Let me start by explaining what let up to my tooth pain...

My aunt works for this really sweet old couple nearly 3 times a week. She's know them for years, so she's really close with them. Well, here lately, their daughter has been staying with them off and on and has had her dog with her. His name is Diesel.

The girl has had him for 3 years I believe, so when she found out that her new apartment didn't allow large dogs, she was heart broken. She tried to get my aunt to take him weeks ago, but she didn't Well, she finally broke down and decided to give him a try.

Diesel is a Dogo Argentino. He has the body of a Pit Bull and a HUGE head! He's actually very pretty. The only thing is he doesn't have the cropped ears and tail like most Dogo dogs. He's had a pretty rough life He's all scarred up from getting into lots of fights, and he shows it! He's such a sweet dog and loves people. I don't know how anyone could be mean to him.

Anyways, LaVaughn and I stopped by my aunt's earlier today and got to know Diesel a little more. Well, a little while ago, we decided to go back and see him again. Like I said, he's really sweet and gets super, super excited when someone comes over. Well, just as I leaned down to rub him, he jumped up and busted me in the mouth with his gigantic head!

My mouth started throbbing and my right front tooth went numb instantly. It hurt SO bad! My aunt was really freaking out, so I was trying my best to hide the painful expression that I had on my face. And believe me, that was hard! I could have swore that he knocked my tooth out. It made such a hideous crunching sound, I don't know how it didn't!

You can imagine how relieved I was when I looked in the mirror and saw that my tooth was still in tact.As of right now, it's like freakishly numb and feels SO weird!!

Okay, I need to get off of the subject of my tooth. Work went pretty good today. Things are getting a lot easier. That's awesome! At first, I didn't think I was going to get used to ANYthing!

Since my big tooth excursion, I'm really wishing I had tomorrow off! I just hope that my tooth doesn't start throbbing after the numbness goes away. Wish me luck!

Love & Peace

Well, here's Diesel!

Such a pretty boy. :)

No, he's not in attack mode, he just stares at people like that for no reason, lol.

You spin me right round baby... (50+ pictures included!)

Omg! Possibly one of the coolest most exciting things in the world happened today... OUR WHEELS ARRIVED! All the beautiful wheels we ordered from David Watkins came! And holy crap, they're beautiful! We've never had "good" wheels, so this was a really exciting day for not only the glider, but us! I honestly think we're more excited about this than the gliders will be. We have 4 floor mounts and one cage mount. In a couple months, I'd like to order 4 cage mounts and one more floor mount. that would be awesome!

Just when I thought things couldn't get much more exciting... Annette sent us pictures of our new boys, Dustin and Drew (both yet to be named)!! Let me just say, they are stunning! I seriously haven't seen boys this pretty in a long time! Not to worry, all those pictures will be listed below. ;)

Today was such a beautiful day. Not sure why I said that, but it was. The temperature was perfect and the lighting was stunning! Made for lots of great photos!

When the chickens and ducks don't get free yard roam, we like to pick grass and throw it in the fence with them. They LOVE it! Especially the ducks, considering they usually never get free yard roam. And, of course, I got a million pictures of everyone... especially the duckies. They're getting so big and beautiful!

Aside from that, I also managed to get some pictures of the joeys today! Not just average Joe photos... outdoor photos! My favorite! Nala does really awesome. She strikes a post and holds it for as long as I need her to. Simba... he's a different story. He's constantly moving, turning his head, and running off. It's a nightmare trying to get pictures of him. I did manage to get a couple, though.

In the middle of all this, I'd look over and there would be Bart, just sitting there looking all cute. LaVaughn and I both got a million pictures of him.

In between all the picture taking, we managed to get Taylor's sets cut! Awesome! I don't know if I've mentioned this or not, but we offered to sew some sets for her for free if she just sent us the fleece. I know, we're awesome. I actually enjoy sewing, so it's not putting me out one bit!

Today was such a good day... I guess that's why I have to work tomorrow, lol. At least it's only 3 hours. Hope tomorrow goes as good as Friday did!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! The river - I believe it's called Big Creek - that we crossed yesterday on our way to Fredericktown was SO flooded! It's been a few days since the rain, so it must have been even worse!

Okay, creepy. I so don't know why I even brought that up. And on that note... it's time to go! Don't forget to check out all the awesome pictures below!!

Love & Peace


Here are our AWESOME Raptor Wheels from David Watkins of My Glider Wheels & More:

Here's Drew!! Our beyond beautiful new mosaic boy:
(yet to be named)

Here's our beyond beautiful leucistic boy, Dustin:
(yet to be named)

Here's the ducks, chickens, and Mr. Friendly:

Beautiful Welsh Harlequin Duck

Beautiful Ancona Duck

Such a radiant turkey.

Here's Nala:

One of the cutest sugar glider joeys ever!

Here's Simba:

Here's another one of the cutest sugar glider joeys ever!

The every beautiful, Bart:


Taylor's cage sets:

Random pictures from the yard:

Here's Big Creek, nice and flooded:

Troll Bridge!!