Negan is coming...

Just thought I would check in, considering I haven't blogged in a few days, yet again. It's been a slow month, aside from new joeys, work, and sewing. Who honestly want's to hear about that over and over again?

I've been sewing every day that I can. I sewed Thursday, but took a break from it yesterday, which was nice. I haven't sewn today either, but I do plan on cutting out a set to hopefully sew Monday.

I have to work 1-7 tomorrow. I'm working 1-7 every day that I work this week, which I love. I adore getting out early. I'm sure that won't be the case next Sunday -- it's Superbowl Sunday! I'll for sure be working until 9.. Yuck!

Our TPM and BB girl are both still available. We've gotten absolutely no hits on him, it's so weird. I haven't advertised her yet, so hopefully someone will want to welcome her into their home when I do. I'm thinking of coming down on Dale's price. I think the $1200 is just too much, even though Julia sold one at that price. I think I'll lower his price to $900 next week.

Speaking of joeys, I got a glimpse of Charli's joey -- it's a gorgeous ringtail boy! Her last boy didn't make it, so I'm super stressing about this one already.

Volumes 13-17 of The Walking Dead arrived today, as well as the rest of our fleece from I'm SO excited about my comics, though. I can't wait to dig into them and get to Negan! So pumped!

Well I suppose that's all for now. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Pics from the last few days:

The set from Thursday.

I am in love with this gorgeous cat.

Dale has my heart.

My walking dead comics!!!

Yay! Can't wait to start sewing!!

Random pictures from today:

Playing dice for Q-Tips...

What a busy few days it's been! I guess that's why it's been so long since my last post -- 1 week tomorrow! So, I left you with Norman and his penis issues. Well thankfully, things are finally starting to look up (knock wood), The color has practically returned to normal and it's retracted by 80%. We've been keeping him very lubricated with Vetericyn and KY Jelly.

He's been living alone for a week now, which is heartbreaking. After he started to heal, he starting crying for his family. He's 4 months old, but such a baby in some ways still. Once he's 100% recovered from this, we're going to introduce him to Ginny. They will (hopefully) make the cutest couple!

Speaking of gliders, I'm going to give you a rundown on all the happenings with all the mamas and their babies. Ellie is FINALLY starting to show, quite a bit, actually. Charli is fairly huge and was evening singing a couple days ago. Chloe's babies are huge and fluffy and so sweet. Jim has a home lined up, but Dale is still available. Kira's little girl is so cute, but she's a little punk. I'll probably create an ad for her later this week.

In cat news, Toby is still missing. Have I even mentioned that he's been gone for 2 weeks now? Bart disappeared for over 3 weeks, so I'm still holding out hope for Toby. Mason and Jasper have been MIA for the past 2 days now, but Mason showed up today, thankfully. Cersei and Bart hang around the house almost all the time, which is great. I just wish the boys would stop running off. As much as I don't want to admit it, I think Bart is chasing them off and fighting them.

So, aside from animals, not too much as been going on. I've been working and sewing, that's pretty much it. I worked Saturday for just over 3 hours -- not that I'm complaining. Sunday I sewed a cage set, vacuumed the house, vacuumed the glider room, cleaned drop trays, did laundry, and cleaned the rat cage. Busy day! Monday I had to drive my aunt to Cape so that she could get an injection in her back... Not fun! We left the house just before noon and didn't get home until almost 8.

I was so aggravated at myself. I completely forgot to get the Redbox game and movie that we rented, so as soon as we got home, LaVaughn and I had to turn around and go straight into Piedmont before 9 that night. This was after we shut the chickens and ducks up, fed the cats, dogs, and put the groceries away. I also had to feed the gliders when we got back from Piedmont just before 9. I was so exhausted! I also had to work the following day, which completely sucked. It didn't help that we were super busy -- you have no idea how sore I am from running all over the place at work.

Today I've been semi chill. I cut out a cage set last night. Oh yeah, let me break here for a second and tell you about the fleece that arrived in the mail. I ordered fleece from Hancock last week and it arrived Monday, but they were out of 3 different things that we ordered, so I had to order fillers from which won't  be here until Saturday. Sigh...

Anyways, I had one that was paired up, so I cut that out last night and sewed it up today. A lady that ordered a cage set from me last week and paid via money transfer (at Walmart) commented on the set I posted a little while ago and then she sent me a message. She told me that she loved it and wanted it, but she didn't get paid for a few days. I could tell how much she wanted it, so I told her I had no problems holding it for her.

I hate that the rest of our fleece won't be here for a few more days. I badly want to cut more and sew.

Hmm... what else. Monday while we were waiting on my aunt, we decided to do some much needed grocery shopping. We loaded up on Morning Start and Cinnabon coffee creamer while we were there. After that we headed to Hastings where we walked around and ended up scoring Clay and Gemma POP! Funko's to complete our Sons Of Anarchy collection. Yay!

They had a "Buy One Get One For 50% Off" sale on their POP! Funko toys, but we thought they were all 50% off, so we had like 9 of them -- 7 being Walking Dead ones. It didn't take us long to put them all back once we figured out what the sale really was, haha. Oh well, maybe next time. :)

Well I guess that's all for now. There will be lots of cute joey pictures at the bottom that I took today. Hope you enjoy...

Love & Peace


Pics from the past few days:

Cage set from last week - love this print.

New Clay and Gemma POP! Funko collectibles!

The fleece that arrived Monday.


Cage set from today - love this one!

New joey pics!