I bet you thought I was done...

I've done really well the past couple days - I haven't taken the camera in the tent with me at all! I knew the photos were getting repetitive and boring, so I wanted to give it a break. Until today, that is. Well, technically these photos are from yesterday, but I really didn't feel like posting this blog at midnight after I was out of the tent. Although that would make things a lot easier for me. So yeah, gear up for some more adorable photos of the ratties.

Love & Peace


Tent Time Fun:

 The ratties love shoulders!

 And ears...

Cutest picture ever!! She's also quite possible the cutest hooded rat in the world.

Emilie enjoying her treat.

She loves yoggies.

Okay, cutest dumbo rat ever!!

Sally often licks when she wants down... it's too precious.

The moon.

Break time!

What we're left with...

I love the day after big snow/ice storms. During the storm, you can't see anything and it's usually always after dark. The day after is always so beautiful and bright! If it's sunny, that is. Luckily, it was sunny today and that allowed me to get lots and lots of beautiful pictures. Even if I did nearly freeze to death, lol. I'll be honest... there were a couple times I couldn't feel my feet. It might have helped if I didn't have Converse on with no socks, but whatever.

I think the ice covered lake was the most beautiful sight of the day. As I walked up to see it, it nearly took my breath away! It's very rare that our lake gets any ice coverage, so you can imagine my surprise. I made sure to get lots of proof!

Love & Peace


Winter Wonderland:

Snow covered trees.

The lighting here is very Northern Light-esq, lol.

Ice on barbed wire.

Our frozen lake.

The ice was slowly taking over the entire lake.

It almost reminds me of The Raft. I'll give 10 points to whoever knows what I'm talking about. 

Here's the majestic lake view.

Milla coming to greet me.

Milla leaping in excitement.

Milla chasing the neighbor's dog.

I love how beautiful the yard looks.

There's snow ALL over the trees! I don't think I've ever seen it like this before.

The chicken coop got its fair share as well. 

Sewing during a snow storm...

Since there was nothing going on today, LaVaughn and I decided to finish up the remainder of our cage sets. we already had one cut out, so we just had to cut out two more and sew! That part went fairly fast and then the sewing proceeded. I was in the middle of sewing and decided to look out the window. To my surprise, it was snowing! Not just a light dusting, we were getting hammered! I decided that I had better shut the chickens up before it got any colder. By the time I walked from the house to the chicken coop, the snow was already starting to cover the ground. I went back in a proceeded sewing.

I believe an hour or so passed before we started to wrap on sewing. While I was cleaning up, I decided to stop by the door and look out - only to find a mini blizzard outside the door! We already had 4 inches and it was still coming down! And it wasn't this hard, icy snow - it was the soft, make the best snowball ever kind of snow! Of course, I had to go outside and test it just to make sure. ;)

Of course, as normal actions go - I got pictures. It would be weird of me not to.

Love & Peace


Snow from earlier in the day:

  Snow from a few minutes ago:

And lastly, the sugar glider cage sets:

 We had LOTS of this fleece! Even enough left over for Emilie and Sally a set for their bigger cage.

 New frog set, isn't it adorable??

Same thing, this one just comes with a tunnel instead of a square hammock.

And lastly, a video: