Hua Moa Tostones...

Wanna guess what that title means? Well, what it basically means is.... plantain crisps! Such a complex name for something so simple, but you know.

LaVaughn and I picked up a plantain yesterday so that we could give it a try. We've been trying to broaden our tastes lately, open ourselves up to new flavors and textures -- it's proved to be quite beneficial. Like eggplant, for example. That stuff is awesome, one of my new favorite veggies! There are a few other risque things we've tried lately, but I can't seem to recall what they are.

Anyways, back to the plantains. They're actually quite good, which comes as a surprise, considering it's the first time we've cooked them.

They were quite simple to make, honestly. You just peel the plantain, fry it for 2 minutes, remove them from the oil and gently press down forming a disc, then fry until golden. You can place them on a paper towel for draining, then salt and you're done!

They have a very unique taste and texture to them. They almost taste like green tomatoes, with the innards having the consistency of a potato/potato cake. VERY different, but nice.

I know this is sad, but I really have nothing else to offer today. Hope you enjoy this tasty, educational post...

Love & Peace


Prepare yourself for a load of plantain photography:

Keep on the sunny side...

Today is an extremely joyous day for me -- my baby is home!! Words cannot describe the overgrowth of excitement I have inside of me right now! Considering everything that took place the last couple days, I really needed some good. Not that I have a right to complain, by any means.

Poor Una was completely shell shocked when we picked her up. She was practically in the fetal position, all balled up in the back of her carrier. The vet told us that she hadn't used the little box since she's been there, only when she expressed her bladder before surgery yesterday. She also hasn't ate -- my poor baby!

After being in the car with us for no less than 10 minutes, she started "coming back to live", so to say. She started rubbing on us and even ate a few treats. When we stopped by the store we made sure to get her a can of food -- which she was more than happy to have.

The poor thing was literally busting to pee, so she had a teensy accident in the back of the car. Luckily it was on the floor mat, so no harm no foul.

As if getting Una back wasn't exciting enough, the day was really made excellent when we stopped by Walmart and picked up Dying Light!! LaVaughn and I have been anticipating this game since late summer, and now the day is finally here! I cannot wait to give it a try, it looks awesome!

Aside from that, LaVaughn got me a GORGEOUS shade of nail polish. It's Covergirl Outlast - Inferno! I saw it Monday and desperately wanted it, but passed. LaVaughn snatched it up for me today and I couldn't appreciate it more. I've slowed down tremendously on buying nail polish. For a while, I was buying - on average - 5 bottles a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It's an illness.

That's all I have for now. I dying to spend time with my cat and play Dying Light. Until next time...

Love & Peace


I know it's inappropriate, but I was just so happy to see her home.

Here's Dying Light!!!

And now for far too many picture of Una:

This cat has wicked green eyes.

Here's the new Covergirl Outlast Inferno!

And just so she's not left out, Miss Zoe.

My dearest uncle...

I received the terrible and heartbreaking news that my uncle Donald passed away last night. My aunt was notified 30 minutes after it happened, which is when I found out at well. LaVaughn and I were visiting her at the time when she received the news. I'm glad we were -- she was completely heartbroken and could barely talk.

This is a man that I spend SO much of my childhood with. I used to summer in Florida with him all the time. He taught me how to ride a 4-wheeler (and a 3-wheeler), he taught me how to dumpster dive (it's sad, but true and something I haven't done since), he let me taste cantaloupe for the first time, and I also picked and sold fruit with him for the first time.

I have so many good memories with him. He was so kind, warm, and welcoming. It breaks my heart that I haven't got to see him in a few years. Luckily I just talked to him a few weeks ago, that helps. I'm still kind of in shock and trying to wrap my head around the fact that he's actually gone.

It doesn't help matters much that today marks the 8th anniversary of my dad's death. January 27th sticks out like a sore thumb to me anymore. It's just a sad day that I want to be over already.

It doesn't help that I have to work in a couple hours. Speaking of, I should probably stop blogging and take a shower. It'll be 4 before I know it.

Rest in peace, Uncle Donald. You will be greatly and forever missed....


An old, old picture of me and my uncle Donald.

And just because today is my dad's death anniversary, he's a super handsome picture of my daddy. <3 p="">

My heart and soul...

I was supposed to take my aunt to her doctor today so that she could receive yet another shot in her back. When I woke up at just after 10 and noticed that I hadn't received a wake up call from her, I panicked. When I asked, she immediately started saying that her doctor had called and rescheduled to the following Monday.

Since mine and LaVaughn's day suddenly became clear, we decided it was time we take Una in for a check-up. She's been over-grooming herself lately it's starting to progress -- as is our worry. We've also been wanting to get her spayed for some time now, so I decided to see if that could be done tomorrow as well.

Long story short, we took her to the vet and left her. :( They're going to examine her today and do the surgery tomorrow, then we can pick her up Wednesday... WEDNESDAY!! That's two entire days without my baby!! I'm a mess right now and don't know what to do with myself. I'm so lost.

Since we saw a bald eagle on our drive to Fredericktown last week, I decided I would take the actual camera with me today. Sure enough, there was an eagle! LaVaughn (somehow) spotted the majestic bird from a football field away. Unfortunately, I don't have a telephoto lens, so it was extremely challenging to get a decent picture of the bird, but I was able to get some at least.

Nothing else really took place today, other than some shopping at the market... that's basically it. So now I'm going to wallow for a while and cry over my cat being gone. I honestly cannot wait until Wednesday...

Love & Peace


My beautiful girl enjoying some treats before she got swept away to the vet:

And now the bald eagle... you have to look at the large picture to see it:

C Highway...

C HWY again...

I'll be your friend til the end...

Today was our big dinner date with Doug and Kyan and I honestly couldn't have enjoyed myself more! I love those guys so much, they're so welcoming and so easy to talk to. It doesn't hurt that we're all close to the same age and share so many similarities.

Like for example, they're glider lovers (obviously), they're child-free, they hate mornings and sleep late, and they have the same opinions of people in the glider community as us! Those are just a FEW things we have in common, there are many, many more  -- some that I don't care to discuss, lol.

We met at Applebee's in Farmington and arrived 20 minutes before them -- go figure. We sipped on strawberry lemonades while we waited and looked over the menus (we both decided on a cowboy burger). As soon as they arrived, Doug greeted us with a hug, which wasn't surprising. We sat and talked for over an hour about anything we could think of. We shared 'war' stories and gossiped worse than a sewing circle. It was a blast.

The waitress was head-over-heels for Doug. It didn't hurt that he's a flirt by nature, which made things even worse on the poor girl. She would happen by our table for no apparent reason just to see if Doug would giver her the time of day -- which he was more than happy to do.

After we were done eating and conversing inside, we made our way to their car where we played with joeys and talked for another 45 minutes. We finally wrapped it up close to 7 and parted ways.

Now we're home and I'm longing for my boys again. I can't wait until they get Luna (her new name is Oni), then we can meet up again. Until then, I'll have to rely on Facebook to get my fix.

I hope your Sunday was an enjoyable as mine...

Love & Peace


Since I was being lazy, I decided to just take a picture of the picture I took on my phone... enjoy!

And now pictures from yesterday:

This is Sally's favorite food at the moment.

Finally got Thw Walking Dead season 4 in the mail!! Woop!