The rise and fall of the chicken egg bandit...

For some weeks now, the majority of our eggs have been disappearing from the chicken house. My aunt had already killed one snake weeks ago, but we knew there was another one. Today when I went down to let the chicken out and check for eggs, I noticed a huge black snake in the corner!

Long story short, it's the end of his era and egg thieving days. So yeah...

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Until next time...

Love & Peace


TV show of the day: Hatfields & McCoys --> Last episode is on tonight, can't wait!

Here are the pics:

Super long black snake!

It was 5 feet 4 inches long. That's a big ass snake!

The black snake again.

Snake head.

Another snake head shot.

This is what it was curled up in! O.o

And on a happier, more exciting note... kittens!

This is the only little boy that Susie had.

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