Fun time with the gliders... (60+ Pictures Included!)

Last night was just one of those, "We must play with all our gliders or we'll die." kind of nights. So that's what we did. We took them all out one at a time and played with them in the bathroom and fed them treats. It really must be tough being a glider, lol.

Aside from the photos, we also got videos!! Be sure to check those out after the bump...

Love & Peace


Here are the photos:

Chloe - Our Platinum 100% Leu Het Sugar Glider

Sadie - Our Standard 100% Leu Het Sugar Glider

Pip - Our WF 100% Leu Het Sugar Glider

Odin - The Son Of Sadie & Pip

Kira - Our Black Beauty Sugar Glider

Logan - Our Ringtail Mosaic Sugar Glider

Violet isn't pictured here. Unfortunately, the camera batteries died. If anyone wants to know.

Now for the videos!

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