There's always something when you live on a farm...

After we got all the critters fed Saturday night, it was time to shut the chickens up. We keep the ducklings pinned up in the back of the chicken coop where they have access to their little pond of water. We trotted around back, peas in hand for their usual late night snack. To our surprise, Jon had a terrible cut on his bill! Not just any cut, a rather large cut and a huge, swollen lump.

Of course, we snatched him up and put him in a cage by himself in the house. Upon further investigation of his bill, it appears that he snagged it on some wire, only hooking himself more as he tried to free himself. Thus leaving it scraped and tore.

He's stable as of now, his bill is clean, and he's tucked away safe in the garage where he gets medicated twice a day. I don't think there's any need for him to be taken to the vet -- unless he gets progressively worse. We have Vetericyn, which is a miracle spray! I don't ever want to not have that on hand.

The anticipation of the 4th is really starting to get to me. But come on, it's only FOUR days away!! Since we have so many people coming down -- we're up to 6 now -- we're going to split our festivities into not one, but two days. Friday (the 4th) is mainly going to be a big family-ish BBQ with a few fireworks. Saturday is our big to do, which is what I'm looking forward to.

Not only will we be BBQing yet again, but we'll be setting off ALL our fireworks that night... all of them! We're also going to have a humongous bonfire, music, drinking, S'mores!! There are many good times to be had, my friends. I hope everyone has a blast this 4th, it's been too long.

All three of the kittens have some type of URI going on, which sucks and is not fun for anyone involved. Not only are the poor kittens miserable, but we have to worry about them potentially infecting the other outside cats. I call the vet a little while ago and explained the situation. Because she's so awesome and knows that we have so many kittens, she agreed to just perscribe them in some meds, which we'll be picking up Wed.

I completely forgot to ask if she had time to neuter Declan and Neal that day. It's either then or Thurs., because they wont be there Friday -- it's not like we would want to have neuters done that day anyways -- so I need to remember to call tomorrow and see if she has time.

I'm SO nervous to get these two neutered!! It's a must, though, they're getting far too old to be housed with a female nearing the age of maturity. I definitely don't want either of them fighting over her, I'm sure she would agree.

I know I'm missing a key subject in this blog. OH! I remember, we got our fleece today! It's a print that the lady picked out, but we matched the solids. The remaining fleece will be used for a rattie cage set, which I'm ecstatic about! I'm hoping we have enough to make doubles of everything -- the rats are so bad to chew and gnaw on their cage set items... it's frustrating. So there's another task for Wed., along with a dive to Fredericktown, neuters, stopping by the grocery store, grabbing a couple last minute fireworks, cleaning the glider cages, AND trimming everyone's nails. Yeah.. it's going to be a rough day.

Until then, I suppose I should try to rest up. I have a long day of work tomorrow, then an evening longer day of running errands. At least I'm off for a couple days after that.

Love & Peace


Here's our poor mangled duck:

The fleece that arrived today:

And lastly, Toby and his ever funny sleeping patterns:

A journey home...

Well we made it back from our journey to Festus in one piece! I feel like I've been rode hard and put away wet at the moment, but I'm hoping some coffee will soon fix that. It still amazes me how much a drive can take away from you. I seriously feel like I just worked a 12 hour shift on 3 hours of sleep.

Poor Lynsie had to drive on down to Festus from STL (where she was shipping 7 gliders of her own) because a flight she was waiting on with a glider she was getting got delayed from 11:45 AM to 6:30 PM! I felt so bad for her! So even after we met her at 1, she still had over 5 hours to wait. Not to mention a 3 hour drive back home... I feel for her.

LaVaughn and I stood in the parking lot and talked to her for a good 10 minutes before we parted ways. She held Kili (now Mischief) the whole time, then handed us our toys and we were on our way.

Not before making a quick run into Joann's, of course. Unfortunaly, there wasn't really anything worth buying. I mean, there's ALWAYS something worth buying, but nothing that stood out enough to drop money on. All of their fleece was on sale for $5.99 a yard, which is pretty cheap, but they have better. We did end up getting some pink flannel for our Critter Nation cage -- liners, that is. We also grabbed a bottle of coconut lotion, then we were on our way.

I think we must have passed 50 different fireworks stands on the way home, 40 of which I wanted to stop at, none of which I did... sad face. We'll probably end up going back to Fredericktown to pick up a few last minute things before Friday.

I sure hope Kili is being a good boy for her. I can't help but worry if they're going to be little crabby dicks or not. She said he had calmed down -- he was crabbing in the mall a lot -- so that's good. I hope he really settles down by the time she gets home so that she can play with him.

Now we only have 3 more to part with. I'm sad to see them go, but I'll be glad when it's done. These 4 joeys are all over the place, it's exhausting.

Speaking of joeys, Chloe has one, possibly two joeys IP. I know she for sure has one, because I felt and saw it. I'm pretty sure I felt one above it a little, but I'm not 100%. Only time will tell.

Well, I'm freaking exhausted and still have loads of things to do before I can call it a day. Until next time...

Love & Peace


All our awesome sugar glider toys from Lynsie at Lucky You Gliders:

Chow time for the kitties:

The duckies:

And lastly, the flannel we picked up for the ratties:

Keep playing 'til I shoot through, blue...

Tomorrow is the day that we meet Lynsie in Festus with her little man, Mischief (formerly Kili). I'm going to miss him, but I'm also excited to see him go and give Kira and Logan a break. They're a family of 5 at the moment, with 2 more on the way. Fili (now Tenacious) wont be leaving until the middle of July, so we still have some time for him.

Lestat will be getting neutered in the next could weeks, then we'll meet his new mama in Illinois after he's all healed up. Lucian will most likely be shipped the same day as Fili, just to kill two birds with one stone. Maybe we can luck out and get those two shipped off the same day we meet up with Lestat's mom. That would be 3 birds at once!! One can always hope.

I'm hoping there are some good deals to be had at Joann's tomorrow. We desperately need new fleece! The 4 yards we have now are pretty much all going to Laci, which is fine by me, but we still need more for pre-mades. Speaking of, we sold our first cage set that we have in forever last week! AND it was for $70! Of course, $20 of it went towards fleece, but it's still a pretty good profit.

I've been working a lot lately (minus this week), so I haven't been spending too much time interacting with the duckling, who aren't really even ducklings anymore. I feel like yesterday was the first time I had seem them in months! They're all so big and beautiful. Of course, they've always been beautiful, but they've really come into their own now. All of their adult feathers are in and they've tripled in size, I love it. It's so funny, but I actually think we have all girls -- which is more than fine with me! But, of course, we named them all after male characters on GOT. Go figure! More than likely we'll just keep their names as is, or transition to female characters on GOT.

Speaking of ducks! A lady that I spoke to a few weeks ago about her Welshies, Saxonies, and geese is going to be in Farmington tomorrow. I know, exciting right? Wrong!! She'll be there around 7 in the AM and then is planing on leaving at like 10:30 AM! We wont even be awake by then! We probably wont even be in Farmington until around 2, so it's completely pointless to try and meet up with her, obviously.

On a happier note, since she and my mom BOTH live in Cape and since my mom is coming down for the 4th, she may be able to just bring us some! The lady has no problem meeting her in Cape, I just have to try and talk her into getting them for me. Fingers crossed, everyone.

I suppose that's all I have to say for now. I have things I need to get together for our journey tomorrow.

Love & Peace


Here are some pictures of the GORGEOUS duckies from yesterday:

Just look at those beautiful colors!

The lazy indoor animals from yesterday:

Zoe looks so cute when she sleeps like this.

Milla was scared of the thunder... poor girl.

Pictures from today:

There's a storm on the horizon.

The beautiful ducks:

They still love peas.

Beautiful Robb.

Beautiful Samwell.

I love this picture.

A tiny little weevil bug.

Bart is so gorgeous.

Harley... he's a punk.

Roue and one of his hens.