In under a week!

I thought I would go ahead and blog a for a bit before I go sew. LaVaughn and I are making special ordered 9 piece cage set today and possibly another one. Fun, fun, fun! I don't really have too much to say, I just mainly wanted to share some pics before I got backed up.

Hope you enjoy!

Love & Peace


Movie of the day: Seconds Apart

Here are the pics:

More pics of the lovies and their babies:

Samurai cat! 

Sadie in a test item:

Us torturing Una & Zoe:

More lovebird fun!

Our AWESOME new cage sets that we made for the gliders:

Kira & Logan's cage.

Kira & Logan's cage again.

Sadie & Pip's cage.

This, my friend, is a glider bucket. This happens to be our signature item. :)

Corner hammock.

Square hammock turned parachute swing. 


Cage pouch.

This would be Kira.

And Kira again.




Sadie coming out of the glider bucket.

Logan peeking, lol.

Logan again.

Sadie & Pip


More pictures of the lovebirds and their babies:

Zoe being a flirt:

Possibly some of the most exciting pictures, Kira's joey's tail!!

Kira & Logan:

And lastly, Una: