Hackers, you gotta love them...

Yesterday, we got a call from my aunt asking us if we were sending prank emails. Of course, we said no. Then she began to tell us that Judy called her saying that she got an email from us asking for money. I told her it was just some span email and to forget about it. Then last night, I tried to sign into our email, but it wouldn't let me. It gave me some error and said out account was froze for 24 hours. So we had to wait. Then, about 6:00 this morning, it finally let us in. And thanks to some hacker, all of our contacts got this:

" Hi, I'm writing this with tears in my eyes,my fam and I came down here to Wales,United Kingdom for a short vacation unfortunately we were mugged at the park of the hotel where we stayed,all cash,credit card and cell were stolen off us but luckily for us we still have our passports with us.We've been to the embassy and the Police here but they're not helping issues at all and our flight leaves in less than 8hrs from now but we're having problems settling the hotel bills and the hotel manager won't let us leave until we settle the bills,i'm freaked out at the moment. Meg"

Isn't that funny shit! Seriously, why would we be in the UK? And why would people not know that we went to the UK, lol. It's truthfully not funny, but it is too. It had poor Judy all worked up. The bad thing, after Judy emailed back, so did the hacker. And guess how much money they were asking for... $1,580. And that was just for the hotel bill, lol. No telling how much they would've asked for. Luckily, no one sent any money. More of our contacts emailed us back wondering what in the hell that was about, so we told them.

So, after waiting 12+ hours, resetting our password, and reading this piss poor excuse for money, all is back to normal. At least we have a story to tell. Love and peace...


Song of the day: Hey Man, Nice Shot by Filter

They're here!

It's official, Kira's joeys are finally here! And they are SO cute. We've been waiting so long to hold them and now we can. One is for sure a WFB (white faced blonde), his name is Dean, and the other looks like a WF (white face), his name is Sam, but not sure of the body color yet. It could be a WFB, WF, WF BB (black beauty), or just a standard. We'll know more in a couple day when their color begins to develop. Until then, enjoy the pics and look for more in the near future.

Love & Peace


Song of the day: Now I'm Here by Queen


Dean Again

Sam Again

And this is Dean and Sam together.

It's a boy!

Actually, it's two boys. We got our mommy-to-be out a couple nights ago and was lucky enough to see the sex of her joeys. And as you can see from the pictures below, they are oh so close to being OOP (out of pouch). Since this is our first joey experience, we're like uber excited about everything, so we're taking pictures almost on a daily basis, lol.

So, sit back and enjoy the pics. Love and peace...


Song of the day: So Happy Together by The Turtles


We decided to rent Gamer from Redbox last night and give it a try. All in all, it was ok. A nice take on what the future may hold, but not exactly my cup of tea. Yes, I did like seeing King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) reeking havoc across the abandoned city and kicking every ones ass, but that was pretty much my entire enjoyment of the movie. I'm not saying it was the worst movie in the world, but it was no 300. But, don't let this stop you from seeing it, everyone has different taste in movies. I think I'll give it a 7.5/10.


Song of the day: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath

Supernatural on DVD...

Hey again peeps. Just thought I'd let everyone know that we just got Supernatural season 1 in the mail yesterday. We ordered it from Amazon about a week ago with our free $10 gift card that we won. Of course, we had to pay some one it. Anyway, what we've watched of it has been pretty damn awesome. And we're only on the second disk. And to think, I used to dis this show.

Well, I guess that's all for now. I know this blog was a bit boring, but I'm bored and needed to blab. Until next time, Rock n Roll all night and party everyday. Peace...


Song of the day: Yellow Submarine by The Beatles

Just some pics...

Hey again. I didn't really have much else to blog about, so I thought I'd share some pics of the gliders. I haven't put any new ones on here in a while. And lucky for you, these we just taken a few days ago. So, sit back and enjoy the sweetness...


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Finally seeing some color...

I'm sure most of you know that our glider, Kira, is pregnant. Her joeys are getting SO big now and one even has color. They should be OOP (out of pouch) on or around the 24th. It's getting really, really close. So, sit back and enjoy pics...


Song of the day: I Just Want To Make Love To You by Foghat


Up on the chopping block today is... 9. I know this movie came out some time ago, but we were never really dying to see it. Then one day, the movie store didn't have a movie we wanted, so decided to get this an give it a try. All in all, it was pretty good. Not the best movie in the world, but not the worst either. It was way different than what I thought it would be. It's just like any other new animated film out there. This one just has the whole "end of the world" feel to it. I give it 7/10.


Song of the day: Nights In White Satin by The Moody Blues

A Perfect Getaway

This movie always looked good, but it looked even better when I found out that Timothy Olyphant was in it, lol. We finally got to rent it yesterday and watch it. As I'm sure you can tell from the previews, it's about a couple (Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich) that travels to Hawaii on their honeymoon and ends up a few people that may be murderers. I'm not going to go into too many details because the smallest thing could give it away, so I'm going to stop there. Long story short, this movie is really kick ass and I highly recommend you go rent it as soon as you can. I give it a 8.5/10.


Also... we just rented 9, so expect a review on that in the near future.


I'm sure most of you have never heard of this, that's because it kind of flew under the radar. But I noticed this movie almost every time I'd rent something from Redbox, but I never got it. Then one day, I read the plot. And to my surprise, it actually sounded good. So yesterday, we finally rented it. And it was pretty awesome. It's kind of gives you a vibe of The Stand, but it's still it's own. It's about these 4 people driving across country trying to avoid catching this virus. And to top it off, you get to see Christopher Meloni (aka: Elliot Stabler of SVU). I highly recommend this if you're a fan of The Stand and 28 Days Later type movies. It's really rather good. I give it a 8/10.


Song of the Day: Down With The Sickness by Disturbed

The Final Destination

I have to say, I was never really looking forward to seeing this, but since the movie store didn't have A Perfect Getaway, I went ahead and grabbed it. And pretty much everything I thought about this movie was true. It's just like the previous 3. The plot never changes and you can predict almost everything. It gets old. The only thing cool about this movie was Justin Welborn, the Nazi in the movie. You may know him as Kyle Grubbin from Dance of the Dead. Anyway, if you haven't seen this one, then you can just rent any of the Final Destination movies and know what's going to happen. But, some of you may actually get off on repeat plots. So, go ahead and give it a try. I give it a 6.5/10.


Song of the day: Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown) by Tenacious D

Halloween II

Since we love any and all Rob Zombie films, including his remake of Halloween, we just knew that we would like this. That's why we didn't hesitate to just buy it before we watched it. So we went to Walmart Monday night and waited on it's release. And after having the Walmart worker hand deliver it to me in another isle, we quickly hurried home to watch. And I have to say, it's pretty awesome. Naturally, Mr. Zombie put it usual grungy twist on it. Though I have to say, it doesn't trump the first one. Don't let that stop you from renting it though, it's very good. So, what are you doing still sitting there? Get your ass up and go rent it. I give it a 8/10.


Song of the day: Black Sunshine by White Zombie

Also... we rented and watched The Final Destination yesterday, so expect a review on it too!


We were lucky enough to get to watch this movie a couple nights ago. The reason we watched this was because of the obvious, it has Meat Loaf in it. And not to mention, it's one of the Masters of Horror films. It's mainly about this guy (Meat Loaf) who makes fur coats and stumbles upon the most beautiful thing in the word, Pelts (raccoon fur). Long story short, the Pelts make people go crazy because they're so beautiful and powerful. I know, that doesn't sound like your everyday cult classic, but it is worth the watch. The ending alone is worth the watch. And being that it is a Masters of Horror movie, it's only about an hour so you won't have to sit through too much. All in all, I give it a 7/10.


Song of the day: The Ocean by Led Zeppelin


Hey my peeps. Just thought I'd blog a bit more before there was 2 week gap again. So, if you're you're not jumping up and down with excitement, sit back and enjoy.

We had to go to Poplar Bluff yesterday morning and do some shit. It was so, so cold out. I thought I was going to loose my toes due to frost bite... seriously. There was so much snow still and the temp was like 3 degrees. It takes the car like 30 minutes to get warm, so by the time it started heating up, we had to stop and get gas. Anyway, we finally got there a little after 8. So, as LaVaughn was doing what she needed to do, I had to sit and wait on her. It was such a long and boring process.

After we left there, we were going to hop on over to PetsWay, but naturally, they were closed. And since they didn't open til 10, we didn't want to wait around. So we decided to come back home.

I know, this is a long boring ass post, but I had nothing else to do. But don't get too depressed, I got a couple really cool pics to show you. You'll see those at the bottom, like always.

Well, I guess that's all I have to say for now. Until next time, love, peace, and wiener grease. Peace bitches...


Song of the day: Yesterday by The Beatles

This picture is just really majestic looking. It reminds me of van Gogh's Starry Night.

If you'll look at the middle of the picture, you'll notice a perfect snowflake. It looks better in the full size. LaVaughn's snapped this while on the phone.

Reviews, as promised...

Just thought I'd review some movies while I had nothing better to do. You may be asking yourself, "When did she promise reviews?", well my dear friends, I have no idea what blog I promised reviews in. I was going through all my posts last night and found like 6 drafts. And 5 of those 6 were duplicates. But this one was on its own. It just had the list of movies and no description. Of course, I added to it a bit. So, if you think you can handle it, sit back and enjoy.

Black Water

This was a pretty good little Australian alligator movie. Naturally, it had no big release. We just saw it at the movie store one day and realised that we had never seen it, so we got it. It's about 3 people who go out on a boat in the waters of Australia and find them selves stranded at the mercy of the alligators. All in all, it's pretty good if you have nothing to watch. But, I have to say it's no Rogue. I give this a 7.5/10.

Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem

Ok, I can't really give this one a full review, as I did not finish it. But what I did watch was ok. I'm sure that all you Alien and Predator fans will like it. Whit out a doubt, you've already seen it. Being that it came out some time ago. But, I didn't watch it all, so I give it a 5/10.

Hard Candy

I know this movie got a lot of hype for being so gut wrenching on this one particular part. After all, it was on the Top 13 Scariest Movies of All Time. I think for some reason, it may be a little scarier to the boys than the girls. But I have to say, that part of the movie made me cringe too. So, if you've never seen this and you're just dying to know what part I'm talking about, then go rent it. It's a really good movie that has a lot going on. I give it a 8/10

Resident Evil: Degeneration">

Being a 10+ year Resident Evil fan, I just knew this movie would be awesome. Well, it's ok, but far from awesome. I'm so used to the actual Resident Evil movies, I was expecting a little more. And every single time It would be coming up to a fight scene, I kept thinking I had to play at the end. All in all, it was ok. I give it a 6/10.

I Love You, Beth Cooper

I'm not much on chick flicks, but this one wasn't too bad. There were a few funny parts that really stood out. So, if you're into chick flicks, you'll probably love it. And guys, if you ever want to impress your gal pal, I suggest renting this for her. She'll love you long time, lol. I give it a 7.5/10.

Star Trek

I've never ever been a Trekkie, but after this movie, I may just change my mind. I've never actually watched an episode of Star Trek, just the occasional pass by when I'm trying to find something on TV, so I can't really compare. But this movie was good. It blew G.I. Joe out of the water... way out of the water. So, if you've never rented this because you're not a Trekkie, you may want to run down to the movie store and give it a go. I give this far out number a 8/10.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Ok, I'm such a huge Transformers fan, I don't think they'll ever make one I don't like. These movies are so good from beginning to end. And usually the sequels are bunk, but this one was just as good. I give it a 8.5/10.

Jennifer's Body

As I'm sure most of you know, people hated this movie. I didn't think it was too bad, but some if it could've better. The plot was over worked. They tried way too hard to make this movie hip by using lines such as, "You're so Jello", "He's extra salty", and words like, "Shutties", "Biffs", and "Tampoonig". There's way more, but I can't remember them all. So, use your own judgment on this one. I give it a 7/10.

Warriors of Terra

Oh man, I really wish we had our $5 back. This movie looked bad from the second it started to when we turned it off. Which was like 30 minutes into the movie. Again, I can't give it a full rating cause we didn't finish it. So I give what we seen a 1.5/10. Yeah, it was that bad.

Paranormal Activity

And to finish off the list, Paranormal Activity. For some reason, this movie terrifies people. No clue why, I thought it sucked. There was only like 2 parts that were remotely scary. And that's not including the very end either (which I think sucked). It's still showing previews of people in the theater supposedly watching this and freaking out. Personally, I think that they were watching something else to make this movie seem scary. Or the people in the theater are just trying to be cute. Ugh, I hate the actors in this movie too. If they wanted to make it believe able, they should've got people that can actually act scared. I could go on for hours about how much I dislike this movie, but I'm going to stop here. I give it a 2.5/10.

Well, I guess that's enough for now. Hopefully that gets you up to date on all the movies we've watched lately. Hope you enjoy! Peace...


Song of the day: God Gave Rock & Roll to You by Kiss

Don't forget to click the name of the movie for the trailer!

The past week...

Hey everyone. I know, it's been forever and a day since I've blogged, but I'm here now. I've been kind of busy the past week and every time I get time to blog, I'm doing something else. So, here's a review of the past week... and then some.

Hmm, where to start... well last week (Monday night) we decided to go to Poplar Bluff and dick around for a little while. So, on the way up there we decided to take a different route than what we usually do. After we drove about 16 miles or so, we figured we were going the wrong way. Long story short, we ended up in Carter county. No clue where that is, but we turned around and made our way there in one piece. Despite driving around in Texas Chainsaw Massacre territory. By the time we got to PB it was past 11:00, so there was no going to Hastings. So we had to blow that off and go to Walmart. And since it was so close to midnight, we decided to wait on the release of... Jennifer's Body. We got that and one other movie called, Warriors of Terra. Oh man, that movie is so bad. It's description made it sound 10 times better than it actually was. Luckily, it was only $5.

What else... we ordered a Sandy Insert (thing to keep the gliders nails trimmed) and some Yogurt Drops for the gliders the other day. We should be getting that tomorrow or the next day. And speaking of gliders, Kira's babies are getting huge! They should be OOP this month around the 24th. We're really looking forward to that.

And I guess that brings us to today. The other stuff in between is just boring, so I'll spare you. We just got back from Fredericktown a little bit ago. We had to go to the market and pick up a few things. When we went in it appeared to be a normal night, then by the time we came out, it was snowing like crazy.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Hopefully next time I'll have something more interesting to blog about. Until then, you know what to do and where to find me. Peace...


Song of the day: L.A. Woman by The Doors