Late night recap...

Yeah, I know I wasn't planing on blogging until next week, but I know something will come up and I'll be a week or two behind again. So, since I figured out how to embed pictures from Instagram, I thought I would do just that. So, here we go--

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And we're off!

I'm really, honestly trying to stay up to date on this blog, but it's hard. It's especially hard when I don't really have anything exciting to blog about, so what's the point of blogging about nothing?

This will probably be my only blog this week, as LaVaughn and I are leaving for Cape tody. We won't be home until late tomorrow evening, then I have to work the rest of the weekend. So it'll be some time next week, as long as nothing comes up.

Here's to more blogging! Fingers crossed I can stick with it this time...


Growing beauties...

I can't believe how big these joeys have gotten, it's unreal. And with our busy day-to-day schedule, it seems they get that big even sooner. It won't be long before these guys will be leaving. Of course, I'm thrilled that they've all found homes, but it breaks my heart each time to see them go. It's going to be especially hard with Nanook, I'm extremely bonded to him. :(

Nymeria will be leaving next Thursday to stay the night with Milli. The following day she'll deliver her to her new mommy at the SGGA. My lovely, lovely aunt will be taking her to Poplar Bluff for us, because we have to go to Cape next Wednesday for LaVaughn's doctors appointment Thursday. It would just be a nightmare to have to drive all the way home from Cape and then drive all the way to Poplar Bluff.

So anyway, that's that. Now time for some joey pictures! Enjoy!





Joey pictures from the 14th...

Yeah, I know, I'm slacking TERRIBLY in the blogging department, but with everything that's been going on lately, I just don't even care. I'm literally inches away from throwing in the towel completely. I just don't have time for this anymore and when I do have time, I'm like "meh". I just hate giving up on something I've done for SO long.

Anyways, here are some joey pictures from the 14th, enjoy!


Gendry - Black Face Black Beauty

Nanook - TPM

Nymeria - Ringtail Mosaic

Bonus gallery! Here's a few pictures of Seamus eating chicken:
(and these were actually taken today!)

Pritchett Family Reunion 2016

I think I'm long past due on our family reunion recap. I'm what, 11 days shy of 2 weeks? It's been a while, that much I know. I'm not going to put unto words how I felt about this flop of a reunion, so I'm going to keep my mouth shut and let you visualize the reunion through a fraction of the photos that I took.

I took well over 300 pictures, but have cut it down to a mere 25 -- aren't you proud of me?? I could have added more, but I really didn't feel like uploading that many. Anyways, if you would like to see the rest of the pictures, feel free to look at them on Facebook. You'll only be able to see them if we're friends, or if we have mutual friends. So, here we go...

Pritchett Family Reunion 2016