Monday, Monday...

So, today was the big day that we got to meet up with Doug and Kyan in Festus. Only downside is it was only I that got to see them. We got there 30 minutes early and, like clockwork, they were running behind. We spent 30 minutes or so walking around Joann's and admiring their amazing sale on no sew fleece throw -- 50% off!

If you're wondering, yes, we took advantage and spent more money than I care to admit.

Since we still had 45 minutes to spare before the boys arrived, we decided to head over to Walmart and do some shopping. We needed a few household items and some groceries, so we thought we could get that done before they even arrived. Well, since all the Christmas items were 50% off, that ended up occupying around 30 minutes of our time. It was no time before I got a message from Kyan telling me that they were at Joann's, waiting.

Since we had a cart full of stuff and weren't even in the market side, LaVaughn decided to stay with the cart and I would run over and meet the boys to deliver the girls. Not sure if you read my previous blog, but that's what today's meeting was all about -- Kyan is shipping two gliders for us Wednesday.

Anyways, I jetted over to Joann's, met up with the boys, walked around in there for 15 minutes while Kyan picked out fleece, went outside and talked for another 10 minutes, then sat in the back of their car and talked for an additional 30 minutes. I knew LaVaughn was probably steaming by then, so I quickly wrapped up our meeting and went back to the store.

It sucked to only get to see them for an hour -- I miss them so, so much. I'm hoping and praying Doug does get every Monday off soon. I have most Mondays off, so that would be a perfect day to meet up.

We quickly wrapped things up at Walmart and came home, which is where we are now. I'm exhausted and barely had the energy to feed the gliders, let alone myself. Now I need to rest and watch some Netflix, because we'll be back at it again tomorrow...

Stolen from my Insta:

Gorgeous drive there.

Our breathtaking Joann loot.

2016 Holiday Rewind...

We kicked off the holiday season Thursday by making all kinds of holiday sweets. We made sugar cookies, Oreo balls, fudge and then some. I had to work Friday, so not much took place then. We did gift swap at work -- really it was just LaVaughn and I giving Shawna her gifts, but still.

Since we had two people bail on the Christmas festivities this year, it was just me, LaVaughn, my aunt and uncle. Talk about a small gathering, but it was most definitely a merry one. 

We spent the first half of Christmas Eve drinking coffee and making food for the following day. We then watched Rudolph -- yes, the ancient one that scares me more than the scariest of horror movies. My aunt loves it and she loves frosty too, but luckily we only had to endure Rudolph. Sorry auntie, I love you. It was so painful to watch, I'm not even joking. I had such a hard time composing myself while we watched, but I was good and made it through the entire movie without cracking up.

After that was over, so began to open presents. Everyone had a great time and (hopefully) got everything they wanted. I know I did -- some of my favorite gifts were a Jessica Simpson bag, Bobs by Sketchers and my new Deadpool jacket. It was a blessed Christmas Eve to say the least.

Christmas Day my aunt, uncle and LaVaughn all went to church. This was my first Sunday off in months, so I stayed home. I still got up right at 11, but it's whatever. LaVaughn went to bed as soon as they got home, so I helped my aunt make Christmas dinner. LaVaughn and I didn't eat until after communion that night, so it was a late Christmas dinner for us.

I honestly can't believe I'm blogging this late, but we have a busy week coming up. We're meeting up with Doug and Kyan tomorrow in Festus so they can ship our girls Wednesday, then Tuesday we have to drive my aunt and uncle to Farmington so she can see her lawyer, then we're all going to AT&T to hopefully (fingers crossed) get new phones. Then Wednesday we're supposed to meet up with Angie and her kids for dinner in Ironton. Looks like Thursday is my only free day this week, because I'm back to work after that. Sigh... I'm already exhausted just thinking of all of that.

I hope you all had very Merry Christmas! Until next time...

Christmas cookie prep:

Christmas Eve:

Christmas Day:

Holiday recap from my Instagram feed:

Birthday aftermath...

Last year my birthday was so weird. Not that I'm the type of person that needs to be the center of attention on my birthday -- I'm the last person at wants to be the main focus. My aunt and uncle got baptized on my birthday last year, so I got up super early and went to church that morning to experience it. Then LaVaughn and I drove to PB in a haze, went to the creepiest places possible, ate dinner far too early, rushed home so that LaVaughn could go with my aunt and uncle to communion that night, and then I spent the the next few hours alone.

It was creepy and weird and too much was going on.

This year was completely different. LaVaughn and I met up with my mom (Ty) in Farmington, went shopping together at a couple different places and just spent the evening talking and spending time together. After she left LaVaughn and I did some Chritstmas shopping, ate dinner and then came home and watched Suicide Squad. It's a complete 180 from last year.

Anyways, now that I'm done with my sap story, here are some photos from the today...

Instagram Roundup...

Since things have been kind of slow around here lately, I thought I would share some pictures from my Instagram feed. I've really slacked off on my picture taking via my Nikon, but I take pictures daily on my phone and share the majority of them on Instagram. Well, not the majority, only a fraction make it on my feed.

Anyways, these are the random pictures from the past week or so that aren't pertaining to any of my blog posts...

My "office" all decked out.

Not really worth noting, but we got all 4 seasons of Bates Motel for $28 - such a steal!

Max, the monster.

This is what it looks like at closing time.

Miss Zoe.

Stocking up on holiday carbs...

We've been making all kinds of deserts as of late. Christmas cookies, shortbread, macaroons and then some! We added to our holiday sweets yesterday evening by making Oreo balls AND peanut butter balls. Talk about delicious!

The peanut butter balls take a little patience, but the Oreo balls are oh so simple! Who doesn't love a recipe that calls for THREE ingredients?? All you need is:

  • 1 Package Of Oreos
  • 1 8oz Package Of Cream Cheese
  • 1 Package Of White Baking Chips

See, easy peasy! We made regular flavored Oreo balls Sunday night, which were a huge hit. Since LaVaughn and I both prefer Blonde Oreos, we decided to go to the store yesterday and get all the ingredients we needed to make some with those. Equally delicious, but I think I prefer original Oreos.

Next week we're making classic fudge, butterbeer fudge and white chocolate fudge! I'm also making a couple different varieties of rice crispy treats, along with more sugar cookies.

I think after the holidays I need to skip desert for, I don't know, 3 months or so. Oh well, that's part of the holiday season, right?

Here are some pics I snatched from my Insta:

Christmas Cooking Making -- One for the books!

Neither LaVaughn, or I, have ever made Christmas Cookies. We've both talking about doing it for the past few years and finally got the supplies to do so on Monday. Well today was the BIG day, filled with lots of flour and sprinkles -- even a few tantrums along the way!

The day wouldn't have started off as sour had our sugar cookie recipe not been so dang sticky! We have to overload the cutting board with flour to even attempt to cut them out, which naturally made the cookies a lot "fluffier" and not as sweet as they should have been. But hey, we were mainly in it for the decorating process, so taste didn't mean all that much.

At the end of the day we were tired, filthy and a little agitated, but overall we thoroughly enjoyed the entire process and can FINALLY say that we've made (and decorated) Christmas cookies!

This is something I feel everyone needs to experience at least once in their life, so get out there and get the supplies you need to make memories that last a lifetime!