Without further adieu, here are the pictures (and videos):

Logan having a snack.

Sugar glider profile, lol.

 Stand proud, stand tall. ~Logan the Sugar Glider

 "Did I do that?"

 More like, "Please don't beat me mom!"

 Kira with her big, crazy eyes!

 She's such a pretty girl.

 Look at her beautifulness... is that even a word?

 Peeking sugar glider...

 "May I help you?"

 Pip having a snack.

 "Do I have something on my face?"

 Gotta get the stuff in the corners too!

Messy sugar glider profile, lol.

Crazy eyed glider!

"I swear I'm not a pig."

 "May I ask why you're in my personal space?"

 "Oh God, she has the camera again."

 "I feel sick now."

 Pip diving in behind Sadie.

What a lovely sugar glider couple. <3

And now for the videos: