Randomness on my days off...

I've really been enjoying my days off. I honestly don't think it's a good thing that I had SO many days off in a row. I'm used to being home now, so I don't want to go back, lol. But hell, I don't want to go back after one day off!!

Mama Judy stopped by my aunt's yesterday so stay a couple days with her. Without her bike loving hubby, I might add. That was weird too, they go everywhere together! I honestly don't mind him, but it was nice for it to just be us girls all weekend. I'm so a lesbian at heart, I can't stand men sometimes, lol. Depending on the guy, of course. After that creepy river excursion, I was full fledged for 2 whole days!

Okay, side tracked!

Little know fact about mama Judy, she LOVES the gliders! And I mean she loves them! I almost think she loves them more than us. We were with her the first time we ever saw a glider. It was at the mall in Cape. She wanted it SO bad! She's loved them for as long as I can remember.

So of course, every time we get to see her, we break the gliders out, which we did yesterday. We had a total of 6 pouches between the two of us when we went over. She held I think 2 or 3, then aunt Sharon held one. They had a blast. And all the gliders were on their best behavior.

Speaking of, Shannon sent some new pictures of our ringtail mosaic girl yesterday. She is SO pretty!! We've decided we're not naming her Josie anymore. I know, we seriously need to decide on a name for her! I can't think of anything good. Anyway, she's so pretty and I just love her face to death! She does look kind of mean in some of her pictures, but that just ads to her character.

Tracy messaged me, yesterday I believe, and gave us an update on Emma and Eliza. Apparently Eliza is the dominant female in the trio, she ended up killing Emma's joeys. :( They both had a standard and a mosaic joey. Tracy was forced to separate them. Eliza's joeys are OOP now and Tracy said she would do pictures tomorrow. Can't WAIT to see what they look like!!

Oh yeah, I was dicking around on Ebay a couple days ago and noticed that we still needed to pay for an item! I was like, "What the hell, we didn't buy anything!". Well, apparently I had bid on Season 4 of Supernatural and won it! I honestly have no memory of this. It was only like $11.50 for the season, brand new! I didn't want to spend the money, but it was kind of worth it. :)

We ordered some blank dvds a few days ago and have been burning movies for my aunt. She doesn't have an Xbox, so we can't lend her our hard drive with all our movies on it. So we finally broke down and bought some. We've been dvd making fools the past couple days.

Okay, I suppose that's all for now. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Here are the pictures of our WF Ringtail Mosaic girl:

And here are the pictures of  Simba and Nala:

He's SO cute!

Look at that partial reverse stripe!

He's such a chub.

Love her collar!

And her cute little face.


And that white tip is just to die for!

He looks so much like his dad.

And now he's getting sleepy.


Even sleepier.

And now he's zonked.

Such a cute, sleepy boy.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful sunrise from this morning:

Awesome painting like sunrise.

Spooky sky!