Another trip to the vet...

Hello again. Today we had to take our inside cat Zoe, to the vet. It's never very pleasant when you think one of your animals are getting sick. Well, yesterday we had noticed that she was kind of mopey and stuff. She had just been laying around and acting like she didn't feel very good. So at the time, we just thought she was tired or hot, cause it was like 500 degrees yesterday, so we didn't think much of it. Well we passed out around 3:30 in the morning and woke up about 7:45. We sat and watched TV for a bit, but we both noticed that she was still kind of tired looking. So I was like, "Do you wanna take her to the vet?" And LaVaughn was like, "Yea." And then I said "Even if she isn't sick, we could get her vaccinations." So, I called Fredericktown animal hospital and asked if they could get her in. Well, after being on hold for like 5 minutes, the lady finally said that they could get her in around 2:45. So, we were both happy about that. Then around 9:40 this morning we were both still so tired and decided to take a nap. Well we got up at 12:20, took showers and proceeded to the vet. Well we got there and thankfully, we got our favorite vet, Scott Mier. Well, he looked at her and felt of her everywhere and said that he couldn't find anything that was really wrong with her. So he gave us the option of having a urinalysis done. Cause he said that when he can't find any physical symptoms, that a lot of the time it's a UTI (urinary tract infection). So, he ran the test and figured out that that's exactially what was wrong with her. So he put her on Clavamox. One dropper full, twice a day until gone. Well we were both relieved that that's all it was. He also said that they couldn't do her vaccinations while she had an infection. So we'll have to put that off a couple weeks. Well I guess that's about it. - Megan

A new kind of clean...

Sunday when we went to the store, we found some very nice smelling Dove products. It's called Dove go fresh. They have a whole line of stuff, like: deodorant, soap, body spray and probably body wash, but not too sure. We got the grapefruit & lemongrass ones. There's another kind of smell too, but I can't think of what it was. It smelled equally as good. And the smell lasts like all day, so you don't have to keep going back and spraying more on. Well if you can, you should definitely try it. I'll put a pic below of what it all looks like... - Megan

Rating: 10/10

They come in a very nice yellow color, and also, these would make a great gift. Just get a bag or basket and put all of this with the body wash and you've got yourself a great birthday or Christmas gift.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith...

Hello again. Well Friday, LaVaughn and I picked up the GH: Aerosmith bundle for 360, and let me just say, it rocks! The song selection was amazing and the wireless Aerosmith Les Paul totally kicked ass. I played for a bit Friday night, but I was too tired to open any songs, so I called it a night. Well Saturday, I got pretty far, I think I was on song 18 of 31. The further I got the more achievements I got. But I didn't play as much as I though I would've. Well like as soon as I got up Sunday, I finished it off. I was opening up achievements left and right until... Train Kept A Rollin'. Ok, that song was hard on Rock Band, but it will totally kick your ass on GH. But the plus, I only failed once, yay me. Well, to tell you the truth, I didn't think I would beat it that soon, It took me forever to beat GH 2. But, I was so happy all day. I'm sure LaVaughn got sick of hearing me say, "Dude, guess what? I beat GH on expert!" But it was a proud moment in my life. Well I guess that's about it. So again, if you like Guitar Hero type games, go pick this one up, you'll love it. - Megan

Rating 7.5/10

In other news...

Today was my moms 36th birthday, so Happy Birthday mom! We love you...

Animal and movie update...

Just a quick little update on our animals and a really good movie. Well, after a nice long discussion, we finally decided on a suitable name for our gerbil, John Rambo. Yea, great huh? Well we thought it was an excellent choice. In other news, if you haven't seen the new Rambo you need to drop what you're doing and go get it. It was so bad ass! I would have to give it a 9/10. Ok, last but not least, we got a nice little picture of our finches for you. So here you go... - Megan

The white one is Janis and the one with color is Bobby. They're the bomb, lol.

A little bit of photography...

Every once in a while I like to take pictures of nature and stuff like that. Well not just once in a while, I like to take pictures all the time! But some of the pictures look pretty nice, if I do say so myself. Not that I'm trying to brag or anything like that. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite ones that I took today... - Megan

Nice picture of an onion plant.

Some of our cherry tomatoes that are finally growing.

Some of our regular tomatoes.

A side view of our tomato plants. I think we have 17 all together.

A bee pollinating a flower.

In this one you can see the bee flying off and a line of pollen next to it.

This was just a really nice picture I thought.

Guitar Hero: On Tour...

Ok, for those of you that don't have GH: On Tour, the game is pretty awesome, but really hard to get used to. I like to prop my hand and arm up on a pillow and play so they don't cramp up and die. And also, it's a little rough on the eyes, so I wouldn't play for like 5 hours at a time, there's a good chance you could get massive eye strain and a wicked headache. But after you play the first couple songs it gets a little better. The songlist isn't too bad either. There's a few new songs that are really great, but a few that totally suck too. So if you have a DS or DS Lite and like Guitar Hero type games then I suggest you go get yourself a copy today. - Megan

Rating: 7/10

Another addition to our furry family...

Yes, it's true. We got another animal. It's a baby gerbil. And it is oh so cute. Well LaVaughn, Jake and I all went in the pet store Saturday morning, well it's more like a feed store, but they have animals too, but anyway. We were looking around and noticed that in a cage under the fully grown gerbils, there were little tiny baby gerbils! I thought LaVaughn was gonna die. The whole time we were there she was like, "Oh my god, they are so cute, I want one!" So I went and asked one of the guys that worked there if the baby gerbils were for sale and he was like "Yeah." He also said that they had just been weened last week. So after we decided to get one, We picked out one of the cutest ones we could find, (but they were all cute) got it a new cage and left. We're still trying to decide if it's a boy or a girl. We're pretty sure it's a boy though, you can kind of tell. Well post her/his name when we think of a good one. Well that's about it. I'll post a few pics below. - Megan

He is so little and cute.

And also very fast and jumpy.

Look at how tiny it he looks in his cage.

Just a nice shot of the cage. We'll probably have to get a bigger cage when he's fully grown.

A wet-n-wild 4th, well not so wild...

Well the ever so popular 4Th of July started out with a wet and windy morning. We didn't think that it would get any better until around noon or so. Well we hadn't planned on having a big anything. Just a BBQ and like 7 people or so. Well our uncle was supposed to come around 5:00 and start cooking. Well when he didn't show up my aunt had to do all the BBQing. So me, LaVaughn, my little brother and my aunt all sat and waited on my uncle, his wife and one of their friends and their friends kid to get there. While my aunt BBQ, me, LaVaughn and Jake passed the time listening to a couple CD's I had made earlier that day. Well the rest of the people finally got there around 6:30, a little too late if you ask me. But all was well other than the fact that their friend (a closet crack head) wouldn't watch her kid at ALL. LaVaughn and I were freaking out the whole time. I mean come on, you cannot let a 1 year old run wild in the yards. Well after we all ate, they only stayed for about 5 minutes or so and then left. But right before they did, their friend came back in and had one of my aunts glasses in her hand. So I said nicely, "I'll take it for you." And she replied, "Are you sure?" And I was like "Yea.", but then she just stood there and stared at me for like 10 seconds and was like "I got it." So I just walked in the living room and tried not to laugh. Well that pretty much concludes our pretty boring 4Th. Well here are a few of my favorite pics from the day. - Megan

The drink of choice.

The wonderful cook for the evening

Some of the food we had.

My little brother, Jake.

A nice little pic of Fletcher.

A nice face shot of Sharon.

The man that should have been the cook, Jerry.

Me and Jake.

A nice little flower shot I took on the way home.

One very excited pooch. She loves us most when we've been away from here for more than an hour.

Not Pictured:

Lolita (Jerry's wife)
Kim (Jerry & Lolita's friend)
Kyle (Kim's 1 yr old son)

Our own personal pet store...

Yes it's true, we have loads of animals, 13 to be exact. 2 of the animals aren't like really ours, but we claim them. And here they are...

This is our biggest dog Milla.

This is our oldest dog, Fletcher. He's really not ours, but we claim him anyway.

This is our youngest dog, Carly.

This is Hollis, the cutest hamster in the world.

This is our rabbit Lorelai.

This is our first ferret, Juno.

This is Luda, our newest.

Not Pictured:

Zoe (our inside cat)

Gus (my aunt's cat)

Veronica (our new outside cat, she also came with a kitten)

Lilly (our other new outside cat and also Veronica's kitten)

and last but not least...

Janis & Bobby (our 2 new finches whom we haven't photographed yet)

Well I think that's about all of them, for now anyway, lol. - Megan

Our poor dog...

We have an older dog named Fletcher. He's about 9 and lives with LaVaughn's mom (my aunt). He's lived with her for the past 7 years now. The reason for that is, when we moved back in '03, the landlord said we couldn't have animals because the would mess up the yard, bla, bla, bla... Well anyway, she calls us up Saturday and says he's sick and she thinks he might have Distemper. So we went over to her house and looked at him. He didn't look very good at all. He kept walking around coughing and just acted like he didn't feel good. But at the time, none of the animal hospitals were open. So we looked up some stuff on Distemper. So to us it didn't sound like that at all. When we told her that, she felt a little better. He seemed ok for the rest of the evening and night, but then Sunday she called and told us that he wasn't doing any better. So we offered to take him to the vet for her. Well bright and early Monday morning we called the Fredericktown animal hospital and got him in around 8:20. Well I'm not gonna go into complete details of what the vet said, other than it was all good news. He confirmed that he does not have Distemper or Heartworms, yay! And while we were there we got all of his shots. The vet also gave him and antibiotic and a cough pill. So hopefully he gets better really soon or we'll have to take him back to the vet, lol. - Megan