Getting A Job At McDonald's

While some of you may think getting a job at one of the most popular restaurant chains in the world is as easy as pie... think again.

Do you remember when I mentioned that I might have a job back at the beginning of August? Well guess what? I STILL don't have the job! I put my application in at McDonald's of Piedmont back in June or July and never got a call from anyone. That's when I took it upon myself to start calling and asking if they were hiring. To my surprise, the first time I called they said that they were hiring and that they would try to set up an interview for me within the week! Good news, right? Wrong! I think 3 weeks went by before I had to call THEM back! Being the desperate, middle-class American in desperate need of a job that I am, decided to call them back.. again. I asked for the same manager that I talked to last time and he said that I needed to talk to a different manager. I know this will get confusing, but I don't want to mention names at the moment. Anyway, he said that the other manager would call me and set up the interview within a couple days. Big shocker there, they didn't call back. I waited until the following Monday to give them a ring. When I did, the first manager that I talked to was shocked that the other manager didn't give me a call and set up an interview for the next day! He even went as far as saying that he knew I must be desperate for a job because I had called so much. Um, obviously! It's not like I was harassing them just for kicks!

I was very prompt when going to my interview. I showered, wore nice clothes, groomed my hair properly and looked like I was heading to a business meeting. Well, something like that. I got there and asked for the manager that I had to meet. I was told that he was outside taking a smoke break and that he would be in shortly. About 3 minutes passed before he came inside and asked me to sit and talk. He went over my application and asked me very normal questions. He said that he needed to set up an interview with the other manager because they were the ones that did the hiring. I was fine with that. He said that he would give me a call by 5PM that day with a date and time for the second interview. I went home feeling pretty good about myself and the fact that I maybe, just maybe would have a job by the end of the week. Well 5PM came and went like a bandit in the night. I decided to just wait and call the next day so that I didn't appear as desperate as he thought I was. The next day I called as soon as I woke up. When I talked with the manager, he said that he completely forgot about call and that he was terribly sorry. He rambled some stuff about their boss saying that if I didn't have reliable transportation to just forget about it. I assured him that transportation was NO problem. He said he would talk to him again and get back with me as soon as possible.

I'm sure you all know what will happen next. That's right! Not one time did my phone ring! I waited for about a week I believe and then worked up the energy to call them back, yet again! He told me that they had hired a couple new people and that he would see what the hiring manager said. The fact that they hired new people was a pretty big slap in the face. Actually it was more like a punch to the face. Again, he never called back so I decided to call him. He asked me to come in the next day at 2PM for an interview with the hiring manager. This excited me a great deal! I got there and, to my surprise - it was the first manager that I had been talking to all this time! He sat me down again and started with, "I'm sorry I had you come in when this is something I could do over the phone." He then began to tell me that she couldn't meet with me today and so on. He started telling me that they had a pretty strict  hiring basis and that they were only allowed to hire one person a week. Considering Piedmont, Missouri is a small, small town - I didn't think it was that strict at all! He said that they had a new guy coming in today and one coming in next Monday, but if I could wait until the following Monday (which would have been September 10th) that I got the job! This is stellar news, right? WRONG!!

I waited for two weeks, all the while being as happy as a clam. Well, the 10th came and went with no phone call. I was kind of pissed, but thought that maybe he just didn't have everything ready. I know, wishful thinking. I decided to call on the 12th and see what was up. I got to talk with him and he said that I needed to talk to the hiring manager on Monday. Well, I called and talked with her on Monday and she told me that they weren't looking for any new people at the moment. It took me a while to comprehend what she said. In fact, I think I'm still trying to comprehend. I didn't call back until later in the month. When I did, I asked for the hiring manager. I got to talk with her and asked if they were doing any hiring. Wanna know what she told me? "We just brought on a few new people and are still training them at the moment, but try back next week because things always change here." My jaw was on the floor. I was walking around in shock ALL week!! I called her back the following week and explained that the original manager said that if I waited two weeks, I was hired! She just kind of let it go in one ear and out the other and said that they couldn't bring on any new people at the moment and to keep trying back.

I didn't even bother calling for a few weeks. Then one day I decided to call. I asked if they were doing any hiring and the lady that I talked to said yes! Since I knew the hiring manager so well, I decided to call her on the days that she does interviews, Monday's! I called and said the following, "Hi, I was just wondering if you guys were doing any hiring?" she replied with a super nice and happy tone, "Yes, can you give me just a minute?" I could tell that she was walking back to her office. When she got there, she asked if I had my application in. Of course, I said, "Yes!" She then proceeded to ask my name. When I replied saying, "Megan Pritchett." I could tell a sudden change in her tone. She followed with a, "Oh okay, let me talk with the other manager and I'll try to set something up for Monday and give you a call." I could tell JUST by the tone of her voice that she was completely sickened to hear from me! I'm sure you all know what happened next... there's was definitely no call the following Monday!

Well yesterday, I decided to call - just for kicks to see if they were hiring and what they would say if they heard my name. When I called, I asked for the first manager that I had talked to. I figured I would give him a try, considering the other manager didn't do a damn thing to help me out. I asked if they were doing any hiring and he said that it would probably be the middle of December before they would. He said to just keep calling back and trying. Heard that before! I then asked him who I should ask for and he said to just ask for him. I explained that I tried to call her and that she wouldn't call me back - yadda, yadda, yadda. I'm not sure when, but he did manage to say at one point, "You're that desperate for a job?" No silly, I'm not desperate! I just like calling and talking to my two favorite McDonald's workers! Why the hell would I call SO MUCH if I wasn't desperate?!?!  I mean, seriously? He really said that?

You all may even be asking yourselves why I call them so much or why do I want a job at McDonald's so bad. Well to answer that question, McDonald's is one of the only places in the small ass town of Piedmont that is ever hiring! Believe me, if I actually had other options, I would look elsewhere. I have learned one thing from all of this... McDonald's of Piedmont Missouri is one of the WORST places in all of the United States to get a job! I've never dealt with such rude, unorganized people in my whole life! Not only do they not call people back, set up interviews or just genuinely care about potential employees, but they apparently don't associate amongst each other. One manager would tell me one thing and the other would tell me something different. I guess between the pair of them my name has never came up. As much as they seem to hate me, you'd think I'd been the talk of all the board meetings. "That Megan Pritchett sure is one relentless and determined potential McDonald's employee." Potential... yeah right.

Love & Peace


Hello little joey!

Before you get too excited, Kira and Logan's joey isn't OOP just yet, but we're close!! The little darling was hanging out enough to let me see the sex. And can you guess what it is?? A girl!! Kira has definitely made up for all those boys that she had in a row. This will be her 4th girl this year!

Okay, I guess that's all for now - time for some joey love!

Love & Peace


Here are the photos:

 Look at that joey butt!

 Daddy's ear got in the way here.

 Oh I can't wait to hold you!

 Look at how big our deer mice are getting!

Super cute!

See you soon, baby chicks...

We've been on the lookout for people with fertilized eggs for weeks now! Well last night, I found a lady from Annapolis that was getting 4 dozen eggs a day! I gave her a call yesterday and asked if she would sell a couple dozen for the incubator. And as I'm sure you figured out, she said yes! My lovely little auntie fixed everything up and put them in the incubator. So... in 21 days we should have some baby chicks to welcome to the brood! I'm SO excited. Oh yeah, they'll Rhode Island Reds or Leghorns I believe.

Love & Peace


Here are the photos:

 Farm fresh eggs!

I hate the coloring here.

Look how many potential baby chicks we have!

The incubator.

Eggs in the incubator.

More eggs!

All snug in their new bed.

The creepy moon.

I could not get a decent shot to save my life! I didn't have a stabilized place for the camera and didn't even try to mess with the exposure.

What a lovely day for a joey...

I was able to nab a picture of Kira's upcoming joey earlier today. I must warn you, it's not a good one! You can barely tell what you're even looking at, lol. It's been so long since we've had a joey - Kira would usually already have two OOP right now! And speaking of Kira, LaVaughn got THE cutest pictures of her a little while ago! One of them is to die for, seriously.

Alright, well I suppose that's all for now.

Love & Peace


Here are the photos:

 Look at that peeking joey! I can't wait!

 Sugar glider portrait.

 That face is to die for!

 My favorite picture of her EVER!!

The full moon from earlier tonight.

Happy Turkey Day!

It's not really Turkey Day in our house - we had that days ago, but we decided to go ahead and have a mini feast anyway. Instead of turkey as a main dish, we're having ham and beans! We're also having cornbread and fried potatoes. Not your average modern day meal, but definitely a good one! It's not even the food that matters on days like this, it's being together with your family that makes a difference. I would have been happy if we were just eating ramen!

Aside from that, I also managed to get some photos and a short video of our new duck and some of our chickens. Our chicken coop really looks sparse anymore. I miss so many little faces that I'm used to seeing. Be sure to check those and all the other photos out after the bump.

Love, Peace & Happy Thanksgiving!


Here are the photos:

Camille, our brown and white speckled hen.

Ash, our silkie x buttercup cross.


Our Ancona drake.

Serafina and Ash.


B and W coffee.

Auntie poo.

Pouring flour.

Farm fresh eggs.

Cornbread ingredients.


Mixing the ingredients.

Flattening the cornbread mixture.


Ham n Beans


Fried potatoes.

Apple pie.


Can't have pie without cool whip!

Now for the video: