It's like wiping your ass with a wagon wheel...

I think I've started all of this weeks blogs by talking about fleece or cage sets. This isn't healthy, I need to separate myself from sewing for a while, lol. Anyways, the rest of our Hanock fleece arrived today -- yay! I can't order anymore for a while, I'm grounded. Time to start sewing!

I actually just finished sewing a set for someone. It's gorgeous!

Speaking of cage sets. A lady ordered a cage set last week -- odd pieces: 2 pouches, 1 glider bucket, and 4 corners. We made small talk and it surfaced that she made Sugar Glider E-Kits. I told her how awesome I thought they were, then she asked if I needed one. I told her that one day, sure, then she mentioned that she would be willing to do a trade for another cages set if I was interested. I said yes and the rest is history.

So what I'm saying is... Our e-kit came today! Yay! And it's awesome, so worth what we traded for.

Not much else is going on, just kind of boring lately. I'll be sewing again tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll be talking about it either then or the next day. Until then...

Love & Peace


Here's our awesome new Sugar Glider Emergency Kit! Or Sugar Glider E-Kit.

Beautiful cage set I sewed today.

Random pics of Milla outside today:

And Bart...

And all of our awesome fleece from Hancock.

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