Farewell September...

I really had no intentions on blogging today. Especially considering my last blog was so pressing and... ending. Well I thought that since I have so much gliders news to share that I would just go ahead and blog about it. And not to mention, it's the last day in September, the last day before my favorite month of the year... October.

Ellie (previously Perla) has came around so much! Cindy kept saying how sweet she was, and I believe it too! Cindy is a small scale breeder, such as ourselves, and has only the sweetest joeys. Well Ellie apparently didn't react well to being taken from her parents and sent off with two complete strangers in a completely different environment. So this, in turn, made her very crabby and unhappy. She also didn't want to eat at ALL for the first week. She literally didn't touch any of her food, she would only drink little bits of water and eat yoggies.

She's a completely different girl nowadays. She settled in, she plays all the time, and she eats like a champ! Unfortunately, we still haven't had any luck getting her in with the trio. It's 70% our fault now, because we've completely stopped switching pouches, but we do switch blankies, so we're still semi on track.

Violet and Cas have two joeys that are within a week away from coming OOP. From what I can tell they are WF girls, which excites me a great deal! I believe one is a minimally marked mosaic, but it's very hard to tell. I hope everything goes well with these two. We all know what happened last time. I'm fully prepared to separate them if Cas shows any signs of aggression towards the joeys.

Speaking of joeys, do you all remember Fili? He's now been named to Tenacious, he's the little boy that Tracy is getting, but still hasn't got yet. Well, I honestly don't think I'm going to be able to let him go. He's SO cute and SO sweet! He still lives with his parents, older brother, and two younger sisters, so he's like a marshmallow.

What I would really like to talk about it the dot that he has on his face. I swear, it looks like a pied marker. I got some decent pictures of it, but they're not the best. If it is a pied marker, then there's a good chance he could produce pied joeys. There's also a good chance that he'll never have a pied joey, considering the spot on his face might not even be a marker, so who knows. I just thought it was pretty neat.

Well, I believe I'm going to call it a day. I just finished clipping ALL of the gliders' nails, and not to mention LaVaughn and I just changed everyone's pouches and she even swept the glider room floor. The day has been defeated.

Love & Peace


Here's the pretties Leucistic girl I know, Miss Ellie:

Look at how chubby she is now!

And oh so gorgeous!

Violet and her babies:

I can't wait to hold them!

Here's Mr. Fili and his mysterious dot:

Fletcher and his shirt: 

And lastly, cute kittens:

Is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen!?

The end is drawing nigh...

I hate to say it, but I believe my blogging days are coming to an end. I find myself stressing over not being able to blog as much as I'd like, which kind of defeats the purpose to begin with, considering blogging is supposed to be my soothing "me" time.

I used to adore blogging and would have certain times sets specifically for blogging. I also practiced a lot of piano then and even managed time for that as well. I haven't played piano in god knows how long, so I'm amazed that I'm still blogging as much.

After my mom got out of the hospital, I took a 2 week hiatus that I'm having a hard time coming back from. There for a while I didn't even take any pictures and when I did, it was forced. I'm having a hard time finding words that will even compose a decent paragraph worth reading.

It just seems that there's SO much to do anymore. Between working, caring for the gliders, rats, cats (which we're overran with due to people dumping them off), cleaning almost daily, trying to get cage set orders done, and just having a little me time -- it leaves no time for nothing else. I feel like I'm just trying to make excuses, but it's the truth. Maybe after things settle down a bit, which could be a week from now, I'll just say screw it and start my usually blogging again.

Until then, though, there are several pictures I would like to share that I took today. Mainly it's of a bunch of kittens that Toby's demon sister had. But OMG, they're the cutest little things!! Just wait until you see the pictures, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Love & Peace


Some updated pictures of the duck squad:

Poor miss Deb.

And now for some kitten cuteness:

Cutest kitten faces in the world!