Treating anxiety with Lazarus Naturals...

     If you've ever read any of my previous posts, I'm sure you've seen me write about anxiety a time or two. It's something I've suffered from for the better part of 10 years now. Right after my grandma passed away is when it all started. I panicked about things that might seem silly to people that don't have anxiety, but to me they were the worst. My anxiety was severe for about a year after my gran passed, but then I learned some coping mechanisms (or the grace of God) that helped me better manage it.

     I've done fairly well since then, but it's a constant and daily battle still to this day. Here recently I've struggled a bit more than usual due to some things going on in my life. It's nothing horrible or anything, but thanks to my anxiety, some days it seems like the worst thing in the world. I try to explain why I feel the way I feel to people, but there's just no easy way to do so. I've tried going into great detail, but when you say these things and your feelings out loud, it just sounds silly. Heck, I even sound mental to myself when I step back and think about it, but my anxiety keeps me from processing things like a normal, anxiety-free person.

     I've tried herbal teas, like peppermint and kava, taken supplements, like magnesium and L-theanine, but that feeling that you get in the center of your chest still likes to rear its ugly head. And even if you're having a good day, the thought of something that's taking place days or even weeks from then will still put you in panic mode. Now I'm not saying these teas and supplements haven't helped at all, because I do believe I have been able to benefit from them, but they've ever fully taken my anxiety away.

     My sister tells me I need to see a doctor, which I know I probably should, but being put on lifelong meds is just something I'm not comfortable with. They change the chemistry of your brain and keep you in a fog. Even if they're mild, they can still mess with you in different ways. I've have friends that take anti-anxiety meds, some say they work for them, others say they turn them into zombies. I'm not a fan of any type of medicine or even going to the doctor, so the thought of going alone stresses me out.

     I'm all for finding naturals ways to deal with medical issues. Maybe it's due to my Native American ancestors or maybe it's because I'm scared of taking something that's been produced by a chemist. Whichever it may be, I've finally decided to take the plunge and purchase my first CBD product.

     I've read about CBD oils for some time now and have read countless amounts of mixed reviews. Some say they're a godsend, others chalk them up to being just like an essential oil. I know there's scientific evidence behind the fact that cannabis has endless amounts of healing properties, so it's completely worth a shot, right? I've been reading up on different brands, which is the purest and which is the most effective for anxiety. That's when I stumbled across Lazarus Naturals. I've read dozens, if not hundreds of reviews and don't think I found any negative ones. I mean, there were a couple people on Reddit that didn't have a good experience, but the comments were nothing but good.

     I made my purchase late last week, so I should receive my High Potency Full Spectrum Tincture within a day or two. I can only hope and pray to God that this works as well for me as it has for so many other people. People have nothing but good things to say about Lazarus Naturals. From their high standards, amazing prices and assistance programs, they're one of the best CBD companies out there. I only hope I'm able to share an equally amazing experience with you all soon. And believe me, I will update ASAP.


High Potency Full Spectrum CBD Tincture