Let the Sugar Glider Railroad begin!

I know I didn't mention it earlier, but the main reason we were meeting up with Stacie and Justin was to drop Sophie off so that the could take her back to STL with them. They'll keep her until Thurs. and then Steve and Mary will pick them up and meet up with Denise in Indiana. After that, Denise will drive to Connie's where Dallie will pick her up and drive to Aimee's in Virginia. Aimee is having her annual Monkey Palooza next weekend and Erika (Sophie's new owner) will be attending and pick her up. Not too complicated, eh?

There are a few other gliders included in this RR, but I didn't want to confuse anyone more than what I already have. And guess what... Chloe is included in this RR!!! I swear I didn't think it would happen, but it did! Denise and Shannon are going to meet up in Michigan and then Denise will keep Chloe for the night and meet up with Steve and Mary on Thurs. They will take her back home with them and then the following day Steve and Mary will meet up with Taylor. Both of them live in Illinois, by the way. After Taylor gets her, we will meet her in STL. Again, not too complicated, right? So this time next week, we just might have Chloe!

Anyway, back to today. We met up with Stacie and Justin at McDonald's where we ended up talking for over an hour! I think we said out goodbyes 2 different time, lol. And no matter how normal the conversation is, it always gets raunchy in 2.4 seconds. They're just awesome people that we don't get to see enough. And as a bonus... they brought their gliders with them! Including Charlie!! It was so nice to see him again, but I was almost too smitten with Stitch to look at the other gliders. She is just the biggest, cutest, chubbiest little girl ever! I just love her!

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Here are the photos:

 Some cave on the side of the road. Who knew...

 Little Sophie in her bonding pouch.

Isn't she just a beauty?

 Yes, that's an airplane.

Here's my love, Stitch:

 Just look at that chubby bod!

Here's Miss Button:

 Checking out mama's arm.

And lastly, Charlie:

 Isn't he such a beautiful boy?

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