The day is finally here...

Today was such a sad day. Nice, but still sad. Our beloved little Deagol went to live with his new mommy today. We met the girl and her family in Barnhart, which is one of the creepiest towns I've ever seen in my life! It was the best we could do, considering you can get to it while staying on 67 and not having to get onto 55. I hate driving on 55. Anyway, we met a a shady little BP gas station. Well, it was actually the car wash next to the gas station. Thankfully, they we're super nice people and not creepy in any way. Jessica also seemed really excited to have him. Deagol was also on his best behavior, which was great!

The empty handed drive home was the hardest. LaVaughn and I were sad at first, but knew he was going to a good place and that made us feel better. So yeah, that was our day, lol. And sorry, no pictures. :P

Love & Peace


Song of the day: I'm Going Up The Country by Canned Heat

Just so I don't leave you completely empty handed, here's a picture of Violet from last night:

Isn't she the cutest thing? :)

Outdoor portrait session!

Since today was such a beautiful day, we decided to take the joeys out for a nice little portrait session. And... wait for it... the kittens! Yes, we actually have individual pictures of all the kittens to share!

Aside from the exciting news of kittens and joey, we have to take out beloved Deagol to his new home tomorrow. I'm excited because his new mom is excited, but I'm extremely bummed because we've had him SO long. Well, until then...

Love & Peace


TV Show of the day: Swamp People - Yes, it's awesome.

Here are the pics of the sugar glider joeys:

 This is our standard sugar glider joey, Sophie.

 Look at that little one-eyed glider!

 "Mmm, the air out here smells nice!"

 Grumpy sugar glider joey.

 "What's that over there?"

 Check out her beautiful color! I think she may be a Black Beauty.

 Look at that BEYOND adorable face! <3

This is our ringtial mosaic sugar glider joey, Drake.

 See his pretty mosaic markings on his face?

 Such a smug little sugar glider.

 But isn't that one of the cutest faces ever!

 He has a very thick stripe!

 And just check out that ringtail!

 Like a little koala bear. <3

 Have I mentioned that he may be staying here? :D

And now time for some kitten pictures:

 Here's kitten #1. She is a gorgeous little tortie kitten with some really awesome eyebrows!

 Here's kitten #2. She's a gorgeous little solid black kitten and appears to be the sweetest of the litter.

 Here's kitten #3. She's another gorgeous little tortie kitten that has one white paw and a white tip on her tail.

 Here's kitten #4. He's a very dark orange kitten that I'm in love with!

Here's kitten #5. He's another gorgeous orange kitten that loves nothing more than to cry, lol.

And lastly, here are some around the yard pics:

 My aunt's bleeding heart plant.

 Bleeding hearts are SO beautiful!

 It never fails, every time I try to take a photo of them, the wind is blowing. *eye roll*

 My favorite bleeding heart, lol.

And lastly, a beautiful tree that Milla decided to tear down. She's such a dick.

Gliders, Kittens & Scenery - Oh My!

Hey again. Not much going on today, just have LOADS of pictures to share. Well, not a super huge amount, but a lot. We had Violet and Deagol out in the bonding pouches last night and fed them loads of treats and took loads of pics - which you will see below. Trust me, they're cute!

I guess I'll go ahead and address the fact that we're keeping Violet. LaVaughn wasn't aware that she was the glider someone wanted and was still under the impression that we were keeping her - which I was unaware of. So she comes through one day, talking about what kind of mate we should get her. That's when it hit me, "Oh crap, LaVaughn wanted to keep THAT glider!?!" That's when I messaged the girl that was planing on getting her and told her the situation. Luckily, there were no hard feelings. So yes, we're keeping Violet, lol.

In kitten news - all the little cuties are 6 days old today and starting to move around a bit more. I can't wait until they're a couple weeks old and have their eyes open! Ugh, why did Esther have to get knocked up? I hate trying to get rid of kittens.

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Don't forget to check out the pictures below.

Love & Peace


Song of the day: Same Old Situation by Motley Crue

Here are some pictures of Violet enjoying some treats:

 Enjoying a treat in the bonding pouch.

 "Mmm, this is good!"

 "Want some?"

 Okay, this is seriously the CUTEST sugar glider picture ever! Violet is a doll!!

 Just look at how beautiful that face is!

Yes Violet, you are the cutest WF sugar glider girl in the world. :)

And now for pictures of Deagol enjoying a treat:

 Surprised sugar glider face!

 "What kind of treat is this?"

 Look at that beautiful mosaic face!

 "Why yes, I am cute."

 Look at how powered out he is!

 He looks so much like his dad. <3

He looks a bit like mama, too. :)

Now time for some kitten pictures:

 Gotta get mama kitty too.

 Isn't Esther a beautiful tortie cat?

 She has such pretty eyes and color!

 Just look at all of those fat little kittens!

 They're seriously too cute.

 Those are the two little yellow boys.

 And there's eyebrows! I'll explain later, lol.

 Esther staring at LaVaughn's bonding pouch. I think she smells Violet!

Good this she didn't show much interest.

And now time for some scenic pictures:

 The beautiful sunset over the hills.

 This is our "waterfall".

 It's actually the overflow from the lake behind our house.

 It's pretty like a waterfall, though!

 The sunset behind it made for some great photos.

 It's kind of a majestic waterfall.

The following photos were taken by, LaVaughn:

 Beautiful yellow butterfly.

 Two gorgeous yellow butterflies enjoying the flowers.

 Such a gorgeous butterfly picture.

 This is probably my favorite butterfly picture.

 Some pretty purple flowers.

The rest of the pictures were taken by me:

 My sorry ass attempt at getting a butterfly shot.

 As you can see, they were very active butterflies.

 Darkened flowers.