A day of Sugar Glider photography!

Today was the day that I finally decided to get outdoor photos of all the gliders. Not just the joeys, but the adults too! I picked a short tree in the middle of the yard and had points at all 4 corners. So if the gliders jumped, they would hit someone and not the ground. I will say that this is something I probably wont do for a long, long time - if at all! It was just something that I wanted to do at least once.

All the gliders did exceptionally well, actually. Everything just kind of sat there and looked at me. And almost everyone had to pee  and poop in the exact same stop. Can't have the tree smelling like the gliders before, now can we? The only one that didn't do well was, Logan. As soon as I sat him on the branch, he started looking all wild eyed and jumped on me. Of course, there was NO way I was going to force him to stay up there, so I just took a couple photos of him on my arm and into the pouch he went. I did manage to get a couple of him on the tree, but they're blurry. Oh well, the turn out was still awesome.

Love & Peace


Here are the photos:
(there are FAR too many to caption)

Emma - Black Beauty Sugar Glider

Eliza - Black Beauty Sugar Glider

Odin - WF 66% Leu Het Sugar Glider

Sadie - Standard 100% Leu Het Sugar Glider

Pip - WFB 66% Leu Het Sugar Glider

Kira - Black Beauty Sugar Glider

Logan - Ringtail Mosaic Sugar Glider

Violet - WF 66% Leu Het Sugar Glider

Chloe - Platinum 100% Leu Het Sugar Glider

This would be our fat cat, Zoe, sitting on the couch arm.

Una's transparent ears!

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