Awesome is a 7 letter word...

And that word would be... success! Wait a second, awesome really is a 7 letter word, so that reference doesn't really work. Hmm... now's when I need to just scrap everything I've written so far and come up with an entirely new title. Well, you know me and my blog titles, so that's no going to happen.

Anyways! LaVaughn and I actually managed to sew today! We got two of the four sets sewn, in under 2 hours, I might add. We cleaned the house up before that, so there wasn't a whole lot of time left to do much sewing before our nightly feeding ritual. I'm just glad we got as many done as we did! Hopefully my schedule for Sunday will allow us to sew some more. 

I just have this uncomfortable feeling that I'm going to be working until 10 Sunday...

That's the downside of not knowing your schedule until a few days before that scheduled week is posted. I would much rather know that I'm going to be working from this to this. It's frustrating.

Okay, I know this blog is kind of short and sweet, but that's all I have for now. It's late and I have things I have to do. Until next time...

Love & Peace




New beginnings...

You remember how I said I would post another blog yesterday evening if we managed to cut and/or sew? Well long story short, it didn't happen. We even had intentions of cutting out cage sets around 10:00 last night, but didn't even manage to do that. We're terrible, procrastinating people.

Today, however, was a completely different story. Not only did we manage to cut out 7 piece cage sets, but we also managed to cut out some extra pouches! Not for us, unfortunately, they're for someone else. Now all we have to do tomorrow is muster up the gallantry (did I use that right?) to get them done.

Cutting out cage sets wasn't the only thing I managed to accomplish... I also managed to take pictures of Taylor's boys, Pax and Xander. They're so damn adorable. Seriously, Taylor doesn't know how lucky she is. If these boys were going to anyone else, they would probably just stay here. Now we just have to tell Chloe and Boone to produce female duplicates of these two.

Speaking of, Chloe and Boone should have babies IP within the next few day! O.o

LaVaughn and I are starting a 'Renovate the garage!' fund. We're hoarding as much money back as possible for it. We're going to redo EVERYthing! The room in the back of the garage will become our new glider room with access through the current glider room. We're also going to add a small bathroom out there, as well as a living room and possibly a small kitchen. We're mainly focusing on the glider room, the bathroom, and the living room.

SO much has to be done, it's insane. We have to start by getting an electrician to come out and rewire everything, then, more than likely, but in a 220 breaker box. That's the main thing. After that, we're going to redo the ceiling, then start worrying about the pluming.

We're not sure if we want to run pipes from the water heater in the house, or just buy an entirely separate water heater for the garage. So much has to be thought about an planned. Hopefully by this time next year, it'll all be done! We have some massively awesome ideas for the glider room, I just hope we're able to work everything in! :O)

Obviously, I have nothing better to talk about -- hence why I brought up the garage renovation. I suppose I needed to bring that up anyways. And on that note, I'm out! Until next time...

Love & Peace


Picture time!

I'm guessing this is a comfortable position?

She's so weird.

Gotta love that curvy silhouette.

Puppy dog head tilt!

Just check out the German Shepherd figure!

A little coaster photography.

Now some bifocal photography.

Gremlin cat!

Pax, the adorable Leucistic sugar glider:

Xander, the adorable True Platinum Mosaic sugar glider:

And last, but not least, the Chloe and Boone tribe: