Great Lighting + Buckeye Tree = Awesome Pictures!

Oh man, we got some of the best joey pictures ever! The lighting this morning was like so awesome, we just had take them all outside. Then we decided to put them on one of our smaller maple trees instead of the peach tree.

I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves...


Song of the day: I Wanna Be Your Dog by Iggy Pop & The Stooges

We've FINALLY decided on a name for our leu. We're going to name him Charlie. Hopefully this one sticks, lol.

~ Draco ~

~ Felix ~
~ Charlie ~

Photos 2, 4, 5, 7 and 9 are all complements of LaVaughn!

Here's Capri!

I forgot to add the pics of Capri to my earlier post, but here she is. She's a standard grey and appears to be adorable. But seriously, what glider isn't? Anyway, just wanted to share before I forgot...


There's a first time for everything...

As I'm sure most of you know by now, we breed our sugar gliders and sell their joeys on a place called Glider Central. Well, yesterday this girl posted a comment on Draco's add saying that she would like to have him, but couldn't. Well, we sent her a message on GC telling her that we would have no problem taking payment plans and could even go lower on the price. She said that she would talk to her husband about it and get back to us.

Well, we were on GC this morning and noticed that the girl that wanted Draco had a site. So naturally, we checked it out. We then realised that she had a little female joey that almost a month OOP. We were talking about maybe asking her if she would be willing to trade her female for Draco. After we figured out what to say, we sent her a message asking her about it. And to our surprise, she said that would be great! I honestly didn't think she would go for it, but she did.

So, not only did we find a home Draco, but we're getting a little girl too (her temp name is Capri BTW). We were like completely beside ourselves. Now we just have to decide which glider we're going to pair her with. But, that's WAY in the future.

That's pretty much all I had to say. Until next time...


Song of the day: Modern Love by David Bowie

Just look at these faces...

We decided to get all the joeys out this morning for yet another photoshoot. I know, they're probably so sick of it by now, but they better get used to it, lol. LaVaughn decided to make a little set for them out of a vase, some purple peace material and a flower. It looked pretty awesome. Those were the first ones we took. Then I wanted to take them all over to the tree for their second set. After about 30 minutes, we ended up with a few pretty awesome pics. Hope you enjoy...


Song of the day: Pale Blue Eyes by The Velvet Underground


~Kellan~ (Yes, Kellan is what we're calling him... for now. This is still just a temp name)

These are probably some of my faves...

Yup, bored again. And you know what that means... more pictures. This time I actually really like them though. Not that I didn't like the others or anything, these just look cooler. Anyway, these are all different pictures, they're just tweaked a little different.


Song of the day: Aint No Sunshine When Shes Gone by Bill Withers

We just watched The Runaways and The Crazies. They were awesome, so I recommend both!

These eyes...

Are open! That's right, all the little joeys have their eyes open now. They just seem so much more real when they're actually looking back at you, lol. I know that sounds crazy, but whatever. I got all 3 of them out a bit ago and got some pretty awesome pics. They're all starting to get so big. Except Draco, he's been big, lol.

Anyway, that's pretty much all I had to say. Hope you enjoy!


Song of the day: Watching The Wheels by John Lennon



~Eli (temp name)~

Look what I can do when I'm bored...

Alter more pics! As you can tell, I've had nothing to do all evening, so why not do this. I don't really have anything thing else of importance to say, so I'm going to leave it at that...


Song of the day: Eye of the Tiger by Survivor