PetsWay or bust...

We had take a little trip to Poplar Bluff yesterday and decided to stop off at PetsWay and see what all was new. Truthfully, it was the same old crap they've had for years! That didn't stop is from having fun or almost bringing home another animal... I know, it's horrible.

Before I go any further, I would like to announce that we got rid of Sirius and Remus. They're were just sitting there, not getting enough attention. And since they are friendly birds, we felt super bad about it. I mean, it's okay for Rhonda and Eric to not get handled, they hate it. Luckily, a nice bird couple wanted them. And now they have them, lol.

Okay, back to the PetsWay talk. Since we got rid of a couple animals, of course we wanted to get more. I mean, it just wouldn't be normal if we didn't. So what animals did we almost get? Why rats of course. We stopped by the poor, defenseless future snake food and automatically fell in love with this beautiful little black and white rat. Then we saw a cute little hooded cream rat under her. And next to her sat an really cute brown rat. You better believe we considered getting all three. When an employee finally came over to use, we asked if we could hold them. He opened the door and let us fumble around with all of them. And to our surprise, all three of the rats we girls! Seriously, they were all girls! We took that as our sign to not get a rat and after that, we left.

The stupidity level of the pet service employees seriously amaze mean. I mean, how hard is it to sex a rat and them separate the males from the females?? I can't hardly stand going into the pet stores anymore and look at all the mistreated animals. And when you actually have a serious question about an animal, you better believe the employees have NO idea what you're talking about. Ugh, I'm done with my rant now...

After that, we went to Walmart (which was a big mistake) and picked up a few new things to accent our kitchen. And while we were there, we found the most kick ass shirt EVER! You'll see the one I'm talking about a the bottom.

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Until next time, you know where to find me...

Love & Peace


Song of the day: Hurricane by Bob Dylan

Here are the pics:

A wild deer at the park.

Another wild deer at the park.

This was at the Sam-A-Baker state park. There are deer ALL over that place.

This is cute.

A hermit crab changing shells.

Ugh, look at it legs.

I believe this is a Pink-Toed Tarantula.

Probably my favorite picture of the hermit crabs.

This is the little rattie that we wanted to adopt.

The other two we wanted were under her.

This one kills me. So pitiful...

Some cute little albino mice.

This is the other little girl we wanted.

My favorite lizard of all time, the bearded dragon.

Look how cool this guy is.

Love the iguanas.

A little black ferret sleeping in his food dish.

Wow, guinea pigs are seriously crazy looking.

Sleepy ferret.

I forgot what kind of pink bird this is.

Look at the dove all balled up in its fat, lol.

A side view of the dove.

Rat blocks for Evan and Jonah's cage.

Robbie's favorite ferret treats... Ferret Bites.

Here's the vintage Pink Floyd shirt. This is seriously one of the coolest shirts EVER!

That's what it said, but part of me doesn't want to believe it.

Robbie having a nap on LaVaughn. What a sleepy little ferret.

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