Fleece, needles, and thread... oh my!

We were finally able to start on some of the cage sets we've so desperately needed to sew. These things should have been done weeks ago, but, life happens and tends to get into the way something. Oh well, 2 down with only 4 to go! Should be a piece of cake.

The remaining 4 should be finished by Wed., considering i have to work tomorrow.

After we finish these 6 sets, we have to start on 3 more for a long time customer of ours. I'm always happy to sew things for her. She's loyal and very patient. Which is why she now gets free 1-3 day priority shipping. And, of course, the occasional free item or two.

After her stuff, we have to start on Taylor stuff. She bought 6 or 8 yards of fleece on Black Friday, so we have quite a bit of her stuff to sew next. Should be a nice few weeks of sewing, lol. Then, wait for it... after that, we have MORE fleece to sew. Nothing that's sold, or pending, just stuff that we can hopefully sew up and sell.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but Violet had a single joey IP. Well, for some god-awful reason, she decided to pull the poor little guy. She hasn't even had one set of joeys and is already starting to act like her mom! She and Cas we're doing the deed last week, so if she has babies this time around and ends up pulling them, Cas is getting snipped.

Speaking of joeys... Charli and Tyler got it on a couple nights ago. I can't believe it, we may have Tyler and Charli babies before too long! I can't wait to see what they have, they're going to have gorgeous babies.

Speaking of babies... these new joeys of Chloe's are something else. Pax is a sweetie, like "you're so cute and sweet I want to keep you forever!" sweet. Xander is a completely different story. He's freaking adorable, and he knows it! No joke. He's seriously one of the prettiest TPMs I've ever seen! He apparently lets all his good looks go to his head, cause he's a diva. He's a pouch protective little crab apple! I hold him daily and poke and prod at him, but it's to no avail. He's still crabby!


Well, I believe that's all for now. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Here are two of the sets. Everything is jumbo, so it makes for horrible pictures:

The aftermath...

Christmas has come and gone like a ghost in the night. It didn't seem like Christmas this month, not even once. The weather was too warm, there was no snow. hardly no one decorated in our area, so it was hard to believe it was even December. It's safe to say that we went into post-Christmas mode without a hinge.

This has been such a stressful week, no joke. So much has been going on, a lot of which I haven't even mentioned on here because it's just too much to write about. I'm just looking forward to this years end.

Okay, we're so not going down that road!

I've started planning our first foreign country trip! Instead of arguing about going to England, Australia, New Zealand, or Germany, we're going to say screw all of those countries for now and go to Ukraine! Kiev, to be exact. I had it all planned for us to go to Odesssa, but then realised Odessa is a good 8 hours from Chernobyl, so I opted for Kiev.

The hypothetical I "booked" was the perfect flight. It departed at 5 in the evening, had a 1 hour layover in Chicago, then went all the way to Munich where there was a 6 hour layover!! Score! Das ist gut!! Then the return flight has a 2 hour layover in Munich then an hour layover in Toronto! I'm not joking when I say this is the perfect flight for us. Sigh... anyone have $2000 they forgot to give us for Christmas? :)

Lets see... what else did I have to say...

Well, there's no since in my trying to make something up to write, so I guess I'm going to leave it at that. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Here are a few random pictures of the boys:

Fuzz from my pants:

Miss Una:

Merry Christmas...

I really wanted to make time to blog on Christmas Eve, but there were just too many people around and too much stuff going on for me to find a quiet enough place to actually compose myself.

Christmas Eve was great. Everyone had a blast opening presents, everyone loved everything they got, it was just awesome. I think the coolest thing that my aunt and uncle got was their blu-ray player from us. We got them a few movies too, but the actual player was just awesome.

My aunt loved her new griddle, Pyrex baking dishes, and foot warmer/massager. My uncle loved his back massager/warmer, his iPhone holders, and Dove gift set. My step-dad loved his survival knife -- that I so desperately wanted to keep for myself -- and his precision knife set. My mom loved everything, no joke. She was like so happy to get everything. That's what I love about her. I think she loved the little mini cookie skillet the most, though.

Out of everything I got, I loved our FRED AND GEORGE WEASLEY WANDS THE MOST!!! Yes, Fred and George's wands from The Noble Collection! I love, love, love them! My aunt also hit the nail on the head with our two Zombie Apocalypse knives. She got us each a smaller one, then that you could cut someone's head off with. She also got us each a throwing knife set. And, of course, it has a zombie throwing board, lol. She knows us all too well.

We got other awesome things that I'm head-over-heels for, but I'm not going to boast about them. Those three things and the wands are at the top of the list for me.

Okay, now from a night of fun to a day of horror!

The three bedrooms in the house were all occupied. The gliders have their room, then the couples had a room. LaVaughn and I were content with that, it's not like we were planing on going to bed until the morning hours anyway. To make a long story short, it was after 8 before a bed was cleared and we could go pass out for a while. But, of course, Una kept meowing non-stop and I kept hacking all night. It was a miserable day.

Then when I got up, I come to find out that everyone had ate dinner and mom and Bob already headed home. Everyone eating was nothing new, I knew everyone would eat dinner early. I was shocked that they left so early, though.

Oh yeah, the smoke! Did I fail to mention all the smoke? I have absolutely NOTHING against smokers, but when you go from LaVaughn and myself, two NON-smokers, two a house with four smokers, you begin to notice it a little. I'm not even remotely joking when I say there was a haze all throughout the house Christmas Eve night. LaVaughn and I stayed dinned up in the laundry room all night so we wouldn't wake anyone, so when we would open the door, all you could see and smell was smoke! It was horrible.

So there's our Christmas. Not the most picture perfect, but it is what it is. Now, considering my energy level is on 23% and falling, I believe I better got get some caffeine in my system.

Merry Christmas!!

Love & Peace


Pictures from Christmas Eve:

We hit the motherlode in presents!

Yes, I know this is blurry. So what if I like the way the lights look?

The aftermath!

My Walking Dead night pants and boxer shorts!! :D

This is my disgustingly awesome zombie apocalypse knife my aunt got me.

Just check out that design!

Undead Apocalypse... it couldn't be more perfect.

And here's my smaller -- yet equally awesome -- bowie knife!!

Again, another awesome design!

M48 Apocalypse, still awesome.

And she didn't stop there, she also got me a THROWING knife set! And those little bastards are sharp!
(I would also like to add that LaVaughn got the same thing, so these bad boys are all mine!)

And lastly... our Fred and George Weasley wands from Harry Potter. If there's anything you could get me that I would always be happy with, it's zombie stuff and Harry Potter stuff. LOVE!

Sleepy kitties Christmas Eve night:

And lastly, the gliders' Christmas Dinner tonight:

Get up, come on get down with the sickness...

My cold (bronchitis, pneumonia, upper respiratory infection!?) took a turn for the worst Friday night. This horrible hacking cough came over me around 9:00 Friday night and didn't leave my side until well into the morning, probably close to 5AM. By that time, my poor throat was pulverized.

By the time I got up Saturday -- probably around 1ish, maybe later -- I could barely swallow, let alone talk. I couldn't have been more thankful that I didn't have to work that day. Luckily my poor butchered throat began to recover some throughout the day.

Sunday... ah yes, we can't forget about Sunday! Not only did I feel like complete shit when I woke up, but I looked the part too! I didn't feel like showering when I woke up -- I know, I'm disgusting -- but I was able to at least wash my hair. That still doesn't alter the fact that my face looked like something of nightmares.

I believe Brandie even mentioned that I looked like shit.

Work was not easy, it was quite horrible, actually. I continuously coughed and hacked and coughed. Several people asked if I was going to make it. My reply each time, "I don't think so." There were a couple times when this same old man from the lobby kept stretching his old, withered neck and looking back at me every time I would cough. Yeah, I know I sound like I'm dying, why don't you come back here and tell my boss to send me home?

I had about an hour left when I had a horrible coughing fit and nearly chocked to death. Then, and only then, did they decide to send me home. They got as much out of me as humanly possible.

Since we're actually doing shit up royal for Christmas this year, my uncle decides (last minute!) that he wants to buy some things for his wife. So what does he do? Well he enlists the help of LaVaughn and myself of course. He can't fight the holiday crowds alone now, can he?

So as soon as he gets back from his trip, we're going Christmas shopping... yay.

Tomorrow, my mom, step-dad, aunt, uncle, and of course, LaVaughn will all be under the same roof for 24 hours! O.o It would be so bad if select people weren't going to be here, but I'm not going to name names. I just hope we're able to survive this Christmas and actually enjoy a fraction of it.

And on that note, I'm out! Until next time...

Love & Peace


Who's a birthday girl?

Sigh... this is so not how I wanted to spend my birthday. It all started yesterday when I woke up feeling a tad congested, er, weird-ish feeling. After that, I knew I was screwed. It all started Tuesday at work when Brandie -- the hacking queen who seems to always be sick with some type of illness -- said she thought she might be getting sick, then ended it with a cough in my face. What the fuck!

Well, now I have it. Fml...

All sickness aside, it was a pretty good day. Especially considering I ONLY have a cold, I could be much worse. I had a nice evening with my sister and my aunt, then got a few calls from a couple loves ones and countless birthday wishes from my beloved friends on Facebook. Between you and me, I think 97% of those people just say Happy Birthday because of the notification on the side. There's no hard feelings, though.

Considering the weather took a massive turn for the better today, I was able to spend the start of my birthday outdoors, taking photos. This is something I've wanted to do for some time now, but never seem to be able to anymore. It was nice. There was a slight breeze, Toby and Lucy accompanied me, it was just, well, nice.

Since I'm feeling a bit under the weather, I'm going to call it a night on the post. This is mainly a picture post anyways, so I don't need to keep rambling for no good reason. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Pictures of the cats and around the yard: 

A fallen feather. <3 p="">

Bastardly geese!

I love tree fungus!

And maple trees!

Lucy is so pretty!

And apparently enjoyed sitting next to me.

Toby is such a little chub.

A very playful chub.

Milla, and a visit from Fletcher:

The birthday cake!

Does Hummingbird cake not look delicious!?