Why are we SO excited??

Cause we got After Dark Horrorfest 4 last night!! That's right, we got it.

We were bored around 5ish yesterday evening and decided to hit up Poplar Bluff to see what kind of trouble we could get ourselves into. When we got there we hit up PetsWay. They still had those t-tiny little rabbits for sale, but we didn't feel like dropping $20 on one, so we left.

Then we get to Hasting's and end up going to the store next door, Orschelns, to see if they had any cages that were cheaper. So we get in there, walk back to the pet section and see this... baby rabbits for $12! We couldn't believe it. We stood there for about 15 minutes holding them and trying to decided which one we wanted. But believe it or not, we DID NOT get one. We were so proud of ourselves.

Then... we get to Hasting's. We went over to the gaming section a looked around for a while and ended up carrying Army of Two around, just in case we wanted it. We eventually wandered back to the horror section, like always, where we found them... all but one of After Dark Horrorfest 4 for the low, low price of $7.99 each! We were snatching them up like hot cakes, man. The only one they didn't have for that price was, Dread. So we had to buy it for $16.99, which sucked. Anyway, we got them and we're SO happy about it.

That's pretty much all I have to say for now. I may or may not do a review on all of them after we watch them, so don't hold your breath. Until then, we have some movies to watch. Peace...


Song of the day: Unforgiven 2 by Metallica

Guess who's rolling in style now?

I got a call from my lovely aunt and uncle yesterday asking about computers and what not. Of course, I filled them in and gave them the best information to my knowledge. They said they were getting a new monitor for their older computer (with Windows XP) and would get the rest later on. I said cool and told them I would get everything going for them when they got home. Around 7:30 (I think) I decided to go on over to their house to see if they had made it back yet. And they did, but it wasn't just a monitor they were sporting. It was an entirely new computer with Windows 7 and all the trimmings. It's so awesome and I'm uber happy for them. Now, all they have to do is get DSL (which comes Tuesday) and they'll be ready to roll.

That's pretty much it. Until next time, peace...


Song of the day: Love Her Madly by The Doors

Check out this bad boy... very nice.

I formally introduce, Evan & Jonah...

Who are Evan and Jonah you ask? No, they're not two entirely new rats, they're our old ones, Gavin and Reed. We changed their name within a week of having them, I just forgot to mention it. So, here are our slightly larger rats, Evan and Jonah...


Song of the day: Let Me Put My Love Into You by AC/DC

We went to the feed/pet store earlier and got a video of the feral ferrets they have. It's pretty good stuff, so hopefully I'll remember to upload it in the next day or two.

This is Jonah.

And this is Evan.

See how big they are?

Guess where we were today?

That's right, we decided to hit up the pet stores yet again. Except this time, I remembered to grab the camera so we could share our joyous experience with everyone. We did our usualy run of Pets R Us and PetsWay. All in all, it was a nice turn out.

Until next time, peace...


Song of the day: Time by Pink Floyd

Here are the 35+ pictures from today.

~Pets R Us~


That's what I'm talking about...

Our awesome, awesome glider lady sent us some more pictures of our future baby yesterday. He's getting so big and so gorgeous. He has such a pretty face, it's awesome. We're so stoked about getting him, only about a month to go.

That's pretty much all I have to say. Until next time, peace...


Song of the day: No One Like You by Scorpions

~Here's Grayson~

So close...

We've been having some major close calls the past couple days. It all started yesterday at Pets R Us. We walked by the kitten display and there was this one little kitten that just loved LaVaughn so much, it had to follow her every move. She started saying how much she loved and wanted it, so we decided to ask about it. The only way we were going to turn it down was if it was a boy. And of course, it was. I felt bad for LaVaugh, but we got over it. Then we walked by the puppy display and saw this unbelievably adorable German Shepherd puppy. We wanted it so bad, but the price tag was $500, so we had to pass.

Then we get to PetsWay and see these awesomely awesome mini rabbits that we wanted so bad. We were really, really close to grabbing one, but decided to back out. Cause it would've cost us $70+ to get a rabbit, a cage and some food. It just wasn't worth it.

And today, we saw these 3 adorable little ferrets at the feed/pet store in Piedmont. I wanted one so bad, I thought I was going to die. Not literally of course. But again, we refrained.

I don't know why we're wanting something so bad, I guess it's just that time of the month. Not all is bad, we're getting Grayson next month. That should satisfy our needs. Peace...


Song of the day: Road to Nowhere by Ozzy Osbourne

Finally made it back...

Today was a big ol' day for us. We haven't just gone to PB to look around in forever. We didn't really get much, but it was still fun.

We got in the weird habit where we drive through the State Park and then take 49 (?) to 67. Well, after we got on 67, Milla started moving around in the back of the car and crying. That usually means she has to go to the bathroom. So we pulled over and I got her out. After she finished, I walked her back to the car and started to get in, but LaVaughn told me there was a huge butterfly behind me. So I turned around, saw how big it was and went over to it. Well, it ended up being a huge Luna Moth. After I saw how big it was, I ran back to the car and grabbed the camera. I took a bunch and then LaVaughn wanted to get in on the action. So, we ended up with 100+ pictures and a 16 second video of a moth. It was pretty awesome though.

Anyway, that's pretty much the only exciting part of the day. If I think of anything I left out, I'll add it tomorrow. Peace...