Happy Halloween 2015!

Well things did NOT go as planned today. Nothing bad happened, no worries there, just nothing that we planned took place, aside from stopping by Angie's to give her kids their treat bags. Between you and me, I think their bags were a waste. Aside from Rose saying thank you, they just seemed whatever about it. We put a lot of crap in those bags and didn't really get anything back. Cody had a grocery store bag full of candy that he appeared to hide beside the recliner in the living room. It was all very odd.

They also had guests over, which made the entire thing even more awkward.

We had planned on going to Thee Abbey after for their candle lit "haunted house tour". Come to find out it wasn't haunted at all. It was JUST a tour of the place. The same tour they have all year around. The only thing that made it different was the fact that it was at night and by candle light. And did I mention that the tickets were $15 per person for less than an hour?! Yeah, no thank you! We quickly decided against it and headed to the store.

We got sidetracked in the store and started looking at Christmas decorations. You can imagine how odd we looked. We were probably the only two people in the country that were buying Christmas decorations on Halloween. We're weird like that, so it works.

We found SO many red and green things to match our theme this year. Ugh, it's so exciting! I wanted to buy one of everything, but we thought they might put different stuff out closer to Christmas. We also wanted to try out other stores, so we limited ourselves to just a handful of things. It's definitely safe to say I can't WAIT to decorate this year!

I know this is odd, but we also found holiday flavored dum dums at the store. HOLIDAY flavored! Like ginger bread and sugar cookie! How awesome is that?? I know, I'm still a child at heart that gets excited over candy, so what. Well I guess that's all for now, time to watch The Gallows!

Love & Peace



Check out all of the AWESOME Christmas decorations we scored today!

I especially love the little Santa up front.

Faith, Peace, and Hope.

Santa and a couple trees (these did not come together).

Ho ho ho train. No pun intended.

And a noel train.

Some red and green candy cane ornaments.

Holiday Dum Dums.

And lastly, Una watching The Green Inferno with me.

Until my fingers bleed...

I have cut out SO many cage sets today. I think I've done 6 now? I don't know, but that's close to 50 individual pieces, not to mention dozens upon dozens of tabs! Each item has at least 2-4 tabs, so you can imagine. O.o Now if only I had time to sew them all today. I'm aiming for Sunday, because we're planing on going out tomorrow. IF that happens, you never know about us.

Laci received her sets and pouches today. She loved them, thankfully. She's already talking to me about ordering 3 more 8 piece cage sets. I really hope she does, we could use the extra money right about now.

Have I mentioned that we're doing Christmas now? My aunt didn't really want to do anything this year because of their situation with my uncle's work. He's apparently put thousands into his truck already this year -- no fun. Well she talked to us about it Wednesday and said that she would like to if we were able. We, of course, agreed to it. After all, we did get all those awesome Christmas decorations the day after Christmas last year. We haven't done a themed tree since I was probably 10. It's so exciting to be doing one on our own this year. Well, not really on our own, but close.

I have to admit, I've been bummed for weeks now that we weren't planing on doing anything. I honestly don't care about gifts, it's the tree, decorations, and the festive feeling that you get when you're looking at all of your decorations, lights and so on that I love! But my aunt is the type of person that will not have a tree if there are no gifts under it. She won't even put up decorations, she things it's too sad and depressing. I mean, I guess I can relate, so there's never an argument about it.

So as of now, Christmas is back on!

I'm so unbelievably full right now. I made Indian fry bread for dinner, sigh... Don't get me wrong, it was delicious, it's just such a filling meal. The bread like triples in size in your stomach. I walked around outside with the cats and my aunt's dog for a while earlier and took some very odd pictures. Mainly of the cats, but some surrounding areas as well. Those will be featured below.

Love & Peace


My fleece cutting madness spread all throughout the kitchen:

The cutting station.

The uncut fleece station.

And the finished cage set station.

Pictures from around the yard:


Our coven:

Jasper is so unbelievably sweet.

Look at this bum.

So sweet.

Our black panther.

Gotta get Bart in on the action.

This girl knows how to pose for the camera.

That face! <3 p="">

Now pictures of the ducks from my phone:

Have I mentioned that our hens outweigh our drakes?

Scanner Darkly! Still such a friendly girl.

Indian fry bread, mexican style.

Soooo delicious.

Fall is in the air, as well as working...

I actually managed to cut a set out last night around midnight. I know, unbelievably weird. Well I ended up sewing it today when I got up. In an hour, I might add. Not too shabby considering I did the entire thing myself, including the Glider Bucket. LaVaughn hasn't sewn with me in for as long as I can remember. It sucks, but what are you gonna do.

I also managed to take some really, really adorable pictures of Norman today. I've been trying to use the 50mm lens more, it's just unbelievably hard. I just try to extend my arm out as far as I can to manage a clear shot. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Luckily these turned out great, especially one of them!

It's been a rather chilly evening, so I haven't done much outdoors, just a few pictures from earlier. The rest of my time has been spent indoors watching millions of movies. LaVaughn has also been downloading movies like crazy! Things like The Green Inferno and I Spit On Your Grave 3! I didn't even know a 3 was in the works. There's also The Human Centipede 3! I'm stoked, now if only our internet was faster.

I guess that's all for now. Until next time...

Love & Peace



The cage set I made today.

Norman's mini shoot:

Is this not the most perfect picture ever??

Ugh, love this boy.

My boo,

Max likes to shake.

When he's not being a d-bag.

My love.