The sun also rises...

A glider friend of ours, Sarah of Sarah's Suggie Shoppe, contacted us a little while ago and asked if we had any pre-made sets available. I told her no, but we were getting ready to cut some fleece, so we could have. Well long story short, she ended up wanting a $30 set. She seemed a little hesitant at first, so I began to offer a trade. Six of her awesome ball pits for the cage set. She was MORE than willing to trade.

So yes, we're finally doing a trade for some of Sarah's toys! Woop woop! We got her set sewn up today and ready to ship out tomorrow!

Aside from managing a trade and getting the set sewn up, we also managed to cut out 10 pouches for the other lady that ordered them! Awesome! We also found enough fleece to do Hannah's 7 jumbo pouches later in the week. Now we just need to actually get around and sew them, lol.

Had I even mentioned that Hannah wanted to order 7 jumbo pouches? Well she does! This is the first time she's ordered anything from us, so I'm pretty excited. Hannah and I are good buds, so I hope she likes them!

We also held the glider today, like we always do, but today we decided to take them by our aunt's house for a little visit. They all did so good, and, of course, were the center of attention. Kira probably did the best, she got out of the pouch and jumped for everyone! Only from me or LaVaughn to my uncle. She was great.

Well, tomorrow is my last day, then I have 3 days of freedom! I can't wait! McDonald's will kill you if you stay there for too long. I don't know how some of those people work for 10 days straight without going on a murderous rampage! Seriously, I would kill someone.

You remember me saying all the crap about GTA V and that we were going to sell it on Ebay? Well, we did! It was a bittersweet goodbye, but I know it was for the best. Part of me wanted to keep it just to keep it, but then the part of me that knew I would never really get into playing it wanted to sell it. So it was a win/win I suppose.

We also went through our old DVDs a while back and ended up giving close to 100 to our aunt and uncle. The remaining almost 300 movies and a couple TV shows we decided to sell on Ebay. Well believe it or not, we actually sold them for $133! Downside... the dickhead that bought them hasn't paid and isn't showing any sign of paying. Figures. I guess we'll have to start a dispute or something.

Speaking of Ebay, we were able to find the 4th season of The Vampire Diaries -- yes, we're obsessed -- for a really good price, so we bought it! We also bought our first Harry Potter memorabilia ever!! Like not just little cheap wands, this is licensed stuff! I can't go into details right now, considering these things are for something later down the road. So you're just going to have to use your imagination!

Okay, I believe that's all for now. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Cute little Kyro:

Seamus being a bat glider:

All the pouches we cut out:

And lastly, Sarah's cage set:

The final before the 9. And a little GTA V criticism...

Wow, I really hate that blog title. Here we go again, more bitching about blog titles! At least this one actually works with what I have to blog about, sewing and work! See, I'm not that crazy... at least not today. Wink, wink.

Anyways, since we sold the other lime zebra set (thankfully!), we had to sew it up today. It was actually a very easy sewing day, it was only a 6 piece set, after all. We still have our 10 pouch order to do, but I told the lady that we would work on that Monday, considering I have to work all weekend.

Which brings me to my next topic... work! I'm scheduled for a 9 hour shift tomorrow! Yes, 9 hours!! And the joy of working at McDonald's, you only get one 30 minute break the entire time. And considering I'll have to take my break earlier, I'll still be working for at least 5 hours straight. If you've never worked in fast food, then there's no way you can relate. Well, I mean I guess there is, depending on what you do. It's just a bitch to stand on your feet ALL day long without any relief. If my feet are really in pain, I make frequent trips to the bathroom just so I can sit and rest for a minute. If we're busy, that's not even an option.

And to top off my 9 hour shift, I'm probably going to be stuck closing the lobby... like always. Only one time have I got out of closing the lobby. I just have a feeling that it wont happen again, so I'm most definitely not looking forward to that.

Okay, end rant.

Did I mention that we won the first 3 seasons of The Vampire Diaries on Ebay for like freaky cheap? Well we did and we got them today! Super duper exciting!!

In Grand Theft Auto V news... I'm just not that into it. Seriously, that game is NOT what I expected! There was such a big build up and hype about it, I figured it would be earth shatteringly(?) awesome! Well, they lied! I expected so much more from this game! Here's a short list of what I find wrong with the game:

1) It's not the San Andreas map that we all know and love. Yes, the town is called San Andreas, but the map is entirely different! Instead of being 3 separate (large) cities on the original SA, it's just one this time!! And not to mention, it's all on the same continant. And the city itself isn't even that big! BIG let down when it comes to the map.

2) You remember how much fun it was to go into a Burger Shot? Well you can kiss those days goodbye! Not only can you not going into restaurants anymore, but you can't go in anywhere anymore! No banks, no casinos, no nothing! I mean yes, you can go into clothing stores and things like that, but where's the fun in that? I miss the good old days of making my guys go into a restaurant and making them puke! They definitely screwed up with this one.

3) The characters. I mean, there's nothing wrong with the characters, they're fine, but the switching between the 3 just gets confusing and frustrating. You have to worry about each one having money, good cloths, and of course, properties, but it just not what it's cracked up to be. I like having to worry about the welfare of one guy, not 3! This is definitely one of my least favorite features.

4) Another thing that sucks about this game... getting caught by the cops! Cause once you do, you're screwed. This time, they have little radars that shoot out of their faces -- not the cops themselves, the cars -- and can find you so much easier. Definitely not a perk.

5) The lack of things to do is really depressing. Yes you can do missions and things like that, but there's only so much you can actually do. Aside from killing and robbing people, of course. They've introduced things like yoga this time, but who wants to do that?

I don't know, I'm just really disappointed with this game. I really regret dishing out the $65 for it. I guess that's why we're going to sell it on eBay later tonight. Part of me doesn't want to, but part of me wants the money back. To me, it's just not worth $65. After it's been out for a few months and the price drops, then maybe we can buy it again, but what's the point of having a $60 game sitting around if we're not going to play it? I really hope Rockstar fixes what they left out on their next GTA installment.

Okay, I believed I've bitched enough for today. Until next time...

Love & Peace

The first 3 seasons of The Vampire Diaries:

Seamus being adorable, and also statuesque on my aunts arm:

Chubby little Hadley:

And lastly, the cage set:

Down and out in Poplar Bluff...

As I stated in the blog before this one, we had to do lots of Christmas shopping today! Well, not lots, but a fair amount. Unfortunately, since people I know read this blog, I can't go into details. Not to worry, I'll tell you everything we got the day after Christmas. That's not too bad, only 3 months away!

Omg... Christmas is 3 months away!! O.o

Anyway! We hit up Petsway first, of course. We actually didn't stay in there too long, I got too depressed looking at all the little mice and rats that they had. And of course, they had a rat that had babies. I'm sure they sold them as well. It makes me sick. I don't even think we stayed in there 5 minutes!

After that, we headed to Hastings, a place that used to be our home away from home. I was actually shocked when we walked in... it looks SO different. I mean, it still has the same feel and smell, but everything is so cluttered and just all over the place! They've moved everything around and added like a million more items. We walked around in there for probably 30 minutes looking for zombie books and a couple movies, which they didn't have. They had a couple zombie books, but they were so stupid!

Then we got hung up on The Walking Dead memorabilia. Yeah, bad place for us to be! They had two really, really awesome throws that we both fell in love with. Wanna know how much they were... $25!!!! WTF!? Then they had a set of 4 Walking Dead glasses that had zombies on them. Equally as awesome as the throws. Wanna know how much they were... $25!! They must really value their movie and TV show memorabilia!

After that, we headed to Walmart where we did the bulk of our shopping. I'm not going to bore you with talk of Walmart. That pace is something else!

We ended our journey at none other than Taco Bell. A place we haven't eaten at for over 2 years! Can you believe it? And yes, we FINALLY got to try a Doritos Locos Taco. My conclusion... they're awesome! I can't wait until we can go back and get another, lol. I'm so pathetic.

Well, I suppose that's all for now. I'm exhausted and want to sit somewhere for a long time. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Sam A. Baker park:

Almost to PB...


Hastings, obviously...

Oh happy day!!

Okay, I would like to start off by saying... CHLOE HAS TWO JOEYS IP!!! Omg, you have no idea how excited and happy I am!! I thought I was going to die when I was putting her in a bonding pouch and noticed two little bumps! When I felt of her belly -- very gently, I might add -- I felt them! Not long after than she ripped her pouch open and started licking away. That pretty much confirmed it!

Alright, I believe I'm calm now, lol. I honestly can't get over the excitement! Anyways, LaVaughn and I sewed up one of the lime green sets today. It actually turned out really good! The color combo, I mean. It's so bright and vibrant! Makes me not want to sell it, lol.

Anyways, we cut out two identical sets and, as I said above, sewed one up. Well, I advertised it on all the sugar glider group pages and within 5 minutes, a previous buyer bought it! I couldn't believe it! Talk about awesome! Then by the time we got back from town, a girl that we had been talking to about cage sets wanted to buy the other one! I love when that happens, makes me so happy we can sew! Not to mention the extra money is just awesome! It helps support all our animals, lol.

The second chick that bought the green set is also wanting to order a large amount of pouches. She said that she saw where someone sold 8 for $35. We told her our deal, buy 10 or more and get them for $4 a piece, but we also told her that we would give her the $35 price. She decided to go the 10 pouch route and get 2 more for only $5 more. So that'll be something fin for us to work on next!

Unfortunately, we can't sew anything tomorrow because we have to do lots of Christmas shopping in Poplar Bluff. I really can't go into details, but that's what the plans for tomorrow are.

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Until next time...

Love & Peace

Here it is:

I'm on the outside...

Well today was a fairly productive day. We didn't sew anything, but we did manage to cut two sets out of the awesome lime green zebra fleece! Man that stuff is bright! Seriously, if I look at it for too long, I go cross eyed, lol. Now I just hope it sells. Fingers crossed!

Aside from that, I FINALLY managed to get some new pictures of the joeys!! It's long overdue, believe me. I needed to take their pictures days ago! Since I didn't get around to it until the sun was set, I had to use the flash. Which, of course, made the pictures look like they were taking in the middle of the night. Go figured, lol. Oh well, a picture is a picture.

After that, we went to town and picked up a couple things and even managed to see a coyote on the way there! Good day, lol! And now I'm rambling because I have nothing exciting to blog about. I think I just need to stop while I'm ahead. Lets just make this blog a photo blog!

Until next time...

Love & Peace


Pretty miss Hadley:

The ever adorable, Seamus:

Too cute for words, Kyro:

The coyote:

Charli being a bat glider:

Cas playing in his toy: