Sugar glider love...

For the past couple weeks, it seems like we've neglected the gliders. We've had to put off holding them in bonding pouches for over a week now - which is far too long - and we haven't taken their picture in I don't know how long! Well today is a day of change, my friends. Today we worked them over - basically making them hate us, but they still loved it.

We finally got to carry them around in our new Pillow Pouches today and it was awesome!! I seriously adore those pouches. I don't think the gliders had too many bad things to say about them, especially since the bottoms are padded. :)

While I'm on the subject of gliders... Someone else might be interested in Simba (hate that name).

The lady that was originally planning on getting them has really been screwing us over. For one, she only put a deposit down on ONE of the joeys, and that was back at the beginning of April. We haven't see one penny since then. And every time I ask her about the money, she says she doesn't have it yet. Then when I ask her about when she's planing on picking them up, she mentions the end of summer!? That's just wrong on so many levels.

So yeah, we might be adopting to someone else.

IF we do sell "Simba" to someone else, there's a 99% chance that we're going to keep "Nala" - who will have a different name. Since we're planing on getting Logan neutered before long, we're wanting to keep a joey of theirs before they have no more. Kira has a joey IP right now, but that joey is going to Tracy. And not to mention Nala is a beautiful and mellow little girl. I love her to bits.

Omg, in non-glider related news... my aunt got all of her top teeth pulled today!! She's had so many tooth related problems, she finally decided to take the plunge and get dentures. I can't imagine what the poor thing must be going through right now! :(

In duck news... Harley seems to be on the road to recovery (knock wood). His neck seems to be less sore. The reason we think that is because he's finally starting to clean himself like a normal duck! There for a while the poor little guy couldn't lean his head down to back. He also couldn't shake his head when he would be in the water. Well now, he's all over the place with his neck, lol. He also likes to stand on our legs now when he's drying off after his daily bath. And when he eats bread, he wants it WITHOUT the crust!! He's a very demanding duck. I think being inside is giving him a big head. :O)

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Please enjoy all the lovely photos below...

Love & Peace


WFB 66% Leu Het Sugar Glider

Is she not beautiful!?

Yeah, cutest WFB sugar glider ever!!

True Platinum Mosaic 50% Leu Het Sugar Glider

Just look at those eyes!

I love his little round face!

Platinum 100% Leu Het Sugar Glider

She looks so mean here, lol.

She has the prettiest platinum colors!!

WFB 100% Leu Het Sugar Glder

Sugar glider tongue!

Does he not take the prettiest pictures!?

WFB 66% Leu Het Sugar Glider

She's a doll.

Just look at that cute face!!

Standard 100% Leu Het Sugar Glider

She was being a demon.

Good thing she's cute!!

Black Beauty Sugar Glider

She is so chubby!!

She's also beautiful and SUPER dark!!

Ringtail Mosaic Sugar Glider

He is so stunning and beautiful!!

How can you not love that face!?

White Tip Mosaic

She's so beautiful.

She has the cutest face and the biggest ears!!


He'a a peach, just like his daddy.

He's seriously one of the cutest little boys in the world!!

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