Random Walkabout Photos

 I took these photos last week, but had already posted a blog that same day so it seemed like overkill. It was so humid and miserable last week, I'm surprised I got any photos. By the time I made it to the mail box I was completely covered in sweat and felt like I needed to rip the outer layers of my skin off.

I'm so ready for fall...

I saw a meme the other day where someone described an amazing fall day and wished that it was that time already. Then the response (which was part of the meme) was someone bitching about people basically not enjoying the season that we're in now. I'm sorry, but I'm one of those people. I always want it to be fall, even if it's just turned winter or spring - I literally always want the weather to be like it is in the fall. 

Don't get me wrong, I love winter and snow, but I also love spring when the flowers are starting to bloom and everything smells amazing. If you know me personally or know anyone that does, they will attest to the fact that as soon as spring rolls around I start wishing for fall. I know I'm not alone here, lol.

I got wayyyy sidetracked. I'll stop myself now before I got into a manic ranting episode. Hopefully you enjoy these photos that I nearly had a heatstroke getting. 

Orange cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen up! I can't wait!

Beautiful Black Eyed Susan,

There's also a bug in the center.

Black Eyed Susan's have to be some of the prettiest wildflowers.

Pretty purple weed.

Beautiful Bishop's Flower.

Bishop's Flowers are beautiful, but usually tick city.

Bishop's Flowers make for pretty photos.

Especially when you take photos from behind.

Or super tight macro shots of Bishop's flowers.

Found this tiny little green cricket.

Even though I grabbed the weed that he was on and pulled it closer, he never moved.

I'm sure he was terrified.

More of those pretty purple wildflower/weeds.

And lastly, this tiny little black beetle on a weed.

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