My Ancestry DNA Results

 My aunt got pretty much all of us Ancestry DNA kits for Christmas last year and I just got my results back Sunday. I've been impatiently waiting on my results since the end of December, but they've been super backed up due to the holidays and COVID. 

My mom's side of the family has a lot of English and Northwestern Europe, Irish and supposedly Native American. Well, when my aunt got her results back a few weeks ago, there was absolutely no trace of Native American ancestry. Lots of European, Irish and Scottish, but nothing else really. My mom did her Ancestry DNA well over a year ago and she was 46% England & Northwestern Europe, 30% Scotland, 9% Ireland, 9% Wales, 3% Norway and 3% German.

Now my biological dad's family is from San Diego and aside from the pictures I have of him and what I've been told, he was either Mexican or German. With a last name like Klein I've been leaning towards German/Jewish, but I really didn't know. I have a love for both spicy food (I have a super high tolerance for spice) and kraut of any kind, so I was honestly leaning towards both of those options. And I'm not trying to be racist at ALL, I'm being 100% serious about that. 

Well after I read my DNA results, I couldn't have been more wrong. Take a look:

So apparently I'm Scottish, lol. I was super shocked to see such a BIG percentage of one thing. I kinda expected it to be like my mom and aunt and have super mixed ancestry. The estimation is up to 70%, though, so there's a chance I'm even more Scottish than what's listed. I knew I would have England, Northwestern Europe and Irish, but Sweden was a nice surprise.

I was really laying it on thick over the weekend and joking around with everyone about just how Scottish I actually am. I went as far as looking up numerous Scottish dishes, which I will make one day, but it was mainly for fun. 

Overall I'm both impressed and satisfied with Ancestry DNA and hope that more of my family does it. My half-sister, Amber, is in the process of getting her results back as well, so I'm really looking forward to see just what we share from our biological dad's side. We share a father, if I hadn't specified.

Well I guess that's all for now. Actually, I do have one more thing to add. My uncle Gene got his back and he's like 2% African, Bantu to be specific. I think it's freaking awesome and I was actually a little jealous. Then LaVaughn got hers back and she's like 2% Nigerian on her dad's side. Like wtf people, I SO badly wanted to have some type of South African heritage, but apparently I'm just Scottish. 

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