Snow white...

We had to go back to Fredericktown again today, which prevailed to be a wasted trip. Now we get to go back next Wednesday... Fun! We had to stop by the store to grab some cat food and coffee creamers -- obsessed is putting it lightly at the moment. I'm still extremely pissed that they don't have the Almond Joey ones anymore. Major sad face.

As soon as we got home today we had to start making HPW. We ran out last night, so it was a have to type of thing. Since we got our new box of Wombaroo powder and 160 ounces of honey, we decided to make 8 batches of HPW. We even stopped by Dollar General and picked up a couple new containers especially for HPW. Unfortunately, they're not big enough and only hold 3 batches each. We were hoping they would hold 4, but it worked out better that way. Now we have 6 batches out in the deep freeze and 2 in the house. I'm very curious as to how long these will last -- I'm thinking until next months sometime?? Like nearing the end, maybe even November!

Before I forget about it, I'd like to talk about a couple items we got in the mail for the ratties yesterday. I was reading a girls post in one of the rat groups on Facebook and was moved by her cry for help. Her poor rat boy had a hernia that was spilling out into his testicles. Unfortunately the surgery was going to cost $600, which she didn't have. She was asking for donations and in return you got sewn items. Yes, we can sew our own rattie items, but I know first hand how it is to need a lot of money up front for rat surgeries. I ended up getting a rat cube ($12) and a little rat bed ($9). I sent her a little extra to help. It wasn't much, but I hope it was enough.

We got our adorable little cage set items in the mail yesterday while I was at work and they're adorable! The bed is s tad smaller than I thought it would be, but I'm sure it will suffice. I want to find some of the same material and make them a few more things to go with it.

Have I even mentioned that Chloe and Boone's little boy detached early yesterday morning?? Well he FINALLY did and weighed in at a whipping 19 grams! He's by far the biggest joey we've ever had here. He's also a big cry baby, but oh my god, he's SO cute!! He's also extremely pouch stained, which is another first for us. Chloe needs to not be so greedy next time. As of right now, we're calling him Norman.

Speaking of joeys, Wanda will be leaving us Friday. We're meeting Milli in Poplar Bluff to hand her over. It's going to kill me, I love her so. :( I don't think it will be half as bad parting with Pietro, though. Now THAT killed me.

Well I guess that's all for now. It's getting late and I'm getting a thirst for coffee. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Pictures from Tuesday:

Say hello to our new leucistic boy, Norman:

See, BIG cry baby.

Pictures from today:

Here's our adorable rattie bed. Aren't these colors adorable??

And the cube -- I love the cube!

I think they're darling.

HPW making supplies.

More pictures of Norman from today:


I want to keep him. :D

Gotta get one of papa Boone.

Thankfully he's gorgeously white.

I see, that blood moon rising...

The blood moon was all the rage yesterday/last night -- it's seriously all you heard about on TV or social media. We didn't have the best view -- hello, trees much? -- but I was able to see it for the most part. The trees and my lens made it impossible to get a decent view or picture. It's really made me realize how much I would love to have a telephoto lens. One day, one day.

Aside from taking far too many pictures of the cats and other random things yesterday, nothing of importance really took place. I tried to play the sims for a while, but that was short lived, then we spent the rest of the afternoon watching last weeks and this weeks episode of Fear The Walking Dead.

Speaking of, I'm really pissed that I'm going to be scheduled for this Sunday instead of Friday... Annoying! They said it's due to their new scheduling system. Yeah, poor excuse, can you not fix it? If I don't get off in time for the encore I'll just have LaVaughn record it for me.  Less commercials that way, right? Works for me.

Today has been just as dreary as yesterday. Rain always does that, but some days it's worse. I don't feel like doing anything, I just want to drink coffee and nap. We did finally get Supernatural season 10 today. I ordered it over two weeks ago in eBay from a Canadian seller for $23 with an eBay coupon. We sold The Witcher for $27 and during that time they had a promotion going on that granted a $25 coupon for anyone that sold anything over $25. So we basically got back nearly every penny that we paid for The Witcher, which excites me a great deal. And not only did we basically get Supernatural for free, but we got it SUPER cheap. Especially considering it just came out the week before.

I believe I've ranted enough for a while. This will be my last blog until at least Wednesday, but probably Thursday. Until then...

Love & Peace


Pictures from Sunday:

The flock:

The "swan" in the background.

Not sure what's up with scanner darkly and his wings.

Max's mini session:

Some gorgeous weeds/flowers:

Cersei and her sons:

Tree beast!

They were being real pissy with each other.

This is just too funny.

Toby's mini session:

Here's the pathetic picture of the blood moon eclipse.

Pictures from today:

The fog is SO creepy! This was at like 1 in the morning.

And lastly, Supernatural season 10 on DVD.