It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I'm really starting to feel the Christmas spirit. Not only did we get the tree up, but we also decorated like 60% of the house. It's SO jolly around the house, almost too jolly. I think listening to Christmas music while decorating the tree was a little too much, but it was fun.

We're going to leave the tree up overnight to make sure it doesn't spark, leak, fall over, catching on fire... you know, the usual precautions you take when putting up a tree. After our house nearly catching on fire last year, we're not taking any chances. That's why there are no presents under the tree. It would suck if the tree leaked and ruined everything.

It looks really nice like it is, but it's very homely without anything under it. We're probably going to put everything under it tomorrow before I go to work.

I know this is kind of short, but sharing the tree is mainly all I wanted to do. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Pictures from today:

Love these two.

Look at those eyes!

Check out them awesome nails!

Jasper looks so scared.

Getting a little help from the aunt and uncle to set up the tree:

They love hay.

So pretty.

All set up and waiting for decorations.

The ornaments.

Lights and balls!

This is my favorite ball.

The finished product.

I think we did a swell job.

And now for a couple phone pictures:

All my glorious ducks!

And the new baby chicks.

The black Friday (or Thursday) aftershock...

Believe it or not, we survived Black Friday! I hate to admit it, but I actually had a great time this year. It helped that we had extra money to spend, but it wasn't even close to being as stressed out as I was last year.

We got every single thing we wanted this year, minus my aunt's laptop, TWD season 4, and Supernatural season 9. Other than that, we made bank. We even picked up a couple things for my aunt and uncle. She wanted the Rachel Ray pan set and he wanted the air compressor, both of which they had. We got our 1TB Toshiba hard drive, LOADS of movies and TV shows, a flash drive, a couple additional Christmas presents, and 3 tablets!

Since we weren't able to get out aunt the laptop, we decided to go with a juiced up tablet. It's a Nextbook with 32 GB with Windows 8.1... total score! We also got a couple RCA tablets, both of which fell into the 1 Hour Guarantee category. We had to register them online so that they can be shipped to Piedmont Walmart.

We got all the 6 PM things first, then took all that loot out to the car. This happened just before 8, then right at 8 we went back inside for round two. People were thinning out by then and it was much more enjoyable.

It was just an awesome haul. I'm very thankful we were able to get so much!

Speaking of being thankful, Thanksgiving dinner came and went without a hinge. We ate far too early, but we had to get all of that done before 4 so that we could get ready and go on into town and get a parking spot. Ironically enough, we parked in almost the exact same spot as we did last year.

We actually just got back from town a little while ago. We didn't really get anymore Black Friday things, just a few more movies, some nail polish (Covergirl Outlast, love it!), and cat food.

We're getting our tree tomorrow -- so excited I can hardly contain myself! I LOVE decorating for Christmas, but putting the presents under the tree is the real kicker. I wanted to wrap all our loot from yesterday today, but I just don't feel like it, so I'll put it off until tomorrow.

I believe that's all for now. Just wanted to give a little incite as to what took place yesterday and today. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and lucked out on some Black Friday shopping!

Love & Peace


One of the few pictures I took on Thanksgiving:

We also picked up some GORGEOUS wrapping paper yesterday.

Now pictures from my phone:

Una is so inappropriate.

As is Zoe.

The Black Friday madness at Walmart:

Some of our loot from round one:

Shadow of Mordor!!!!!!!

Una was  completely tucked under the cover.

Some pictures of baby Zac:

He's as cute as a button.

And lastly, nail polish testing from earlier today. I got the thumb and the pinkie.