I present to you, Una Pritchett...

Since the medicine that the vet prescribed Una didn't seem to be helping much, I decided to call her up and ask if she could give her anything else -- which she told me to do in the first place. The call lasted no more than 5 minutes and ended in us receiving a prescription for Amoxicillin.

I thought someone was pulling my leg when she asked what pharmacy I used. When I told her where, she said that it was going to be called AND it was only going to be $4. That's a BIG difference from the $30 we paid for 1 ounce of eye cream. I waited around 30ish minutes, then decided to call my local pharmacy and check on, you guessed it, my cat's prescription. They were apparently receiving the fax just as I call and said it would be close to an hour.

We waited almost as long before we headed to town. I went straight to the pharmacy where I had to give my address and phone number, then it was another 10 minute wait. When it was time to pick the meds up, I did so like any other prescription -- by giving her birthday (which they labeled as 1-1-01) and her name, which she is now known by... Una Pritchett. How formal!

I couldn't help but snicker when I was being checked out, I believe the pharmacist got a kick out of it too. At least I'm not the only one that's picked my pets meds up there before, it's apparently no that uncommon!

I know this is probably boring to most, but I find it hysterical. Enjoy it, because this will probably be my last post until Wednesday, maybe Monday if I have time. The rest of my days are going to be spent working. Fun fun!

Love & Peace


Here's my cats name on her prescription.

Hey, wanna trade?

Well yesterday was long and tiresome -- as was today. I had to drive my aunt to Cape yesterday to get her staples out, fun! At least they were able to take them out, I honestly didn't think they would. She has terribly rotten luck when it comes tot things like that.

And just as I suspected, my phone arrived yesterday. Surprisingly enough, they just left it lying on the patio table -- thanks a lot guys, my neighbors dogs could have had a lot of fun with that. It was left unscathed, thankfully. I was worried that transferring my sims card would be a pain in the butt, but surprisingly enough, it was easy! I took me no time to get my new phone all set up and ready to go. Unfortunately, I didn't back up any of my stuff to iCloud, so I had to manually enter all my contacts again. Good thing I don't have many friends.

In duck news -- as much as I hate to say it, two of our drakes had to go. We had 4 drakes and 5 hens, as crass as this sounds, they were riding the hens too much and balding them. Not to mention, the two drakes that we parted with are also the aggressive of the two, which made the decision slightly easier. It all actually worked out for the best, someone contacted me about them not long after I posted and offered to trade two hens for the two boys. Since he seemed like a fellow duck lover, I agreed to the swap.

We met him in town today at the feed store to trade everyone off. I nearly cried, thank god I didn't. Can you imagine what he would have thought of me? Still, seeing OUR boys in the back of his truck nearly killed me. I'm still reeling over it, but I know it'll be for the best. Now we have 7 hens and 2 drakes. No more gang rapes, no more bullying the other boys.

I'm still sad about it.. :(

Well I guess that's all for now, until next time...

Love & Peace


Here are some pictures of my new, white iPhone 5C:

Here are our new ducks:

Isn't she pretty?

They have gorgeous faces.

And here's some random duckling cuteness:

Duckling Rising...

The ducklings got a taste of freedom today, and by freedom I mean they got to play outside for the very first time! We took Sookie's old play pen and sat it up next to their cage where they had plenty of space to run around and eat grass -- it was adorable!

As pathetic as it sounds, I took over 100 pictures of them running around and being cute. I could have taken more, but I was getting an ear full from LaVaughn, so I slowed my pace some.

Aside from the adorableness that is ducklings, we actually managed to clean the glider room today. And I'm not talking vacuuming and changing pouches, ALL the cages got wiped down with vinegar/water, got the drop trays cleaned, dirty cage sets taken out, and, of course, the floor got vacuumed. It was such a nice feeling. Now the room looks, feels, and smells awesome!

My replacement phone should be here tomorrow, of course. I have to take my aunt to Cape tomorrow so that she can get her staples out. She should have gotten them out last week, but there was some type of fluid build up and she couldn't -- poor dear. Anyways, the phone requires a signature confirmation, so more than likely I won't get it tomorrow and it'll be Thursday. Fun fun.

I guess that's all for now. The second episode of Texas Rising is on in a few and I do not want to miss it! Until next time...

Love & Peace


Half of these pictures are in the wrong order, but that's my camera's fault for creating a new folder and starting all over on the naming. So here are the ducklings (and other stuff) in no particular order:


Here's an awesome look at how cracked my phone is:

iPhone screens crack so easily. :(

Here are a few pictures of a GORGEOUS blue dragonfly:

Glider laundry!

More ducklings cuteness:

This is my boo.