Possibly the cutest sugar glider joey in the world!

I figured sugar glider joeys would be a nice step up from the Miami Zombie post from yesterday, lol. I decided to take Drake outside for a nice little photoshoot a little while ago and I am seriously glad I did. I think these may be the cutest photos of him ever!! I felt really bad that I couldn't take Sophie out - even though she's a million times better and acts like nothing's wrong with her. But yeah, these photos are the greatest.

Also... today marks the 4 year anniversary of my blog! Can you believe it!?! Just think, 4 years ago today I was writing my first - and probably the worst blog ever, lol. Seriously man, my old work is sad. Not only did I over and under punctuate, but I misspelled!! Ugh, it's awful. But yeah, it's been 4 years.

And on that note, I believe I'm done. Until next time...

Love & Peace


TV show of the day: Hatfields & McCoys

Here are the beyond adorable sugar glider joey pictures:

Sugar glider hand and nails.

Possibly the cutest mosaic sugar glider joey in the world!

LaVaughn holding a weed.

This looks like eggs on a maple leaf.

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