Time for a little update...

I know I've been severely absent from this blog the past month, but for some reason I just don't have it in me. But that's no reason for pictures to get backed up, so that's mainly what this blog is about. Then that way if I want to blog about something exciting, like what happens on Tuesday, then I can.

Until then, here are some pics from the past couple weeks...

Love & Peace


Song of the day: Surrender by Cheap Trick

These are some recent pictures of Draco's joeys that Janet sent me:

John eating a strawberry:

Milla giving a pound:

Sir Robert:

The TV froze on this guys face for about 5 minutes. The screen would go black, then this face would pop back up again, lol. It was good stuff:

Big Rhonda's eggs. Yup, the lovebirds laid eggs:

This is the packaging their nest box came in:

Check out how big this bad boy is and how much they enjoy it:

And of course, the cats enjoy the box:

Some pics of Charlie:

Another mouse that the cats caught:

The gliders:

Look at those eyes:

Una under the table:

My favorite picture of Robbie:

LOADS of baby chicks that aunt Sharon got:

And some ducks:

Some more chicks:

Our new foster kittens. Aunt Sharon is keeping the one in the front, Susie. The one is the back is, Ester, the one we're fostering:

This is the chick with all the attitude. We got him from the same place we got the kittens. He's living in the bathroom for the time being:

And lastly, more kittens: