What a big night we had...

Well, we decided yes about seeing New Moon. I know, I know, it's horrible. We had planned on seeing the 10:00 show, but we still needed to go to the store and stuff. So we ended up leaving at like 5:45.

We got to PB around 7:00, so we decided to go ahead and see the 7:20 showing while we were there. Well, we were just driving along and as we pulled up to the theater, we were amazed. There was not one place to park. We were like, "What the hell." We drove on through in hopes of finding a parking place, but there was none. Then we saw the line... holy crap. The were backed up to the side of the building! It was insane. We both decided to just do what had originally planned and see the 10:00 show.

After we left the theater, we decided to hit up Movie Gallery and see what they had. And I'm so glad that we did, because they had loads of awesome movies. They had a couple good sales going on. Like all the movies that were $14.99 were $8.99, all the movies that were $12.99 were $4.99, and all the movies that were $9.99 and under were $2.99. It was an awesome deal. We were stoked. We ended up getting:

Role Models

Step Brothers

The Cottage

Wrong Turn 3


And guess how much all these were... $24.00! Before tax of course. It was a freakin steal man. There was a few more, but we decided to get them on Amazon instead, because it was a bit cheaper. Anyway, it's great line up of movies to add to our collection. I suggest hitting up your local Movie Gallery as soon as you can.

Then after we left there, we went to Walmart. And at that time, it was 7:30. So we had 2 1/2 hours to blow. We walked around and looked at everything! I was so glad to get out to the car by time we left. We did get some pretty cool stuff though. We got a Pedipaws thing, but since Milla's nails haven't been trimmed in a while, it didn't work so well. We also got a new football to toss around, Our other one is gone. Still don't know what happened to that. Anyway, we got other stuff too, like cat and dog food and so on.

After we left there, it was about 9:20, so we decided to go on to the theater and give it another try. As we pulled in, there was a bunch of people leaving, so that was cool. We found a parking place and sat there listening to music while everyone was dissipating. We finally decided to go in and get our tickets. And then luckily, we were the first people in the theater, so we got the best seat. It wasn't too crowded, only about 30 more people showed up. It was a nice little Thanksgiving move for us, lol.

Well bitches, I guess that's all for now. Hope you all enjoyed your turkey day. Until next time, you know where to find me. Peace...


Song of the day: A Whiter Shade Of Pale by Procol Harem

Happy Thanksgiving Bitches!

Hey people, Happy Thanksgiving. We just got back from my aunt's (LaVaughn's mom) house. It was a pretty good little gathering. We got loads of leftovers. No cooking for like a week, yay! It was a bit depressing though, this was our first Thanksgiving without our grandma. So, it was kind of sucky. Well, enough about that.

We're thinking (but we're not sure) of hitting the theater up here in a little bit. And as much as I hate to admit it, we're thinking about seeing... I think I can... ugh... New Moon. I know, I know, we're such followers. But, it'll give us something to do. I'll let you know either after we get back or after while. Not too sure yet.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Until next time, keep eating your turkey and rockin out. Peace...


Song of the day: Electric Worry by Clutch

Trees are so photogenic...

The cool thing about taking pictures of trees man? They don't move and there's lots of them, lol. I thought I'd share these awesome pictures of trees that I took not too long ago. So, sit back and enjoy...


Song of the day: La Grange by ZZ Top

Yea, I know, badass...

This one's probably my favorite...

This one's pretty cool too...

Old ass town...

Man, I guess I had nothing better to do yesterday. There was like 3 blogs within 5 hours of each other, lol. Well, I was looking through some pictures and found some that I forgot to blog about. So, here you go.

Well, like last week sometime, I had to take my uncle to the doctor in Annapolis. It's an old ass town in Iron County. There's like a gas station, a restaurant, and a tiny doctor's office. While he was in the doctor's office, I decided to walk the tiny streets to relieve my boredom. And across from where I was parked was a old run down gas station. Perfect place to get some great pics. So, I did. Then, down the road a bit, there was another old ass building. So naturally, I got some pics of it too. I know, it was a big day for me.

That's about all though. Until next time, love, peace, and wiener grease...


Song of the day: Woman From Tokyo by Deep Purple

Don't you wish gas was that cheap again? I know I do.

Love this one.

Old ass gas pump.

Check out how vintage this building is, lol.
Yea, it looks like it would be easy to break in to, but it's not. Believe me, I tried...

A few more...

I don't know why I didn't just put this in my previous blog. It would've been so much easier. Well, maybe not. Anyway, I felt bad and thought I should add some pictures of the Sadie and Kira too. So here you go...


That's Sadie's little fat head in the front. So cute.

Just Sadie.

Both of their little fat heads up front.

This one's mostly Kira. Considering she's like smashing Sadie, lol.

It's been a while...

I was just browsing through my blogs and noticed that I only added Chazz and Pip's pictures once since we got them. And that's not including Chazz in the e-collar because he was sick. So, I picked out some of their best pics from 10/13 to 11/9. Hope you enjoy them...


Since the boys are a bit newer than the girls, I'll add caption so that you know who you're looking at... :)

This is Chazz, on my shoulder.

Pip on my shoulder.

This is like my favorite pic of Chazz, so cute.
Chazz and Pip on LaVaughn's arm. That's kind of obvious though, lol.
Such a cute one of Pip.
Another cute one of Pip.
I know this picture is so washed out and bright, but it's just so cute.
Chazz, eating my hairband.
One of Pip's newer headshots.
Such a pretty picture of Chazz.
The boys all smashed in LaVaughn's pocket.

I saved this one for last. Just look at Pip all smashed up in the back, lol.

Well last night was fun...

Last night, we were on our way to Redbox to pick up, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (badass move by the way), when all of a sudden, we passed a cop. And I know I haven't mentioned it, but our front left headlight is out. As soon as the cop car passed, he flipped his lights on and turned around. It was inevitable, we were getting pulled over. So, as he slowly crept up behind us, we pulled over. And to top it off, we were in the middle of town. So, he came to the window and asked for my ID and proof of insurance. So, I grabbed my wallet, handed him my ID, and asked LaVaughn to get the insurance paper. After about a minute or so of her searching, I knew we were screwed. I looked at the officer and said, "Aw man, I just printed our proof of insurance paper out like 3 days before." He kind of laughed and said, "Well, you have to have it." so we continued looking. After dragging every piece of paper out of the car, all we could find was one from 2006, yea, 2006. So he just took that and went back to his car. We sat there for like 10 minutes, at least. And I'm not sure if you know Missouri law for driving without POI, but you get 4 points on your record and a big ass fine. It's a bitch. Well, as we were sitting there, LaVaughn looked down at the floor and saw a another piece of paper. And guess what it was? Our POI paper! We were stoked man. After that, my attitude really perked up. So, what seemed to be an hour later, the cop finally came back to the window, ticket in hand. I screamed, "We found it bitch!" well, maybe not the bitch part, but it sounded good. He looked at me and was like, "Oh, you should've waved for me." I said sorry. Then he was like, "Ok, I'll just void this, but you need to get a headlight." so off we went.

It was such a nightmare! I freakin hate the cops man. They freak me out so bad. Every time I pass one, it's like they're singling me out, lol. Well, needless to say, we got our headlight that night and put it in before we got home. It was all good fun.

So, let this be a lesson to you all. If you have a busted headlight, you're not invincible, get the thing fixed. And always, I repeat, always, have proof of insurance. Until next time, you know where to find me. Keep on rockin!


Song of the day: Dream Police by Cheap Trick

Sorry for the lack of blogging...

But I've had better things to do. Like play Left 4 Dead 2 bitches! Holy shit that game is awesome. We've already beat 4 of the 5 different scenarios. We almost had Swamp Fever (the only one we haven't beat) beat, but my aunt (LaVaughn's mom) came over. We didn't want to be rude, so we stopped playing. We've pretty much played it since it came out Tuesday. That's another cool story...

For some reason, the stupid people at the store didn't get around to putting it on the shelves until after noon! It was horrible. I waited around for like 20 minutes for someone to start putting the new games out. Then finally, some girl came over there with a bunch of different boxes. I slowly walked up to her and said with a soft, kind voice, "Excuse me ma'am, are you going to be putting out Left 4 Dead 2 today?" She replied with and equally kind voice, "Yes I am, would you like one now?" I mean, what the hell do you think? Of course I want one now. So she took it up front and I bought it. And I repeat, it'd AWESOME! It's definitely a 10/10.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Until next time, get some friends, get some feul, and kick some zombie ass! Peace...


Song of the day: Let's Get Together by The Youngbloods

Busy weekend...

And that it has. It all started Thursday, LaVaughn's birthday. I had planned to get her something the day before, but naturally, I forgot. So I had to run to the store first thing and get her some stuff. Since we had got our Xbox the night before, she wasn't asking for too much. So I got her some simple stuff, like a DVD and so on. Then that night, we had a little gathering of friends with some cake. It was all good fun at the end of the day.

Then the next day (Friday), we went to Poplar Bluff and dicked around there for about two hours. We went to the pet store, Hastings, and so on. We got some really awesome cleaning supplies that smell great. Then we got home that night and decided that we needed to go back to the store to get even more cleaning supplies.

Then yesterday (Saturday), we decided to clean. So we went back to the store to get, can you guess? Yes, more stuff to clean with. We ended up with 2 plug-in things, a candle, some incense, and awesome glass jar with awesome smelling crystals in it, air effects, carpet deodorizer, some scented oil stuff for the bathroom, and a whole butt ton more. But, we're left with a really clean house that smells great.

And here we are. We've spent most of our time outside today listening to music. We've also been brushing Milla like crazy. I brushed the shit out of her last night and then we did some more today. I never knew that a dog could have so much hair.

Well, I guess that's all for now, Sorry so boring. Until next time, you know where to find me. Peace out and rock hard.

Oh yea, expect loads of movie reviews in the very near future.


Song of the day: The Lemon Song by Led Zeppelin

Some house shoes that I got LaVaughn. I know, gay, but it worked.

This kick ass card that I turned into a Birthday card. It couldn't be more us.

The Grudge 3, one of her new favorite movies.

This is everything in her little pink bag.

Her Birthday cake that her mom (my aunt) made for her.

Oh man, this thing is awesome. You put all your dish soap in and wash away. It was so worth the $3 we paid for it.

And this is our new little lamp that we got last night. So cute. And for $10, it was a steal.

Where do I start...

Oh man, what a day it's been. As I'm sure most of you know by now, we've been searching Craigslist for a new or slightly used Xbox for the past few days. Well, today was the day the searching came to an end. Thus confirming, we got a new Xbox!! Woohoo bitches! I'm not going to say how, but we got some money. So, we went to Walmart as fast as we possibly could and got one. And to top it off, we got a FREE $100 gift card. How badass is that! We're like super excited and wanting to play, so that's all for now.
Until next time, peace out and rock hard...



Hey again people. I was just sitting here, waiting on one of the many, many people that I email about an Xbox to email me back. So I thought to myself, "Why not write about, Orphan." So, here I am. We rented this lovely little movie from RedBox last night. And I have to say, it's definitely not what the previews make it out to be. It's much better and much darker than that. It's definitely up there with some of the best movies of 2009. to us anyway. Some people would probably frown upon something like this, but not us. It has a really nasty little twist at the end that will shock you. So, if the previews didn't pull you in, hopefully this review will. It's definitely worth the watch. I give it a 8/10.

Well kiddies, that's all I have for now. Hopefully next week I'll be reviewing Left 4 Dead 2. Oh wait, I can. It's awesome and I give it a 10/10! Wishful thinking...

Well, until next time, see you on the other side. Peace...


Song of the day: Gold Dust Woman by Hole

Long day...

Yea, I was bored enough to post twice in one day. Maybe three times, you just never know about me.

Anyway, the dude with the Xbox still hasn't emailed us back yet... bastard. We were really looking forward to having a new/slightly used Xbox by days end. Well, it's not looking good so far. Since our Xbox is muffed up, we had to resort to old faithful, our PS2. Yea, we broke that and Resident Evil 4 out the other night and played the dookie out of it. But, you can only play that so much. I've beat the game once as Leon and started a new game as him again, I beat Separate Ways once and started a new one on that too, I beat Ada's Report once, and completed 3 of the 4 levels in The Mercenaries. Yea, it's overplayed. That's one reason we so badly need a new Xbox. Ok, I'll stop crying about it now.

In other news: The past couple days (yesterday and the day before) have been very nice. So naturally, I broke out the camera. I got some great shots of the dogs and a couple really cool tree pics. Again, I probably won't add any caption on them. It's just so hard and so boring to keep saying, "Another pretty one." and so on. So, hope you enjoy them.

Well, I guess I'll blog more later. When and if we get a new Xbox that is. Unless of course I find something interesting to blog about.

Until then, be good to your Xbox. You never know when it will tear up on you and you'll be stranded in the middle of nowhere... all alone. Peace...


ATTN: All the pics are big, so be sure to click on them and see the full size.