A day getaway to Cape Girardeau...

I don't think I've mentioned this, but LaVaughn has to see her pain management doctor tomorrow for her annual injection. Since her appointment is semi early this time, we decided to drive over to Cape a day early and spend the night in a hotel. We've been wanting to hit up the mall anyways, so this will allow for plenty of time to do so without having to rush around tomorrow.

We're staying at the same hotel we stayed at the last time we were in Cape - The Auburn Place Hotel and Suites. I love this hotel, it's so cozy and awesome. It's definitely not home, though. I miss our animals so much and we've only been gone like 3 hours!!

Right now I'm thinking of home, waiting on the pizza to be delivered, and anticipating going to the mall later. Should be an interesting night. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Snuggle tie with Zoe before we left:

Prepping for the night:

The drive there:

It was hella foggy.

Our hotel room:

Waiting for pizza:

UPDATED to add pictures of dinner AND the mall!!


West Park Mall Fun:

More of our hotel:

There was a guy in the hot tub... oops!

Late night snacks.

The Walking Dead Mid Season Finale! Plus our COMPLETED Christmas Tree!

Just finished the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead!! Omg, it was SO awesome! They're following the comics fairly well, which is awesome. Even MORE awesome comic stuff is yet to come -- I'm hoping Jessie's story line plays in. And we all know Negan is coming, who is being portrayed by my man, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I cannot wait!!

We went to town earlier and grabbed some garland for the tree, plus what we needed for the cabinets. I have to say, everything turned out really awesome, I' proud of us. Of course there are loads of pictures at the bottom that showcases just how beautiful everything is.

While we were in town we decided to grab some stuff for the glider to make their new diet with. I found this online a couple months back, but we never got what we needed to make it. Well surprisingly enough, we found 98% of everything that we needed! And so far it's a HUGE hit!

Speaking of the ratties, we ordered a bunch of stuff for them on Black Friday from around the web. We should get it all in the next few days, I can't wait!

I guess that's all for now. It's late and I have quite a few thing to take care of for tomorrow. Until then...

Love & Peace


Our new rat diet:

Christmas decorations around the house:

The Christmas tree:

All the presents we wrapped last night -- for 5 hours:

That is such a suggestive santa hat.

More decorations from my phone:

A glimpse of the rats diet:

And now my current favorite picture of our Xmas tree.