Hey people. I don't have too much time to blog right now, I just thought I'd drop you guys a line before we left. We're getting ready to go to the next town over to get glider supplies:

Frozen Peas
Sweet Potatos
Bok Choy
Mixed Berries
Red Apples
A Food Processor
Ice Trays

And what is all this goodness going to make? Loads and loads of glider food. I'll blog more about it tonight when we get back. And don't worry, I have loads more to blog about too. So, talk to you all later tonight. Peace...


Song of the day: Don't Come Around Here No More by Tom Petty

Just a little video...

Hey again people. I don't really have anything of importance to say today. I just wanted to share a little video with you. It's our dog, Milla growling/talking/speaking. It's really hard to explain. It's just a really cool video and I thought you should see it. So peace out and enjoy the video...


Song of the day: You Got Another Thing Comin' by Judas Priest

Some reviews and a treat...

Hey dudes and dudettes. It's been a while. I was just bored and though that I would blog a little while I had nothing to do. So here you go...

I know, it's been like forever and a day since I've reviewed any movies. And you know why? Because I haven't watched any lately. But like over a week ago, LaVaughn and me watched some pretty good ones. Lets start with... Hatchet. We got this movie from Hastings on a whim. And I have to say, it was pretty good. It's a slasher comedy, but totally awesome. The effects are great and they were not afraid to use blood. And not to mention, it has Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger), Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees), and Tony Todd (Candyman) in it. The movie is set in and around New Orleans. It's about a guy called Victor Crawley that was murdered way back in the day and is coming back to seek vengeance. So, make your next flick a slasher comedy and rent this. I think you'll like it. I'm going to give it a 7.5/10. Ok, now for Hit And Run. This was another movie that we just picked up cause it sounded good. All in all, it wasn't too bad. The effects we fairly good, but the picture wasn't the best. Now I''m not saying that it was like The Hamiltons or anything, but it wasn't Titanic level. It's kind of like Creepshow's The Hitchhiker, but then again it's not. Personally, I like The Hitchhiker better. So, if you like that type of movie, then you'll probably like this. I'll give it a 7/10. Ok, last but definitely not least... The Uninvited. I got this movie from RedBox by accident. I thought it was Possession for some reason. No clue how I got the two mixed up. Anyway, it was a great movie. We had seen the preview to it when we seen Quarantine in theaters and thought that it looked good then. But, as the months passed, we forgot about it. But luckily, that's what I rented. I'm not going to go into too many details, cause the slightest thing might give some of it away. I highly recommend that you rent it today. It will so be worth the drive to your nearest DVD depot. I think I'm going to give it a 8.5/10.

Ok, now for the treat. We got a Greenies treat in the mail Monday and Milla loved it. I don't know why she's loving every treat we give her anymore, but she is. We've got her these in the past but she wouldn't dare be in a 5 foot radius of them. But, as soon as I stuck it to her nose, she grabbed it and started going to town on it. So, maybe her taste buds have changed a little or maybe the fine people behind Greenies have added that special ingredient that no dog can resist. Let your dog be the judge.

Well, I guess that's all I have to say for now. Hope you enjoyed it. Until next time...


Song of the day: Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream

This is the nifty little package that Greenies come in.

Oh what a day...

Oh what a day indeed. It went from good to sucky to great all in 6 hours. Do you think you can handle it? If so, then read on...

Well we got up today all bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to go. So, after we showered and got everything ready, we left. And since we had to go a town or two over, we had to leave at around 3:00. So, we got there at like 3:40. We sat there and talked for about 10 minutes and then my phone started ringing. It was the gus dad. And what did he have to say? well, he said that he was hung up at work and that he wouldn't be there until around 6:00 or after. He asked if that was ok, and of course, I said yea. So then we waited. It got so boring sitting in the car. So a little before 5:00, we decided to go grocery shopping. We walked around in the store for over 30 minutes and then right before we left, my phone started ringing again. It was the guys dad, again. He was asking how big the cage was and all that good stuff. I guess he was wondering if it would fit in his car. So, by the end of the call he told me that he would just bring a bigger car or whatever. So we though that he would be on his way after he hung up, but oh no. After we got out to the car an parked at our "meeting area", my phone started ringing again! Accept this time, it was a completely different guy. He was saying that he was a friend of the guys dad and that he would be picking the cage up instead. Then he was saying that he would be driving a tan van and that he would be there in 45 MINUTES! We were getting to pissed. But we kept our cool and was super nice about it. So then we waited. The 45 minutes passed fairly quick, but the 10 minutes passed that didn't. I was so mad. Then my stupid phone started ringing again! And of course, it was the guy agin. And this time, he said that they were on their way and it would be about 10 minutes. Oh yea, they changed their ride from a tan van to a black Liberty. They could've been riding a freakin horse for all I cared. I just wanted them to come and get the damn cage. Well finally, he showed up. We were both so releived. We were gone as soon as he handed us the money. It was a horrible experience that hopefully never happens again. But, the whole experience did have some upsides. Well first, we got to take some really great pictures and second, we got to see loads of awesome bikers! And to whom do we owe this pleasure? To the great people behind the 69th annual sturgis rally. Every year around this time you start seeing loads and loads of bikers. It's one of my favorite times of the year. Anyway, I think that about sums it up...

In other news, when we got home tonight we noticed that our glider lady had emailed us saying that she had taken a bunch of picture of our gliders for us and that she would send them to us tonight. So we had to wait. Then finally, we got the pictures. We were so excited. And oh man are they cute. I love them so, so much. I can't wait to hold them. I could go on for hours saying how cute they and how much I love them, but I'm going to stop here...

Well, I hope you enjoyed our day as much as we did. Until next time...


Song of the day: Free Fallin by Tom Petty

This is probably my favorite picture of the day. I love the way this turned out. So pretty.

This is one of the many beautiful pictures that we got of her today.

So cute. I love that she's looking at the camera.

This was our dash dancer that we had, but the stupid thing wouldn't stay on the dash so LaVaughn decided to rip her in half. It was a pretty entertaining process to watch.

This is it's bottom half.

And then there was one. This is now all that's left of our dash dancer.
LaVaughn got this awesome picture of Milla with her leg up on the arm rest. It was so cute.

Another one of her.
This was one that I took. Not only did I get her foot, but I got her sexy face looking at me. It was a win-win.

And the final shot...

This sexy little thing belongs to me. Right now her name is Falon and she is 100% leu het.

Another adorable picture of her.

You can see how radient her tail is in this one.

So cute.

I love her colors. She's is so light and fluffy looking. Can't wait to hold her.

This little beauty belong to LaVaughn. Right now her name is Pearl and she is a black beauty.

Aww, she looks so scared in this one.
Oh man, she is SO cute!

This is like one of my faves of her.

This is a younger one of her. She was still so cute...

Off I go...

Well, today I had to take my grandma to dialysis again. So I've been gone all day. But, I still found time to blog. Cause that's what I do baby, lol. So here we go...

First, I'm going to rewind to last night. As you know, we got some more glider stuff in the mail today. But this time, we got a bigger box. And like always, it was filled with glorious little white things (not sure what you call them). So, we decided to keep it for Ben. So we got him out, sat in the floor, and waited for him to dive in. But... he didn't. He hated it! Well, I guess he didn't hate it, but he didn't like it as much as I though he would. He was in it for like 10 seconds. He's a punk ass. But, we got some pretty good pictures. And while I'm on the subject of Ben, I need to go ahead and share this with you. He has blood wings on his back. Well, not literally, but the shape of the hair on his back slightly resembles that of blood wings. And for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, you should watch Pumpkinhead 2. That'll explain everything. Anyway, his hair has been falling out and growing back in like crazy. And right now, it looks a little weird. That's all though, just wanted to let you know...

Ok, we're still on last night. Well, we were thinking about selling some old stuff that we didn't want anymore. And where is the best place to sell stuff online for free? why craigslist of course. We decided to sell our old digital camera, ferret cage, a couple games, some movies, and a Moby Dick book (don't ask, lol). Well today around 5 or so, we got a call. And guess what the guy wanted? Our ferret cage. I couldn't believe it. It hadn't even been on craigslist for 24hrs. The guy said that we should consider it sold. So that was awesome. Then he was asking where we should meet. So, since he lives a few towns over, we decided to meet him half way. So then he was saying that he had to work all day tomorrow and that he might have his dad meet us up there instead. So he called his dad and had his dad call me and then we decided on a time. Which by the way is 4:00 tomorrow evening. So, hopefully everything works out and we get to sell the cage tomorrow.

Ok, back to today. On the drive from my grandma's to the dialysis center, I found 2 adorable little turtles on the side of the road. And I really, really love turtles. So naturally, I had to have them. So I found a box in the trunk of the car and stuck them in it. I was so excited at first, then I felt so bad. After I dropped my grandma off, I went to the car and got them out for a little bit. They were so cute but so pitiful too. So I decided to just let them go. But, at least I got to touch them. And I got a couple pictures of them. That's about all though...

Well, I think I'm done for today. Hope it wasn't too boring. Until next time, peace out and always remember to watch for turtles on the road.


Song of the day: Across The Universe by The Beatles

This is the box of awesomeness.
This was such a great face shot of Ben, I just had to put it.
This picture turned out a little blurry, but it was too cute to pass up.

As you can see in this picture, he has a V shape on his back. So please, watch Pumpkinhead 2 and you'll understand everything.

And here are the beautiful little turtles that I got. They are so cute. Sorry the picture quality isn't that well. I had to take these with my phone.

This is the first one I got. He was a little bigger than the other one.

And this is the smaller one. They were both so cute...

Oh yea, I didn't even blog about this picture. This is just some of the damage that Fredericktown got. I just had to get a picture of all the trees that were down in the cemetary. It was horrible. too bad I didn't have the camera, then you could see them really good...

What is red and blue and white all over?...

A priority mail mailing box! and I'm sure you know what that means. We got all the stuff that we ordered. Yay us! Lest see, we got a wodent wheel, fruit medly treats, acacia gum, gliderade, canned mealworms, canned grasshoppers, and some cage cleaning wipes. It's all so cool. It came in a way bigger box this time. But that's because we got a wodent wheel. Well, I don't really have too much to say this time, just wanted to show you what we got. so here you go...

This is all of the stuff together.

This is our awesome wodent wheel.

This is the fruit medly treats. It has dried peaches, apples, raisins, papayas, pineapples, apricots, and pears. It looks so yummy.

This is our acacia gum. You can either sprinkle this on their fruits or you can mix it with water and it will form a gum. Then they can lick it off of your fingers, lol.

This is the gliderade. You mix 1 part gliderade and 5 parts water to make a little drink type thing for them.
This one pretty much speaks for its self. It's canned mealworms. They'll be a tad fresher than the freeze dried ones.
Same with this one. It's just some canned grasshoppers.
This is one of my favorite things that we got. Stuff like this makes it so much easier to clean cages. A+...

Just to let you know...

Last night was crazy. It stormed so bad. I though we were going to be blown away, lol. But I don't think that would've bothered me as much as losing the electricity would. But luckily, we're still going strong. In other news, I mostly wanted to give you a little update on a few things. Like for example; animals, websites, and some other odd things. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be informed...

Well first, I want to tell you about some dog treats that we got to try out. They're called "Better Than Ears". We got a little sample pack in the mail yesterday. And Milla loved it. She ate it in like 30 seconds. And she's usually a picky treat eater. So, if you have a puppy that you love to shower in treats, then you might want to pick yourself up a pack. I think your puppy will love them.

Ok, last night was the anual "Cage Cleaning Night" at our place. And in the process, we got a few good pictures of the animals. Ok, for you Hollis fans out there, we didn't get any good pictures of him. He is extremely jumpy and scares easily, lol. So all the pictures we got he wasn't looking, his face was in the camera, or they were washed out. So hopefully in the near future, we'll get a couple good ones to go on here. Until then, you can enjoy the ones we got last night...

Ok, now for a little misunderstanding. In an earlier blog entitled "Movie reviews and some other stuff" I listed a couple glider sites that were pretty cool. But one isn't. It's called
http://gliderconnection.com/glider/. It a horrible glider site. We ordered a safety wheel, some nectar, and some bonding patches. At the time we thought we were getting a really good deal, since it was onlt $10, but we were wrong. So when we got it in the mail and opened it up guess what we found? A freakin hamster wheel, some humming bird nectar, and cut up pieces of fleece! It was so dissapointing. So please, don't get any glider stuff there. It's not worth it. We would've sent it back, but we have humming bird feeders and John Rambo needed a new wheel. If you want a really good glider site, then go to this link > http://sugar-glider-store.com/. It's the coolest site ever. That's where we've been getting all of our glider stuff from. And it has the same foods that exotic nutrition has, only cheaper.

Lets see... oh yea. We got an awesome little pink hammock a couple weeks ago at PetsWay for our gliders. But when we got home and put it in the cage, we noticed that it was a little too open. So we called my aunt and asked her if she could kind of sew it and make it like a pouch. And sure enough, she said she could. So we left it at her house for like a week and she just got it back to us. It is so cute. It's going to make the perfect little pouch for our gliders.

Well, I think that's all I have to say for now. If we get the rest of the stuff we ordered today, then I'll probably blog it. So until then, I think you know what to do... Peace...


Song of the day: Last Dance With Mary Jane by Tom Petty

Here's what the little treats look like.

and here's what your puppy will look like eating them.

This was like the only one of Ben we got. He's super hard to take pictures of. He flips his head around and bubbles is head down in his neck somehow. But this one was good I though. Sorry so bright.

In case you forgot what John Rambo looked like, here you go. we haven't put any pictures of him in a long time. He's so super sexy...

Another awesome one of him.
Ok, this isn't technically an animal, but it's an animal feather. We found this beautiful feather last night by the bird cage. I love the colors on it. It's so super fly...
This is the back of the pouch. So super cute.

And this is the front. Can't wait to see little glider heads peeking out, lol.

Please, not again...

Guess what we were doing last night? Sitting in the dark. The freakin electricity went off AGAIN! But, that's now all I have to talk about. I have some exciting/upsetting news. So off we go...

I'm going to start off with the electricity outage. It was around 8:30 last night. We were doing our usual (dicking around on the computer) when all of a sudden... poof. The lights were gone in the blink of an eye. So we got up, lit some candles, and proceeded to call the electric company. Except, wait for it... our phone was out! So LaVaughn grabbed her cell phone and turned it on. And can you guess what happened next? Her battery was dead! So she got mine and luckily, it had two bars. So we tried for like an hour to get through to the electric company, but it was busy every time. So then LaVaughn's mom called and told us that she got through some how. So then the waiting began. We stayed outside most of the night. Then it got pretty cold and started to rain, so we had to go inside. That was super fun. We sat there for about an hour doing pretty much nothing, then LaVaughn had an idea. She was like, "Dude, lets watch a movie on one of our laptops." of course I agreed. So she went and grabbed her computer and a movie. The battery lasted through the entire movie. We were shocked. Considering last time the electric went out, both of our computers were pretty much dead. Then after that we decided to call it a night, even though we didn't want to. So when I woke up this morning, I woke up to the sound of a fan and the light of the TV. It was glorious. The only downside right now, we're supposed to get more storms tonight. Hopefully we get to keep the lights tonight. If not, then this might be my last blog, cause I'll probably kill myself...

In other news... ugh, I hate even saying this. Ok, we were looking around on our glider ladies site and noticed a couple new addition. We were so struck by their cuteness, we were torn on which gliders to get. We tossed the idea of getting all 4 around, but that didn't stay for very long. So then we talked about maybe getting them instead. They're different from the standards. One is a black beauty and one is a leu het. They're a tad more expensive, but they're oh so cute. So we emailed they lady and asked if it would be a problem if we wanted to get those two instead. And luckily, she said it was no problem. She was super nice about everything we asked her. So the pluses about getting the two new ones instead are: we would be able to tell them apart easier, they seem friendlier, and they're only a day OOP apart. So they would pretty much grow up together. But there is a downside... we feel horrible about the other two. It's almost like we're abandoning them or something. I know we haven't ever held them or anything, but we still feel bad. Hopefully that feeling subsides before too long. Right now we only have one picture of each of them, hopefully she'll send us some more before long. As soon as she does, I'll post them for you to see.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Until next time...


Song of the say: Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones

This one is LaVaughn's, the black beauty.

And this one is mine, the leu het. They are both so cute.

The calm after the storm...

More like the awesomeness (not sure if that's a word) after the storm. Yesterday and today were awesome.

Well Sunday, we were just sitting around not doing too much. So we thought we'd check our email. LaVaughn was sitting at the desk and I was lying on my bed. Then LaVaughn was like, "Dude, we got like 5 emails from her." (her being the lady we're getting our gliders from). So I like floated up to the computer in amazement of what she said. And can you guess why she sent so many emails? Well, if you have no clue, let me fill you in. She finally sent pictures! We were so stoked. All together, she sent 9. LaVaughn got 5 of hers and I got 4. But I didn't let that get me down. I was thrilled that we finally got some. And they are SO adorable. The pictures made me want them so much more. And the lady was nice enough to ask if we wanted her to put the two girls together when they got old enough. And of course, we said yes. But the downside, they're pretty much identical. She brought that up as well. She said that she would have someone hold one and she would compare the two. Hoping to find a difference between them. After we got the pictures, we decided to do some comparing of our own. And guess what we found? A difference. Their right arms are different. My little one has a stripe down her right arm and LaVaughn's is solid. As soon as we found out we emailed her and asked if she would check it out for us. So, hopefully that works out...

As for today... it was equally awesome. We got our other package of glider stuff in the mail. It's all so awesome. We got out other food dish, some canned snails, some yogurt tropicals, a bag of wombaroo, and last but not least, some bee pollen. And in case some of you don't know what wombaroo is, it's a high protein supplement. You mix honey, water, wombaroo, bee pollen, and 3 eggs together to make an HPW mix. Then you freeze it and serve. Now don't mix all of that together, there's a certain way you have to do it. So, if you can't find it online, feel free to email us (kitty_kats06@yahoo.com) and we'll gladly send you the recipe.

Well, I think that's all that I have for today. Hope you enjoyed it. Until next time... get back in the New York groove and rock & roll all night. Oh, and party everyday! Peace.


Song of the day: Do It Again by Steely Dan

This is an awesome one of April (LaVaughn's).

Sexy little April again.

Another one of April.

This is probably my fave of April. The lady said that she was scared of the camera. How cute.

This is the last one of her.

This little sexy belongs to me. Her name is Gale right now.

Another great face shot of Gale.

She looks scared here.

This is the last one of Gale. And one of my faves. They're both so adorable.

This is all the awesome stuff that we got in the mail today. We ordered some more today too. We should get it before the weekend... hopefully.

This is the canned snails. Ugh, so nasty, but they're going to look so cute eating them.

Our other food dish.

Our bee pollen. Can't wait to smell it.

Our huge bag of wombaroo.

And last but not least, our yogurt tropicals. This stuff looks awesome. It has yogurt covered raisins, dried bananas, and dried papayas. It's so cool.