In the now...

I woke up and smiled today. Not smirked or lifted half of my my mouth, it was a general smile. I didn't dread the day, I accepted it and welcomed it.

I've been known to do this from time to time, but it's been a rare occasion these past weeks. I just had a great outlook on life today, something that I should have more often. I always live in the moment and am grateful for everything I have and can do, but some days it's hard to do so. I live in constant worry, be it about family, my animals, or friends, it's always something. For once, today was good.

I was in high spirits today and felt like I could accomplish anything, so I decided to take pictures of all our new fleece that arrived Tuesday. I had to work that day, then spend Wed. contemplating Thursday, so today seemed like a good day to get everything out and just take pictures of it. Hancock fabric amazing and I could not be happier with ALL of the fleece we bought. I already want to go back and buy more! Next week, since I'm going to be off the majority of, is going to be spent cutting and sewing. Fun fun!

After that was all done, I cleaned the rat cage and vacuumed the glider room. While I was doing that, LaVaughn cleaned all the drop trays and tried to kill a snake. The antics that girl gets into, I tell ya! We even changed all the gliders pouches after that, fed the dog, cats, and ourselves. I even made HPW and Reep's. I told you I felt like I could accomplish anything. ;)

I contemplating talking about this, I'm definitely not one to boast, but I would like to share my excitement with everyone... I got an iPhone 5! I know I'm not with the times, considering the iPhone 6 just came out, but I'm like ecstatic! It's not the 5s with the finger print software, but I don't mind that it doesn't have that feature. I love everything about it, especially the camera... go figure.

I got a white one and LaVaughn got a lime green one. I've been told that the white ones don't smudge much, I loved that idea. Plus, I'm going to get a cover for it soon, so it's not really a big deal.

Now for the last part of my blog, and probably the most exciting news of the day... I BEAT THE EVIL WITHIN!! On survival, I might add. LaVaughn and I are already going back through it. We're going through it on casual this time, so maybe we can enjoy the game. It's just a bonus that we get to keep all our guns, it'll make kicking ass so much easier.

Happy Halloween!


Here's a picture of my iPhone case. Sorry, no phone pictured:

Time for fleece pictures!!

All our fleece compiled into one picture.

This is Charli and Tyler's fleece.

Chloe and Boone's fleece.

Cas and Violet's fleece.

Sadie and Pip's fleece.

The trio's fleece.

And Ellie's fleece.

These are the ones that we got to sell:

This is my absolute favorite! Too bad no one has a wheel that matches.

Early in the morning, risin' to the street...

I feel as if I'm in a dream. Yesterday was weird and prolonged -- nothing compared to today, though. Today was the day that I had to drive my aunt to see her doctor in Cape. I'm sure you all know where Cape is by now, it's 2 hours East of me. Considering her appointment was for 10, that meant we had to leave by 7:30... meaning we had to be up even earlier.

LaVaughn and I both went to be just before midnight -- something unnatural and unholy. I'm sure there were lots of time shifts last night, maybe even the earth stopped rotating on it's axis, who knows! By some miracle I was able to fall asleep. I got up just after 5, took a shower, contemplated going back to bed, put some makeup on, then left.

We made awesome time getting to Cape, we made it there just after 9. I went inside with my aunt and sat with her until she knew when she would be taken back. Apparently one of their procedures ran past it's expected time, meaning she was going to have to wait. The lady said it would be an hour, or a little over.

While she was waiting to be see, LaVaughn and I went over to Carnival of Shoes where we walked around for about 45 minutes just looking at and trying on shoes. Leaving with nothing, mind you. Shoe designs are so weird anymore, and I'm not sure if it's just me or not, but sizes seem to be shrinking. After that we went in Target where we found the BEST shirts ever! We left with 2 Marvel shirts, a Beatles shirt, a Hogwarts shirt, a The Who shirt, an AC/DC shirt, and a G&R shirt -- winning!

There were like 4 more that I wanted, but they were kind of pricey, unfortunately.

After that we went in Walmart where I got to play with cameras. Not for very long, but for a little while. I got to hold my future baby, the Nikon D3200... but I think my interests have drifted to another -- the Nikon D3300! The lens on it is just, wow! I'm in the process of researching them both to see which one I want more. There's only like a $40 price difference, so it's not all bad.

We did a little Christmas shopping while we were there, but nothing extreme. I'm still a little bummed, considering they didn't have the Sons of Anarchy or The Walking Dead hoodies that we wanted. They had some, but unfortunately neither of us are small, lol.

So now we're home and I feel like today didn't even happen. Seriously, we were gone for 10 hours and I feel like I just woke up or something. I don't intend on going to bed until at least 3 in the morning -- I definitely don't want to unregulate myself. LaVaughn and I are planing on watching either The Walking Dead, Supernatural, or The Vampire Diaries... maybe a mix of all 3. I just need something to keep me entertained.

Now it's time for coffee... lots and lots of coffee.

Love & Peace


The drive to Cape:

Just look at that morning sunrise.


I always take a picture of this when we're in Marble Hill.

Bonus Gallery!

Okay, while LaVaughn and I were sitting in the car, we watched the most fascinating spider on the window! It ran back and forth for 10 minutes, it even got in a fighting stance when LaVaughn starting pecking on the window. It eventually starting shooting some webbing out, then made a little ball of web in it's hands and floated off in the wind. It was SO awesome to watch! LaVaughn and I both took a million pictures of it, some actually turned out really awesome!

Here he is...

Spider fighting stance!

Look at them eyes!

This is the best spider picture ever!! LaVaughn took it. :)

Some mini pumpkins I got at the store.

And for some reason these pictures went down here. I don't have the energy or patience to move them, so here are the rest from our drive to Cape:

Some get a little and some get none...

Today has been a stressful day to say the least. It all started when I went to bed and had a level 7-8 anxiety attack. The son of a bitch came out of nowhere and just, BAM! It left me laying in the bed for well over an hour with my heart racing -- it was miserable. I was finally (thankfully) able to fall asleep just after 6:30 this morning.

After LaVaughn woke me up just after noon, we both showered and started off towards Fredericktown for our vet appointment. I believe I explained why we were going Friday, but I'm not too sure. Long story short, Melissa has breathing issues and Sally has vertigo issues.

We made it to the vets office 20 minutes early and was brought back not 5 minutes later. She grabbed Sally out first and examined the abscess/tumor area on her face and began to squeeze. I swear, I think 1/3 of Sally's weight was due to the amount of pus she had in her face! She kept squeezing it, and it kept coming... and coming, and coming. Poor Sally was squeaking so bad towards the end -- she never even once tried to bite, but that's because she's an angel. She put her on her usual, Clavamox. She separated the doses for us again, so we can have one now and one a couple weeks from now.

She grabbed Melissa next, examined her mammary tumor, then moved on to her chest where she listened to her breathing. Unfortunately, it's what I expected... Mycoplasma. She didn't even try to mask it with Amoxicillin, she went ahead and put her on Baytril and Doxycycline. She's not even going to attempt to remove the tumor right now -- she said more than likely we would lose her under the anesthesia. So that's being put on the back burner for a little while.

All in all it was a successful trip, well worth the money and time spent. I just hope it does our girls some good and they're vet-free for a few more months.

Our neighbor that we've had/know for over 15 years passed away Friday morning. She was a die hard Christian and talked of nothing buy God every time we would see her. Over the last year, she would take walks from her house and venture down to ours, stopping for about 20 minutes to drink some water and talk. I knew she was going downhill, because she was really starting to look her age and began repeating the same questions every time she would stop by.

She was 79, I believe, and looked every day of 60. She's lived a full, happy life.

It came as great shock with we got a call Friday telling us of her passing. I couldn't believe it, I thought Vel would be around for ever! I still don't think I've fully grasped the concept of her being gone.

The reality kind of set in a bit more today when we stopped by her wake on the way home. Half of Ironton's population was there to see her. LaVaughn and I grabbed a memorial booklet, signed the guest log and just stood in the back of the church for about 15 minutes. There were so many people there that we didn't know -- it was just awkward and uncomfortable. We figured we said our peace, then left.

So there you have it, that's our big exciting day!

Love & Peace


This is the only picture I took today, and it was on the phone.