Laying pipe...

I haven't gone to work in two weeks... can you believe it? My boss took me off the schedule this past week, which turned out to be a good idea, considering Wed. was the first day that I could actually go anywhere in the car. I work 5-9 tomorrow, which is hardly worth the drive there, but it's a nice, short shift that will allow me to get back into the flow with ease.

I took advantage of today and decided to take a MILLION pictures. Just so you know, 70% of those are of cats. You've been warned. The rest are of all the snow we got today, which was close to two inches. Quite the shocker, actually. I honestly didn't think it would amount to anything, but it did. 

It wont last long, it'll all melt off by tomorrow.

I hate that I have to work so late tomorrow, because Monday I have to drive my aunt to Cape. Her appointment is for 11:00, so we'll have to be out the door no later than 9:00. Actually we'll have to leave a little before that, so that means we'll have an 8 AM wake up call. GAG! 

I guess I'll go take advantage of what's left of my evening. Time to watch some more SOA. For those of you who don't know -- and for the ones that are just curious -- the title of my blog is episode 5.02 of SOA and is also the same episode in which my all time favorite character is murdered. Boo!

Love & Peace


Snowfall from today:

Cats and more cats:

More snow:

More cats:

And lastly, Otis:

Savoy Truffle...

I don't really feel like blogging today, but I'm going to. Things are still really sensitive when it comes to Sally. I almost made it through an entire day yesterday without crying, but I knew it was inevitable. It's still so hard to believe she's gone. Her sister, Emilie, is taking it really hard. I know you all probably think I'm crazy, but it's true. She's just lying around and looks lost. Melissa and Chelsea are both consoling her, or so it seems. They lay their heads on her and just stay close.

It's extremely hard on me to be without Sally, but imagine those 3. They've spent their entire lives with her, every day since birth basically. I can't imagine what they feel and it breaks my heart that I can't ease their pain and suffering.

Speaking of suffering, poor Pip is having tooth issues again. He's lost a significant amount of weight and can't eat well at all. His teeth are extremely sensitive to cold foods -- we've all been there before. We put him in a cage by himself for a couple days to see just how much he's eating. The first day of giving him his regular food was a big eye opener -- he didn't eat much at all! The next day I cut his food up extremely small in hopes of him being able to eat it easier. After doing that and cleaning his teeth every other day, he finally started to eat a LOT! Like almost everything.

He still needed to be checked by the vet to make sure everything was okay. Since he's been drooling a lot lately and Sadie's fur has been greasy, we decided to just get fecals while we were there as well. Luckily everything is doing well. She acknowledged that he was having some teeth issues and said that there's a good chance there's irritation that may be causing an underlying infection, so she put him on antibiotics and sent us on our way.

If this doesn't help, we'll take him back for an ex-ray and maybe a blood smear.

Love & Peace


Some pictures of the drive home. These are of Saint Francois river on C highway:

Just a sample of how cold it's been.

I like this one.

Now for the DELICIOUS cake that LaVaghn made. It's an Almond Joy cake and yes, it's just as delicious as it looks:

Here's our fancy Almond Joy cake.

I think it turned out quite pretty.

I like this picture. I think it turned out quite nice. Cake photography has never been my thing, though.